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Antipodean battle
Internationally, Macau offers
The Australian club body is trying to overturn a ban on new generation
the largest expansion
poker machines in order to allow server-based gaming to enter the market.
opportunity, with the potential
In a submission to an Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal review,
for 50,000 new slot machines
by 2010. On the Cotai Strip,
Clubs NSW stated: “Clubs NSW is of the opinion that unless specifically
Las Vegas Sands plans to add
addressed, it is likely that the tendency to restrict access to new and
16,000 slot machines over
innovative products… will continue and impact on the introduction and
Macau at forefront
seven different sites in the
availability of new products and technology including server-based gaming.” coming years.
Survey shows technology
for all
will be critical in future
Videobet’s gaming
platforms and
terminals can be
success of gaming industry
deployed in virtually
any venue, from low-
Server-based games have been cited as the technology that will most impact customers
brow betting shops to
and operators, according to a G2E-endorsed survey.
opulent casino floors
braceyourselves emerging technology that casino industry executives aspect of our lives - and our of technology is “very crit-
and cruise ships. SBG SURVEY
will have the most impact and analysts. The survey industry,” said Frank J ical” to their success. A
on both the customer and covered technological Fahrenkopf, Jr, president and small subset of our experts
ew technological operator experience in the innovations ranging from CEO of the American (6 per cent) goes so far as
INTERNATIONAL APPEAL advances, and years to come. server-based games and Gaming Association. “This to say that technology will
how well casinos The 2006 instalment of RFID to mobile gaming and year’s Future Watch survey “determine the success of
Videobet’s gaming platform is implement them, the G2E Future Watch database management confirms that technological a property more than any-
suitable for most regions - the will play crucial Series, an annual research systems. The majority of innovations and advances thing else.”
client supports multiple cur- roles in the future success survey conducted in con- those surveyed have been will continue to change how When asked to grade the
rencies and languages and of the gaming entertain- junction with Global working in the industry for casinos operate - both in industry on how successful
the games package appeals ment industry, according to Gaming Expo (G2E), took more than a decade, and how we interact with cus- it had been over the last five
to an international audience. the preliminary results of a place at the Las Vegas Con- many are the CEO or presi- tomers and in our back-of- years in utilising technol-
Furthermore, believes survey of leading casino vention Center last year. It dent of their respective the-house operations - in ogy to further its goals, sub-
Playtech’s Ornit Gilman, the industry executives examined the present and companies. real and lasting ways.” stantial majorities of those
server-supported software is released at the Global future role of technology “From mobile technol- Ninety-four per cent of surveyed think the industry
the ‘perfect solution’ for many Gaming Expo (G2E) 2006. in the gaming entertain- ogy to the internet, technol- the industry executives has enjoyed a great deal of
regions where regulations for The executives also rank ment industry through in- ogy has been at the heart of surveyed say that the way success. More than three-
server-based gaming haven’t server-based gaming as the depth surveys of 16 leading myriad changes in every casino operators make use quarters of respondents
yet been legislated as opera-
tions can set themselves up
with a server supported con-
figuration and then upgrade
Properties that have a combination of
properties according to the needs
to server-based once legisla- of both their clientele and their
tion has been completed.
casino gaming and race or sports
management team.
Videobet is already enjoying wagering are ideal for server-based Packaged together with game
success throughout Latin
gaming. Sona believes that its gaming
software, each BetStone features
America and Europe and has dynamic administration software,
even developed region spe-
system will transport gaming, race and
giving management the comfort of
cific games packages featur- sports venues into the modern era. utilising well-known and profitable
ing localised themes and games, backed by a scalable
animations so as to further
management suite that is very
strengthen their penetration easily employed, yet high on
into desired regions. An
Server-based gaming
operational security.
“By utilising the advantages Fraud controls, accounting and
of Playtech’s massive management software allow
resources and online experi-
offers endless
opportunities for management and administration
ence and combining them with staff true audit trails and
highly advanced applications, transaction histories for any given
Videobet has managed to
operators to maximise
their profits, believes
user session, or any time.
create a unique server-based Abbey Entertainment. Betstone SBG has a proprietary
platform,” Gilman told Casino casino management system which
Review. Exclusive connec- thisisthemodernworld offers an unprecedented amount has the option of installing large morningnoonandnight can effectively deliver bespoke
tions to revenue-enhancing A MULTITUDE OF GAMES of opportunity to casinos, cruise screens throughout different A SCALABLE SOLUTION ‘builds’ that can be continuously
networks like Winajack- ships, racinos, bingo halls and areas (where game play is autho- updated and tweaked to enhance and the other gaming venues. The Sona rised) allowing players to watch So what do you get for your SBG the game-play experience, and
benefits of Gaming System is currently the action live on the big screen money? Well, a single BetStone unit maximise any operator’s profit. With
switchable installed in Icarreras Race and or on their personal device. The from Abbey Entertainment offers a the above system, operators can
technology Sports book in Lima, Peru. same technology applies if the fair representation of the SBG choose different game sets to match
and the reload T
he Sona Gaming System
allows a multitude of
games to be played on
any size device with cen-
tralised controls.“A prop- Sona’s system, in conjunction player is at a kiosk. Players using a solution for the industry, a case a different demographic, so that
mechanism erty might want to replace a video with Shuffle Master’s content, device or kiosk can play the same study so to say. Through the Abbey games are served to correct players
let Videobet’s only terminal in a race and sports complements Lima Uno’s exist- games as players sitting at the route, for example, an operator can at the correct time. Similarly, a
clients set up book with the Sona Gaming ing gaming operations, which communal gaming station. This house hundreds of games and casino brand can be delivered to its
a highly System. This allows patrons to sit includes Off Track Betting and a allows the number of players to launch up to six games off a single players, on the screens of all its
attractive within the designated sports book Sports book. The system allows be extended beyond the fixed screen at any one time. The system machines through to the tickets or
operation area and make wagers or play single or multiple players to play seat limit for a fraction of the cost, is flexible, allowing operators to vouchers. Operators have the ability
with roulette, video poker, slots or other against the same computer-gen- without taking up floor space. manage the needs of their clients to set the minimum stakes on each
minimal table games between races or at erated game from their individual “Sona’s goal is to provide the dynamically: for instance, one could of the games on their menu and can
costs and half time. Properties that want to wired or wireless device. It can best possible solution to its cus- choose to run ‘penny slots’ in the promote their venue and games by
with the extend their casino floor to ancil- be configured to allow players to tomers, allowing for gaming morning, and switch to video pokers delivering attractor information from
potential lary areas and differentiate them- join in a communal game such as venues to drive incremental for evening sessions off the same any screen on the machines.
to expand selves will profit from this Baccarat or Roulette. It also allows revenue and reduce operating machine, or drive players to Betstone’s system can multi-cast
as soon as technology,” CEO players to choose their “lucky” costs - all by bringing modern ‘hotspots’ without having to different messages to specific
they see Shawn Kreloff told Casino roulette table even if they are and flexible technology to the physically move machines around. machines at any time, and include
fit. Review.The Sona Gaming System nowhere near it. Each property floor,” concluded Kreloff. Operators can manage their animation, video or action.
44 December 2007 serverbasedgaming
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