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“It’s really a continuation of the increased automation of the casino floor “We have a management system
that began in the late 1990s. A belief in the future of sever-based which puts progressive jackpot
gaming is the major reason for anybody who buys our stock and is games on the floor as well as a
holding on to it for the long term. Through this year and next, we’re on table games tracking system and a
track to continue to work on our core technologies. We have a robust server based gaming system ready
set of applications in development and being tested is the core for submission in Atlantic City.”
functionality of the system. We’re taking the broadest, most wholesale Robert B Ziems, general
view in the product’s operational aspects.” counsel and executive vice
Patrick Cavanaugh, investor relations, IGT president, PGI
What does
‘open’ really
Bob Forister, director
of slot operations at
Ameristar St.
Charles, has faith in
the future of server-
On the surface the term ‘open network’ seems pretty self based gaming.
explanatory but dig deeper and do we really know what it entails?
IGT’s Javier Saenz, vice president of strategy for network
systems, answers the burning questions: “What does IGT really
mean by ‘open,’ and what’s so exciting about it?” Ameristar Casino St. Charles
became the first casino in Mis-
opennetwork ditionally “proprietary” way net. Actually, an open product lines, from all com- coming and it’s going to souri to implement server-
USER-FRIENDLY DEFINITION of developing manufacturer- network is a breeding panies together in one place absolutely change the way based slot technology when it
specific products. ground for innovation without having to deal with you do business. When prod- began testing the system in
Casino Review: What because every vendor has the difficulties of legacy, pro- ucts exist within the environ- conjunction with Missouri
does it mean when you CR: In an open environ- the building blocks upon prietary networks. I can’t ment of the open network Gaming regulators and IGT. It
say a network is “open”? ment, how is intellectual which to develop a product imagine the operator who there is no limit to what we consists of 50 gaming
property (IP) protected? that can be used by the wouldn’t want to experi- can imagine and create for machines and is similar to the
Javier Saenz: Within the masses right out of the box. ence the freedom of custom- the gaming industry. Getting same IGT system being tested
term “open network,” the JS: Just because something creating a personalised set your casino on board with an at Barona Valley Ranch Resort
word “open” means the acces- has been built to meet CR: Why is IGT excited of “dream team” products open network does take time & Casino in San Diego and the
sibility of the network. certain compatibility stan- about the open network and services on his or her and resources but ultimately TI Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.
Absolutely everything you dards doesn’t mean that the and so supportive of it? own casino floor. it is a front-loaded investment Forister revealed: “We
purchase for your casino, as technology involved with because of the fantastic doors downloaded the themes to
long as it was created on the creating it becomes public JS: The open network ben- CR: What is the most it opens. And IGT is going to each game and are being
basis of the universal proto- property. Take the internet efits everyone - operators, important thing cus- be with you every step of the careful in moving forward
col, will work together seam- for example. Millions of manufacturers, and ulti- tomers should know way because IGT has the right since we want to make sure
lessly regardless of whom you patent-protected products mately, players. An open about the open network? vision and the right set of the Missouri Gaming Commis-
bought it from. This is a huge co-exist within the open network is an invitation to products and services to sion is comfortable with the
departure from gaming’s tra- environment of the inter- place all products, across all JS: That it’s coming. It’s implement it. entire process,” he said.
“Right now they are comfort-
able and have confidence in
how it operates.”
The five step path to an open network
He added: “The biggest
advantage we’re going to see
is that instead of taking a day
or two to change the theme
IGT’s Javier Saenz,
Building an Ethernet-capable Requesting that all of your providing an even more information collected from and denomination of a particu-
vice president of
casino floor is the first, and slot manufacturers adhere visually enriching other transactional systems, lar machine, it will only take
arguably most important, to the G2S protocol means presentation for this transforms your ability to minutes,” he explained.
strategy for network part of this process. This is that every machine you technology. It is important respond to trends and “Server-based machines will
systems, explains the
the bandwidth and purchase is ready to run on to note that all AVP video substantiate changes within not be shut down for any
five-step path to an
infrastructure that must be the open network you’ve slots are built with the your operation. For length of time while we
in place prior to installation embraced with no capability to display the IGT example, when you install convert to a new theme. Thus
open network.
to ensure proper flow of additional interface or sb Service Window without one or more IGT Mariposa the player has a better gaming
server-based development needed. any additional software or software modules, you will experience, and we shine for
highfive communications. There are secondary display. However, have the tools necessary to offering greater guest serv-
OPEN NETWORK some very specific needs Step 3: Upgrade to the IGT sb NexGen display make the best, most ices. It’s what they expect.”
that must be considered on Ethernet-ready player will continue to perform an accurate, data-based The core of server-based
Though the benefits of the path to accommodating tracking devices essential function on your decisions possible on a gaming consists of a library of
operating a slot floor in an an open environment, such The power of an open casino floor, acting as an daily basis. downloadable games that can
open network environment as an in-house network is only fully interface with reel slots or be sent to any number of
are becoming obvious, the communications realised when it reaches its non-G2S compliant video Step 5: Bring the generic game boxes on the
way to get there may not be. infrastructure, AC power for intended target - your slots. right talent on board slot floor. No longer will slot
According to IGT, the road to new open games and server players. Ethernet-ready To achieve the network of machines need game comput-
an open network is a equipment, and space in player tracking devices, like Step 4: Invest in a tomorrow you need the ers, random number genera-
straightforward one. With the your computer room for the IGT sb NexGen Business Intelligence right team of people today. tors or EPROM chips, as
right investment of time and new server equipment. touchscreen display, act as a System With great technology everything is handled by the
resources, any operation can direct portal between you The best, most effective comes the need for great central server. The server can
easily lay the groundwork for Step 2: Order Game- and your customers, way to optimise the people to help run and control - from a remote loca-
an open environment. IGT to-System compliant delivering bonus game performance of your entire develop your ever-evolving tion - everything that is dis-
gives its five steps to open games content, marketing and enterprise is with an open network. There is no played on the game boxes
network success. Only G2S-compliant games, more right to their seats. In advanced business doubt that a capable team including the games them-
such as the IGT Game King the future, the IGT sb intelligence system. Being of tech-savvy responders selves, the outcomes (or
Step 1: Build an AVP video slot series, Service Window will able to quickly access will help your operation determination), advertising
Ethernet-ready casino provide total compatibility supplement the sb NexGen critical slot performance optimise the capabilities of messages and customer
floor with your open network. display on video slots, information, as well as an open environment. service functions.
46 December 2007 serverbasedgaming
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