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More than 700 at Casino Bad 22 December. The winner will The Grand Casino Bern in the Swiss capital celebrated its
Oeynhausen alone have taken take home a prize of a quarter fourth millionaire winner of the Swiss Jackpot in the early
part in the WestSpiel of a million euros. Riding the Millionaire hours of Sunday 11 November. The winner, a 19-year-old
Pokertour. Tournaments will be ever-rising tide of poker along
man from Turkey who lives near Biel, took home in
held in each of the company’s with the operator are
four casinos in North Rhine- tournament sponsors that
at Bern
excess of 2.4m Swiss francs (1.5m euros). He left a
generous tip for the staff. The Swiss Jackpot is a wide
Westphalia, with the top 35 range from the jewellers area progressive played for in the Grand Casinos of Bern,
WestSpiel poker attracts 700
winners moving forward to the Chopard, to Dodge to Basel, Baden, St Gallen and Lucerne and is awarded to
final in Casino Hohensyburg on Germanwings. all winners tax-free.
Time limits set on addiction claims
An important case in
controlledbehaviour when the man asked to be ferently phrased decision may incur. There will sion by the Federal Court
Germany sees limits
GERMANY barred, the casino entered from 1995 that did not oblige undoubtedly be legal battles was handed down on 22
into a contractual relation- them to do so. in the future about what con- November, WestSpiel imple-
imposed on claims
The German Federal Court ship with him with the aim “We are pleased that the stitutes “effective control” mented the new entry
to casino operators
has upheld WestSpiel of “protecting him from eco- court has rejected the claim,” but for the moment it means control regime.
for damages from
Group’s appeal against a nomic damage arising from Monika Aberle, WestSpiel’s that only claims made for The plaintiff, however, was
those who have
decision that would have his gambling addiction”. The lawyer told Casino Review. losses in the last two years given one opening by the
forced it to repay a problem court found that the casino “The Federal Court recog- stand any chance of success Federal Court: it referred the
barred themselves gambler 60,000 euros. had not upheld its part of nised that we were acting if the casino has failed in its case back to Regional Court
but carried on
The man, who had barred the contract. with the law that was in force duty of protection. in Münster for it to examine
gambling. Entry
himself from the casino in Whilst agreeing with the at the time based on a deci- “The current legal situa- whether the man may have
Bad Oeynhausen in January principle of the Hamm sion the court itself had tion is that as of 1 January been partly incapacitated
controls to slot areas 2000, nevertheless contin- court’s decision, the Federal made. It means that now no 2008, as a result of the inter- because of his addiction to
are now de rigueur,
ued to gamble at the slot Court nevertheless found claims can be made over state treaty on gambling, all gambling and therefore still
making one area of
machines over the course of that the legal obligation to gaming that took place gambling areas in the had a claim to the lost stakes.
one-and-a-half years, in an control entry to slot machine before 15 December 2005.” casino have to have con- WestSpiel - Westdeutsche
the law clear but a
area of the casino that at the areas only came into force in The major implication of trolled entry,” said Aberle. Spielbanken - operates seven
possible route to
time was not subject to entry the middle of December the decision is that casinos “For the last two years, we casinos, four of which are in
claiming damages
controls. The Higher 2005, following a previous must in the future have effec- have been investing in the North Rhine-Westphalia, and
still remains open.
Regional Court in Hamm, in judgement made by the tive controls at entry or they installation of control last year contributed more
the state of North Rhine- Court. Before that time, may be forced to pay back points in all our venues.” than 107m euros to the
Hugh Sorrill reports. Westphalia, had decided that casinos were following a dif- any losses problem gamblers The day after this deci- state’s coffers.
Swiss online
The hip new interior of
Casino Baden by the
casino call
Viennese agency BEHF
A Swiss academic has called for a single online casino
to be set up in Switzerland. Jörg Häfeli of the
Hochschule Luzern believes that licensing one site will
allow demand to be met while monitoring those
developing gaming problems.
“Unlike in real casinos with their social concept,
there are no social controls on the internet,” said
Häfeli, an addiction prevention expert.
Currently online gambling sites are illegal in
Switzerland, so players use largely unregulated sites
based abroad. Häfeli wants to limit uncontrolled Casino Baden gets a makeover
gambling on these sites by setting up one Swiss online
casino. “In this way, you can at the very least keep in
contact with the most notorious players,” he said. funkyfit practices in Vienna. modern materials, fine allowed to expect something
Switzerland has one of the most effective player AUSTRIA BEHF Ebner Hasenauer fabrics and exquisite carpets unique. We are really looking
barring systems in the world, with about 4,000 added Ferency, which has already to bring added flair to the forward to being able to
to the list every year. In total about 20,000 are no Nearly 13 years after it made its name designing venue. It re-opens on 28 show our guests a modern
longer allowed to enter land-based casinos in the opened, Casino Baden has an restaurants, shops and the November. and at the same time com-
country, however, that does not stop them from entirely new interior with a new Vienna exhibition Casino director Stefan fortable casino with attrac-
playing online. Only by barring access to all foreign funky feel provided by one centre, has turned its talents Hartl said: “The company has tive gaming salons, a relaxed
gambling sites would the aim be met. of the hottest architectural to Casino Baden using invested 5m euros, so we’re restaurant and trendy bars.”
10 December 2007 europeannews
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