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December 2007 062
The official publication of EELEX
The die is cast Ostracised Are you being
Harrah’s/LCI Princess. served?
launch new Princess Casinos All the latest
boutique on life out of from server-
brand Turkey based gaming
Spain’s city of casinos for
every historical age
A massively ambitious project earmarked for
the Spanish region of Aragon is aiming to
The themes
Man before the discovery of writing
attract gaming operators to fill 32 casino Pharaonic Egypt (Pictured)
sites, on an area the length and breadth of
The Middle East
the Las Vegas Strip. Phil Martin reports
The Greek World
on how the single project wants to deploy West from 750 to 1,000
40,000 slot machines into central Spain.
The Mediterranean Middle East
until 800
timeteam set out in a huge circle around
The Western Middle Ages
SPAIN a central figure of a clock. Each
The 15th Century in the
casino will operate up to 1,250
Eastern Mediterranean
A casino project, stretching slots, the size of the UK’s so
The Pre Colombian Civilisations
for 4.5km in each direction called, stalled super casino. The Renaissance
into the deserts and alluvial The 16 themes include classic Birth of the modern States
plains of the Ebro Valley in casino themes such as ancient The Century of enlightenment up to
Aragon, central Spain, has Egypt, Ancient Greece, Rome, the capture of the Bastille
been presented to the the Middle Ages, the Renais- The 19th Century & beginning of 20th
casino industry at the Global sance and the French Revolu- The Contemporary World
Gaming Expo. tion, although there are some The Future
Being touted by British more obscure titles such as
company International the Century of Enlightenment
Leisure Development, the up to the capture of the Bastille each of the periods which musical activities through 2,000 hectares with a theme key to attracting the 25m visi-
blueprint is for 32 themed in Paris. Each of the casinos make up the ring. Each casino concerts, operas, recording park called Spy Land and a tors expected each year.
casinos to form a gambling will include a themed hotel will have maximum width of studios. The thematic con- centre piece called the Agora It remains to be seen
nucleus for a wider project and a museum focusing on 360 meters and will be 250 cepts of the museums will be tower acting as a huge sun dial whether uptake from casino
spanning water parks, theme relics and topics of the period meters long. In front of each mythology and religions, civi- on the central clock. owners will match the
parks, residential districts, golf which it is representing. casino, a mini-museum will lizations, music art, craft and Aragon, remotely located project’s ambition although a
courses, hotels, restaurants, a The projects literature serve to underline the casino’s planetarium. The most midway between Madrid and dozen operators are believed
horse racing course, a conven- states: “The idea is to bring in historical theme. Like a cul- emblematic buildings of Barcelona has a population of to have already lodged inter-
tion centre, concert facilities young people, families, gam- tural ‘anteroom’ it will become world history will be repre- 1.2m inhabitants, spread over est in the project, which
and a 250 shop retail outlet. blers, people interested in a kind of reference point and sented to scale and the most 47,000 km2. The region would see them take on a 10-
The working name for the sport and OAPs. The plan will will enable visitors to enrich significant people in life size.” already has three casinos. year licence with tax at 10 per
project is Grand Scala, unify 16 periods. In each one their knowledge.” The various themes will be Zaragoza, its capital, is the cent. It also remains to be seen
although this is likely to change of these stages, two com- “Most of the contributory put out to tender with each sixth largest city in Spain. whether the educational
as the plans come to fruition. plexes composed of a activities of the project are potential operator applying Project backers point to appeal of such a project will
The 32 casinos will operate museum, a hotel and a casino going to be concentrated on for several themes in order of numerous air routes, a large appeal to enough families and
under strictly themed guide- are going to be developed cultural topics, such as inform- their preference. The whole rail network and a real road gamblers to match its organ-
lines, representing 16 differ- around the topic of the period. ative museums, creating site will be connected by a transport hub as strategic links iser’s predictions of bringing
ent historical stages in the Our proposal is to plan to ulti- understanding by means of tram system. The whole to the Atlantic and Mediter- in almost double the footfall
evolution of man. They will be mately build two casinos for recreation and a wide range of project represents a total of ranean parts of Europe and as of Euro Disney in Paris.
Sweden close to melting
monopoly freeze
Sweden’s ruling Moderate State-owned operator stock market listing, or by a
party wants to break up its Svenska Spel is expected to be purchase by another operator.
gaming and betting monopoly privatised to allow the company
to make it more competitive as to compete more effectively in
a market. the new market either through a europeannews p12
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