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Robinson from the company describes it as
a saturated complex ionic aqueous solution LET’S BUILD CHLORINE FREE
containing copper, silver, zinc, aluminium, POOL SAYS CAMPAIGNER
gold, manganese, nitrogen and iron, a An outdoor swimming evangelist is trying
combination which eliminates the need for to persuade a local council that a new An enquiry is under way at a London
chlorine, algaecides and flocculants. These pool should be open air and chlorine free. public pool after a 10-year-old girl was
ions bring about a change in the enzyme Edward Leigh has waded into the taken to hospital with chemical burns.
processes of algae and bacteria, breaking debate on lifting the lid on Market Her family blames the pool for not
down their DNA structure and cell walls. Rasen’s promised swimming pool to closing it after they “shocked” it with
“PoolSan is documented as effective, with turn it into an open-air lido. He is chlorine.
several years of independent trialling advocating a pool which has reed bed The pool, which has not been named, is
supporting its performance in public pools,” filtering to remove the need for being investigated by Health and Safety
adds Celina Brown, Managing Director of chlorine, which if open for the summer experts after an official complaint was
PoolSan Direct, the company that supplies needs no heating, but the council wants made. It is claimed that when the girl’s
the product to the hotel and leisure industry. the option of year-round. parents confronted management about it,
“Our corporate clients have made the Rasen’s MP has lobbied top officials they were simply told ‘you swim at the
decision that using it is a better option than and political leaders at West Lindsey pool at your own risk’.
traditional chemical treatments. It meets the District Council, which has already But one mother and her daughter said
strict requirements for keeping pools clean pledged £5m for a pool, to broaden they never could have anticipated the
and enables ethically responsible companies their vision for the facility and follow a danger they were getting into.
to minimise their carbon footprint and popular French model. The water in the pool was says the
environmental impact.” The council is currently in talks with written report looking fine, but hours later
Other alternatives available include potential business partners to add private her 10-year-old daughter Brittney could
PoolSafe’s AquaKlear electronic water investment to the project so that it can feel something was wrong.
treatment system, which will help reduce be something bigger and better than a “My skin was burning. It felt like it was
cleaning time and provides a number of simple stand-alone 25m six lane pool on fire.”
additional benefits, including less chlorine with gym and youth centre attached. That burning sensation led to vomiting
use, reduced backwashing and the In a bid to boost community discussion and the mother took her daughter to the
elimination of the need for coagulants. over the plan Mr Leigh says: “there’s not hospital.
“Commercially, all pool operators are much point spending £4m of taxpayers “They said it’s from the chlorine,” she said.
aware of the importance of good water safety money to end up with a pool which I She later found out the pool had just
– duty of care and health and safety don’t believe would be family friendly. been “shocked,” a one-time, large dose of
legislation ensures this,” says Baulcombe. “My sport is open air swimming and chlorine to sanitise the water.
“However, for the operators, the ultimate you find in France that every other The pool was immediately closed.
responsibility for the operation of the pool village has an open air pool but here in Commercial pools should be shocked at
lies directly with the site personnel. For leisure West Lindsey we have one pool at the least once a week and then closed for 24
groups, standards, procedures, guidelines far edge of the district which isn’t at all hours afterwards, but it the HSE said if the
and training ensure that the majority of pools attractive. It’s ludicrous.” pool hadn’t gone through the proper process
are run safely and well.” spn they may have to be closed even longer.
One Aldwych hotel goes
A nightmare story from Chicago has led
to fresh warnings from the United States chlorine free with PoolSan
pool and spa trade about the dangers of
mixingpoolchemicals. The leading London hotel One Aldwych true with most pools, and went very
Rescue workers sent a woman and has chosen to use PoolSan rather than smoothly with the pool remaining open
young boy to hospital for exposure to chlorine in their pools and. throughout. Since chlorine was removed
chlorine gas after the woman mixed pool PoolSan is a product that cleans and from the plant room and pool, feedback
chemicalsinherkitchen. sanitises commercial pools without the from both maintenance staff and guests
The woman was mixing the chemicals need for any chlorine whatsoever. has been very positive.”
whentheyexplodedalloverherbodyand Its effectiveness in a commercial PoolSan is a dosed ionic liquid
clothing.Theyoungboywasalsosenttothe environment has been established in a two- containing copper, zinc, gold and silver
hospitalbecauseofrespiratoryproblems. year trial at Leatherhead Leisure Centre. that eliminates the need for chlorine,
Two young girls were also in the house Celina Brown, Managing Director of algaecides and flocculants in swimming
buttheywerenotaffected. PoolSan Direct said, “We are delighted to pool water. PoolSan is hypo-allergic and
The woman was said to be in a serious have enabled One Aldwych to remove does not cause breathlessness, eye
condition. chlorine from their pool. Cutting down on irritations, asthma attacks, eczema or other
A spokesman for the American unnecessary chemical usage is an essential ailments associated with chlorine use.
Swimming Pool and Spa Association said: part of their corporate ethos and using Brown adds, “In our experience our
“Wearealwaysgivingoutwarningsabout PoolSan has given their already excellent corporate PoolSan users see being
thissortofthing.Weurgethewholetrade green policies a further boost. PoolSan is chlorine-free as a major selling point for
to ensure than anyone buying chemicals an effective product that creates a their brands, both ecologically and in
for use in the pool is made aware they premium swimming environment with no terms of customer experience. They have
cannot mix things up just to try and save smell or odours from the water realised that these days, chlorine in a pool
some money. It appears in this case the whatsoever. We are very happy that a or spa is quite simply unnecessary.”
woman was running out and decided to hotel with the reputation for quality that
putallherremainingchemicalstogetherin One Aldwych has, chooses to sanitise their
onebucket–withdisastrouseffects.” pool with PoolSan.
“Changeover was simple, as is generally
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