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Pool controllers pass the Olympic test
The swimming pools at last month’s monitored the water quality throughout
Beijing Olympic Games had water quality the Games and beyond.
controlled using the Blue I HG-702 They installed a simple redox-based
photometric controller. HG102 on the main water feature
These controllers use liquid DPD welcoming visitors to the site
reagents to measure free and combined The CEO of Blue I, Tsur Ben David,
chlorine photometrically plus they also stated that “the achievement is even
measure and control pH, ORP, greater as originally two other leading
Temperature, Turbidity and Conductivity suppliers were chosen…the main
(TDS). The HG series controllers give the committee was not satisfied with their
pool operator a raft of data that can used results and Blue I HG-702 was chosen to
to provide superb water quality and their be the controller for the Games.”
selection is seen as an acceptance of Blue I Pool and Spa controllers are
their superior performance compared to manufactured in Israel and are
their worldwide competitors. marketed worldwide by Arch
ABOVE: Riochem’s award winning TinyLab offers
Six HG-702 controllers were installed Chemicals. In the UK they are marketed
onsite titration analysis with laboratory accuracy on the main, training and diving pools as the HTH Professional Controllers and
and were linked to remotely-based distributed in England and Wales by
BELOW: The Pooltest 25 Professional from
Palintest is a fully featured waterproof
experts via an internet website who Pool Sentry Ltd.
precision pool photometer
that would normally be associated with tubes. Furthermore, it gives a reading in
laboratory analysis undertaken by trained seconds and weighs just 100g. WHAT ARE THE
technicians. The Scuba is an immersible test device RECOMMENDED LEVELS?
The initial cost of the instrumentation and which uses the same technology that is • pH:7.2-7.8
running costs are comparable with the price used in public swimming pools. A sample • Chlorine:1.0-2.0ppm
and usage of photometric devises. The of the water is tested using the • TotalAlkalinity:80-120ppm
instrument costs more that comparators, but photometric principle and the results are • Calcium Hardness: 180 - 220 ppm,
the advantages are the ease of use, accuracy shown in the high-precision digital display. thoughsomesay200-400
and reliability are greatly improved. The unit has a modern housing designed • CyanuricAcid:25-50ppm
The instrument can be used for testing to meet ergonomic requirements and is • TotalDissolvedSolids:500-5,000ppm
all the standard water based chemicals such fully water tight. The Scuba is supplied
as total, free and combined chlorine, total complete with specially formulated, quick-
alkalinity, calcium hardness, bromine, etc. dissolving reagent tablets (10 for each test chlorine kit, which measures free,
TinyLab utilises disposable cartridges method). It also has a handy strap so that combined and total chlorine levels (OTO
containing reagents sufficient for at least it can be hung safely in a storage area. measures only free levels). Also important
100 tests to solve a number of differing Two models are available, one which is the ability to test total alkalinity and
chemical analysis. Because chlorine is the tests for chlorine, pH and alkalinity and calcium hardness. Acid demand and base
most commonly used test Riochem offer a the other for chlorine, pH and cyanuric demand tests will allow you to perform a
cartridge with a capacity of 200 tests for acid (stabiliser). titration test on your pH sample.
free, combined and total chlorine. In addition to the Scuba, Certikin A new portable pH PAL tester is ideal
Cartridges can be fitted into the stocks a large range of domestic test for monitoring pH levels in swimming
instrument in seconds with no risk of cross kits, photometers and test pens from pools and spas without the need of
contamination between tests. Precise both the Lovibond and Palintest water litmus paper.
amount of reagent are added to the test testing ranges. The Palintest range is one of the most
sample based on the unique Riochem There has been evidence that popular on the market based on the
technology and this is recorded by a excessively high levels of stabiliser, or famous Palintest system of water testing.
sophisticated optical sensing system. cyanuric acid, can cause a phenomenon Simple to use test equipment, and
The test indicates the result by a distinct called chlorine lock. Levels above 100ppm reagents in stable tablet form, mean
sudden colour change that occurs during of cyanuric acid may prevent chlorine from rapid reliable results can be obtained by
the test. This allows for the accurate use of registering and possibly sanitising. all users – with or without previous
the instrument even when the test is If you smell chlorine in the water, you experience in water analysis. spn
conducted by a colour blind operative. are very possibly aware of combined
Certikin has the solution in the shape of chlorine, known as chloramines. These See new products – Pages 86 and 87
the Scuba pool tester which, with its rapid- will not register in a test for free
dissolving reagent tablets, is highly chlorine. A good DPD test kit will allow
accurate and requires no test vials or you to test for total chlorine levels and
free chlorine levels; the difference being
the combined levels. If trace amounts of
01993 778855
combined chlorine is above .3 ppm, you
may need to shock the pool to break the
0191 491 0808
bond of chloramines; this shock level is
around 30 ppm.
There are many different types of test
0800 055 6732
kits commercially available. The basic test
kits, available are usually chlorine and pH pc
0292086 5053
testers only but the range on the market
is now wide and sophisticated.
01980 664800
You may wish to spend more for a DPD
54 swimming pool news OCTOBER 08
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