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“For IGT, the initial distribution method will use either CDs “With the continued the significant
or DVDs. Casino IT staff will transfer the game content to
Bart C.
expansion of the global opportunities we see in
the server and the server will distribute it to the machines Shuldman, gaming and casino this market.”
over a secure network according to the casino’s internal
market, and the expected
controls and the configuration entered into our SB Director
module. The goal here is to make the process as simple as
next major slot machine
upgrade cycle in the US
possible for our customers while following the jurisdiction’s
for server-based gaming,
rules and the casino’s own procedures.”
and CEO
we have decided to focus
Phil Bury, IGT our efforts on exploiting
The Las Vegas Sun’s Richard
Velotta speaks to the Nevada
An effective
Gaming Commission chairman
Pete Bernhard regarding his
take on the rise of server-
based gaming.
bonuses and even conduct competitions
with other players in multi-player games, in
addition to other functions such as pur-
chases or reservations from the terminal, etc.
We must also take into account the ben-
efits for regulators, as SBG technology
allows regulators to monitor in a cen-
tralised manner both casino incomes and
game versions installed on the machines,
thus making their work easier.
One of the most relevant aspects in the
development of this technology is the fact
that most manufacturers are following a
standard for the development of the proto-
cols that will allow the interconnection of
Server-based gaming to feature
heavily in casinos of the future
machines and systems. This standard is
defined by the GSA (Gaming Standards
Association) which is formed by the major-
ity of the manufacturers and many opera-
tors. In other words, operators will be able
Server based gaming
to connect machines from any manufac-
will boom sooner than
turer to whichever system they prefer.
some people think,
Certainly, this technology represents a
huge evolution with respect to traditional
gaming in Vegas
believes Unidesa’s
slots, but we will realise the magnitude of
director of gaming and
change as its use spreads and all features
systems Enric Barba.
are implemented.
It represents a new way of management
which is more effective for the operator,
regulatoryview that and makes sure it complies with Bernhard continued: “Again, the solutionsnotproblems providing the tools to optimise the man-
PETE BERNHARD, NEVADA GAMING COMMISSION the regulations. “Then we, as the com- technology involved in server-based ENRIC BARBA, UNIDESA agement, and providing the players with
mission, have to rely on what the gaming was something that our lab new features that will lead to more satisfy-
owadays an ever-increas- licensee has presented to the board, was able to verify that it could be “When we talk about server based gaming ing gameplay experiences.
ing number of policy what the staff has presented to the studied, reviewed and approved as far (SBG), actually we refer to several products SBG technology offers tools for improving
changes in Nevada are board and what the board presents to as protecting the integrity of the game with a common feature: they are systems in management, but the operator has to take
being driven by technol- us,” added Bernhard. process itself. The analogy is that if a which the machines or gaming terminals advantage of these tools to enhance prof-
ogy. As server-based “We’re also going to be seeing licensee were permitted to take a slot are connected through a communications itability. There is no point in having the ability
gaming is poised to potentially make server-based games in local casinos machine of one theme and replace it network to servers that offer a range of to change the game or denomination at will if
the biggest impact on casinos since soon,” he revealed. “Those will with another machine of another services, such as downloading new games, they are not able to determine when to make
the advent of TITO, how can the enable slot floor managers to theme, physically, was the server-based changing the play table, changing denomi- that alteration. Each operator will seek the
Nevada Gaming Commission stay change denominations, pay tables gaming concept something that would nation, updating devices, etc. best way to use the tools for their benefit.
ahead of the curve on technological and the look of a casino with a few simply allow that to be done without All these operations are performed from a Moreover, the availability of any game
advancements in the industry? computer keystrokes.” physically moving one machine out terminal in the back office, without the need anywhere in the hall or casino will avoid
“You’re assuming that we do stay Bernhard did admit, however, that and putting another one in.” for a technician to reconfigure every saturation of the most popular games, and
ahead of the curve,” Nevada Gaming there were concerns about server- The commission’s lab was very machine, with the corresponding time saving. will prevent players to wait for their
Commission chairman Pete Bernhard based gaming - especially in terms of diligent in looking at all of these Servers at the casino can be con- favourite games, therefore increasing
stated. “We try. We rely considerably trust on the part of the player. issues and the commission is confi- nected through internet to content servers profitability of the machines.
on the Gaming Control Board staff He explained: “In presenting the dent that the process itself will of the slot manufacturers, so they can Another factor that may contribute to
and on the board itself. I think we do server-based gaming concept, one protect the integrity of the game so make the purchase of new games online, increased profitability is the speed in
have the advantage or benefit in of the big concerns was whether or that it’s the functional equivalent of or receive updates and prize tables, which which old games can be replaced by new
Nevada of having licensees who also not the public would be confident having a machine physically removed would be installed in the local server for a games and the possibility of downloading
are very conscientious in presenting that the game itself protected the from the location with later download on the machines. the new games directly from the manufac-
the pros and cons, strengths and integrity of the process.” another one placed in From the point of view of the operator, turer, which will maximise the life cycles of
weaknesses of the various technol- One of the safeguards that has been there without having SBG offers a notable improvement in the the games, in such a way that a game can
ogy advances they’re implementing.” part of the commission’s discussion to deal with all of the management of casinos, not only by the be exchanged for another before it com-
Bernhard believes that the rela- and its regulation would be a four- time, expense, possibility of rapidly changing slot configu- pletely loses the players’ interest.
tionship between licensees and the minute down period so that the labour of actually ration, games or denominations, but also Cirsa has been operating games with
commission works very well. “I games could not be changed instan- physically moving the ability to maximise the level of casino SBG technology for more than a year in
think most licensees believe that if taneously and without warning, so these machines. occupation or to adapt to the preferences bingo halls and arcades in Spain, with very
they submit a piece of technology that people would understand of the client, depending on the day, time of satisfactory results.
that’s not ready for the market that that if a configuration is day or even the particular client. This tech- By the end of this year, Cirsa will be
it’s going to cost them a lot more in changed through nology also enables a direct connection deploying a trial project that integrates the
terms of time and money to send it server-based gaming between casino systems and game devel- latest In Action series cabinets and games
to the board, have it rejected for that there would be opers for the purpose of acquiring new from Cirsa with SBG technology provided
some reason and then redo it and plenty of time for games and testing them easily. by VideoBet. It will include games from
present it back again.” them to decide From the player’s perspective, SBG offers VideoBet and also Cirsa’s latest games like
Licensees, therefore, have an incen- whether they the ability to customize the game to player Fairies Enigma, Wonderful 50s, Chaman
tive to make sure things are fairly well wanted to play the preferences, increasing satisfaction. It lets and Bad Bad Kitty and will take place in
established by the time they submit new configura- players select their favourite games and several Cirsa casinos in Colombia, Panama,
to the board. The lab takes a look at tion or not. “ betting configurations, enjoy improved Dominican Republic and Argentina.”
40 December 2007 serverbasedgaming
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