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Century Casino’s casino and hotel advertise Century Casinos’ casino Casinos in Taiwan may generate US$3bn in total annual
resort in Newcastle, South Africa, is and hotel resort in Newcastle. The
now playing host to Newcastle initial five-year contract was
revenue if its legalises casinos on outlying islands such as
goes radio
Community Radio Station (NCRS), a celebrated with a major opening
tipped to
Penghu. Las Vegas-based industry magnate Larry Woolf, who
manages 13 casinos in North America, said: “I don’t think it’d
ga ga in popular local radio station with event on November 8, 2007, generate be too much of a struggle to reach US$1bn in revenue each
300,000 listeners. broadcasted live to the station’s
should the government allow three casinos.” Woolf is chief
In exchange for a newly equipped listeners and, through video walls, to executive officer of London-listed Amazing Holdings which
broadcasting studio at Century the casino’s guests. hopes to spend US$50m on the first phase of a 300-room
Casino’s property, NCRS will hotel resort in Penghu to be opened by the end of 2009.
Rio Grande
the principle of primary prevention by
stressing the concept of responsible
gambling. This means people playing for
recreation, as another form of entertain-
ment and in moderation, not compromis-
ing money needed for the daily and
monthly expenses, and placing a limit on
bets, for example.
“Gambling ceases to be healthy or a
social pastime or recreation when people
lose control over what they are doing,
that is when it becomes unreasonable.
This is commonly referred to as “compul-
sive” or “immoderate” gambling.
healthygambling Susana González, who is in charge of
ARGENTINA this programme, said the first stage was
to train the Casino Club staff about its
Argentinean operator Rio Grande terms of reference so that they in turn
company has officially launched its could “start giving information to the
Responsible Gambling Programme with public, based on four leaflets to be
the aim of promoting fun and entertain- handed out: the first is about responsible
ment but also a sense of responsibility of gambling in itself and where to get
gambling as a leisure activity. advice on playing sensibly. The second
This is a programme which has been concerns unreasonable gambling and
developing for over a year, with a gradual gives advice on how to detect it, and
Competition for existing Chilean casino such as the
launch in various places where Casino what family and friends can do about this
oldest, located in Viña del Mar, is growing all the time Club is operating, such as Santa Rosa, type of problem. It then has a self-test for
Trelew, Ushuaia and now Río Grande. people to see whether or not they have a
The company “has always been keen gambling problem. All the leaflets
Chile casino
to offer entertainment, fun and leisure to mention an 0800 number where people
the people who come to play at the can get confidential advice and informa-
casino. The fact there are cases of gam- tion and are offered an opportunity to
projects getting
bling addiction obviously creates a nega- consult a professional.
tive image for the company which we do
not want and cannot accept, because it
is not a true picture,” said Pablo Bravo,
bigger and costlier
manager of Casino Club.
“The programme is aimed at provid-
ing the public with information about
the choice of entertainment alternatives
the casino club has to offer. We are the
At a total investment of over US$600m, the new
Lottery and Gaming Commission; first to want people to come to the
wave of Chile casinos look set to take South
at the Toronto Stock Exchange; at casino for harmless amusement. At lot
the Scotibank Toronto and TD has been said about gambling addic-
America by storm. New approvals on the size of
Canada Trust - Toronto banks; with tion, possibly without much informa-
the projects are only adding to the hype. the limited companies regulator, tion, and this programme is about
the Ontario Securities Commis- providing it,” explained Bravo.
ontheup (Fischer), Valdivia (Fischer), and sion; and at Market Regulation Dr Alfredo Cia said that the percent-
CHILE Osorno (Latin Gaming). Services Inc, formerly part of the age of the population suffering from
Since the end of the 2005-2006 Toronto Stock Exchange and an this type of illness is minimal, between
The Superintendency of Gaming Process last December, the 13 inspection body with powers of four and five per cent worldwide.
Casinos (SCJ) in Chile has autho- project modifications authorised so investigation and policing of the There is no specific data in
rised modifications to the applica- far involve an increase of U$S 136.7m roughly 800,000 stock exchange Argentina, although this programme is
tions for the new casino projects in the total investment committed. transactions which take place just starting to be applied via Casino
which will see them get bigger At present the 15 new casinos will every day in Canada. Club, but in most countries of the world
and cost more money to develop. mean U$S 607.3m of investment in Three teams from the Superin- it is already in operation.
The total investment commit- nine regions of the country and con- tendency of Gaming Casinos, The programme is framed in the
ted by the fifteen new operating struction on approximately 438,000 which travelled to Canada, context of public health and promotes
companies has increased by 30 meters squared. Austria, South Africa and Switzer-
per cent, from U$S 471m to U$S The SCJ is currently analysing land, completed their overseas
607.3m while the total area to be the project modification applica- investigation programmes using
developed has risen by 19 per tion presented by Latin Gaming the company prequalification
cent, from 368,000 to approxi- Calama SA, which was reported in methodology designed with the Ecuador fights back
mately 438,000 meters squared. detail in October. technical assistance of the United
The project in Santa Cruz will The SJC has also now completed States Treasury Department, and
over illegal slots
see an additional investment of the last of its investigations into whose aims are to determine the
U$S 2.4m and an increase of 1.619 operators entering the market suitability of the final sharehold-
meters squared in the area to be with technical interviews with ers of the new companies pre- clampdown Loja, as part of the first stage the operations will con-
developed; while that relating to financial intelligence units, gam- sented, the lawful origin of their ECUADOR of control of the illegal use tinue in order to protect
the Punta Arenas project involves bling regulation bodies and limited capital and their capacity to of gaming machines. Some children and young people
increases of U$S 1.2m and of companies, police forces, stock finance the funds which they are After a week of police oper- 240 machines were seized from addiction to games of
2,724 meters squared. exchanges, banks and auditors. planning to put into the present ations throughout in Quito, the capital of the chance of this kind. He also
Approvals had already been Any company holding a share operating companies. Ecuador, the minister of country and in the said that the people respon-
granted in June for Casino de of at least five per cent in the proj- The investigation programme in Tourism, María Isabel Sal- province of Pichincha, 620 sible for importing these
Juegos Punta Arenas, SA (Fischer), ects put forward in May and July is Canada was in line with the pre- vador, has reaffirmed that in Guayaquil and the types of machine had not
and in August for Casino de Colch- being thoroughly investigated. qualification begun last July, after according to the Tourism remainder in the cities of been caught but that the
agua SA (Cardoen-Enjoy). The For example, in order to inves- Marina del Sol SA (Valmar, Talc- Law ‘slot machines should Esmeraldas and Loja. illegal casinos had been
approvals given come on top of tigate the Clairvest Group, Chile’s ahuano) had asked the Superinten- only operate in casinos According to the police, closed down and decom-
the 11 applications authorised Superintendent of Gaming dency to include Clairvest Group as which are in five-star the slot machines are being missioned. For her part, the
so far for the projects of Antofa- Casinos, Francisco Javier Leiva, the new final partner with a 50 per hotels, since they are a guarded by personnel of minister of Economic and
gasta (Enjoy-I.Simunovic), travelled to Toronto and British cent holding through the legal entity recreation for tourists.’ the armed forces, and they Social Inclusion, Jeannette
Copiapó (Egasa-Nervión), Columbia for a week during Clairvest Chile Limitada. The final More than 1,500 illegally will be destroyed once the Sánchez, recommended
Mostazal (IGGR), Talca (Casino which he held technical meetings partner Clairvest Group is an invest- imported slot machines responsibilities have been the creation of citizen
de Juego de Talca SA), Pinto (J L with agents including the gaming ment bank dealing on the Toronto have been seized by the determined by the Public watch groups to report the
Giner), Gran Concepción casino regulators, Gaming Policy Stock Exchange, and which partici- Ecuadorian National Police Prosecutor’s office. opening of these clandes-
(Valmar), Los Ángeles (Polaris) and Enforcement Branch of pates in the ownership and running in the cities of Quito, Gustavo Larrea, a gov- tine sites to the mayors,
on two occasions, Temuco British Columbia and the Ontario of various casinos in Canada. Guayaquil, Esmeraldas and ernment minister, said that leaders or politicians.
18 December 2007 worldnews
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