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Anglers show their Creuse control
Golfers’ mixed
WITH a fi sh that size, you’re allowed to feel
just a little smug...
bag of results
... and this 43lb mirror carp wasn’t even
the biggest catch of the week for angler Lee
THE 2008 golf season opened none more so than an excellent
Lee and nine colleagues from the
with less-than-clement weather foursomes victory from CPO
RN&RMAA spent a week at Eden’s Lake in
– and results have been equally Fred McEvoy (Neptune) back in
the Creuse region of France.
mixed. the squad this year, and partner
Travelling from Plymouth, Culdrose,
The men kicked off with the Lt Cdr Mark Selway (Cranfi eld
Poole and Liverpool the fi shermen met the
prestigious Brent Knoll Bowl at University). RNGA Vice Captain
Portsmouth contingent at HMS Excellent
Burnham and Berrow. and reigning Navy Champion
ready for the Channel crossing.
The course is a very tough LNN Scott Gilbert (Selly Oak)
The mountain of equipment used by the
traditional links course and teamed up with veteran Cdr Ian
modern-day carp angler coupled with its
presents an ample challenge to any Yuill (AFPAA Centurion) to gain
military look caused the gate staff to enquire
golfer in calm conditions. a creditable half.
where we were going on ‘exercise’.
Add to that almost hurricane The afternoon singles was a
Conditions in Creuse were far from ideal
winds at times with the ball falling familiar story for RN golf of late.
with changeable winds and wildly-varying
off tees and rolling unaided on The majority of the players were
greens, the task was severely well in the match with just four
Electronic bite alarms and other such
exacerbated. or fi ve holes to go, but came out
wizardry enabled the intrepid team to fi sh 24/7,
However as we keep hearing - it with just one win and two halved
spending the nights bivvied up from the rain
was the same for all! Non-playing matches. This aspect of play is
(and frost).
captain Cdr Neil Hinch was in something being addressed during
North Lake appeared to suffer most in the
charge of affairs and reported that the season.
conditions with the six anglers managing seven
the team performed well in the Notwithstanding this, it was a
carp between them, including three over 30lbs
fi rst round to overcome one of the delight to see C/Sgt Steve ‘Rasher’
and two new personal bests for CPO Neil
local teams. Bacon gaining his fi rst win in
Jones (HMS Drake) – 39lb 3oz – and LS Ben
Unfortunately the draw then Navy colours and he could not
Cartwright (HMS Collingwood) – 31lb 8oz,
pitched the team against the have done it in more spectacular
upping his best by over 20lbs.
favourites and the RN went out in fashion. Two up with two holes to
Jolly Pads Lake turned out to be the most
the second round. Their opponents play and having lost the last two,
prolifi c with four anglers hooking 12 fi sh.
did live up to their billing and go he produced a magnifi cent ‘chin
‘Top rod’ for the week was Lee Goodwin
on to win the event the following in’ to leave his expectant opponent
who managed to bank seven fi sh, four of them
day. dumbfounded.
were 30s and two 40s including his personal
Three weeks later saw the Halved matches came from
best of 45lb 8oz. Overall 19 fi sh were banked including ten PO Si Gay on 93781 7901. The RN&RMAA
traditional annual match against Selway leaving him unbeaten and
POAEM Si Baker (RNAS Culdrose) and 30lbers and two 40lbers with fi ve new personal caters for all angling disciplines within the RN
Cornwall played this year at Tehidy very encouragingly, McInstray.
POAEM Steve Cowe (RFA Fort Victoria) bests. and RM. See
Golf Club near Camborne. Saturday April 26 saw the ladies
also raised their personal best weights to over To fi nd out more about RN/RM Carp
The RN put out a team of 12 at Southwick Park to take on the
Picture: PO(Phot) Sean Clee, RN Photographer of the Year
30lbs. Angling contact PO Si Baker on 93781 2156 or (again), FRPU West
this time and although he had local club team.
played in the Brent Knoll, CPO Although reduced to a six per
Ruck and roll
Richard McInstray (DES Bath) team match for various reasons,
was experiencing his fi rst county the RN ladies excelled in the
opposition. unfamiliar sunshine whitewashing
this summer
Heron’s double triumph
The prolonged winter weather the locals 3 matches to nil. Navy
had hit all courses hard and ladies captain and secretary Lt
unlike most years, there had been Debs Vout led the way winning the
little opportunity for growth and top game with partner CPO Lee
THIS month the RN embraces
HMS Heron men’s hockey goals before the break. a shot by CPOPT Carter defl ected
conditions are not as good as clubs Tubbs.
the concept of summer Rugby
team followed up a 10-0
With a 4-0 lead, Heron made a goalwards by CPO Beaudro. Not
would like. The other two wins followed
with a succession of drubbing of HMS Sultan in
number of tactical substitutions in put off by an earlier disallowed
The damp drizzly weather made quickly from the pairings of WO
matches at all skill levels – and,
the RN Cup Final with a tri-
order to rest players for the second goal AET Harradine scored to put
the going hard and particularly Sue King/PO Nikki Wade and Lt
for the fi rst season, both sexes.
game. Heron fi rmly in the driving seat.
Service double. wet underfoot. Cdr Mandy McBain/CPO Julie
Amongst the highlights is
Unfortunately this disrupted Two late goals from Lt Lomas
For the RAF and Army cup The county team had the usual Kavanagh.
the annual ‘Origin Match’ at
the structure of the team and JFH and PO Smith saw the airbase run
winners also fell to the Heron mixture of experience and youth The latter match was particularly
Temeraire on June 18 when the
scored just after the break. out 6-0 winners and clinch the tri-
sword, writes Lt Matthew Grice, and, as in most county fi xtures, pleasing as McBain was making
RN locks horns with the RM,
Although Lt Lomas grabbed Service cup for the fi rst time in
were signifi cantly better than the her debut and they produced the
beaten in 2007.
HMS Heron hockey manager.
a fi fth goal from a well-worked more than ten years.
RN team in handicap terms; the most resounding win of the day. It
The fi rst season of matches
And just to add to the Somerset
short corner it was only as a result The ladies were in action against
overall loss by 3½ points to 14½ should be noted however that her
for the RNRL Women continues
trophy cabinet, Heron’s ladies
of some outstanding goalkeeping an Army side from Northern
bore this out. partner did have signifi cant local
apace with an away match against
won their tri-Service Cup fi nal
from LAEM Potter that kept JFH Ireland.
There were however some good knowledge as she is the current
a Nottingham University side
setting a new RN record; – the
to their one consolation goal. This was a hard-fought game
and encouraging performances – lady captain of the club.
June 14.
fi rst establishment to hold both
The second game was against with both sides producing some
The newly-formed Portsmouth
the men and women’s cups
the School of Electrical and early shots on goal.
Seahawks continue their
Aeronautical Engineering, the The deadlock was broken mid-
inaugural season with home and
The fi rst game of the fi nals saw
Army cup winners. way through the fi rst half when
away fi xtures..
the airmen take on Joint Force
Unfazed by torrential rain PO Patterson, the Heron captain,
The Seahawks are the
Harrier – the RAF Cup winners.
Heron put in an exceptional cup- scored from a well worked short
brainchild of CPO ‘Waggy’
Heron started the stronger with
winning performance. corner.
Wagstaffe in giving match
CPO Hendra (Heron’s player
Once again the midfi eld PO Dryhurst scored an excellent
practice on a regular basis for of the tournament) grabbing a competed well to dominate the individual goal shortly after to give
the RNRL squad players as couple of early goals and giving us game with CPO Hendra again the team a 2-0 lead at half-time.
well as developing the sport the momentum in fi rst half. grabbing two goals before the Stalemate in the second half
in Portsmouth with the aid of Inspired by an excellent break. saw both sides playing very good
civilian players. performance from the midfi eld – Not resting on their laurels the hockey with Heron’s keeper, Logs
The full list of fi xtures is CPO Carter and Mne Smith – and fl iers came out just as strongly in Smith, producing some fi rst-class
available at www.royalnavy.mod. following a timely substitution up
the second half. saves to keep the Army strikers at
front, Lt Dale grabbed two more A well-worked short corner saw bay to secure that 2-0 victory.
Put your paddle to the metal
RN Kayak Association paddlers not only challenging ‘Fiord Land’ in New Zealand. activities do, personnel are encouraged to
compete against the other Services in the To start the season off some of the take advantage of the training available at
disciplines of slalom, white water racing, paddlers organised a trip using the support the Joint Service Level 4 Centres to gain Five-star Talan
surf, freestyle, marathon and sprint and of the Portsmouth Command AT Centre to the qualifi cations needed to lead others.
polo... but there’s also a healthy contingent paddle around Portsea Island. There is a real lack of qualifi ed personnel.
of sea paddlers. The trip was organised by Lt Cdr Joe Anyone interested should contact their
PARALYSED RN skier Lt Talan Skeels-Piggins claimed the No.5
The latter have taken advantage of the Wood, Staff Offi cer Adventurous Training, respective Command AT Centre: POPT Zoe
spot in the world at the IPC Downhill – after considering giving up the
Joint Service Adventurous Training Scheme and took under four hours (despite a pause Hennessey (Portsmouth 9380 24392); Cpl
and conducted expeditions in Scotland for birdwatching near Farlington marshes). Steve Perry (Plymouth 9375 65312); POPT
The offi cer’s season has been plagued by equipment failures and
around the Isle of Skye, North Wales around Joe was accompanied by Lt Matt Twiselton Greetham (Scotland 93255 3300) or C/Sgt
injury, so remaining positive and competitive throughout the winter has
the island of Anglesey and on much of the and Lt Paul Bastiaens. Farthing (also Scotland 93785 4232).
been a real struggle.
beautiful Cornish coast line. The Command AT Centres are the hubs Those interested in paddling for the
“I know that without the support of the GB Team, my family and
The most prestigious expedition last for their respective areas and offer great RNKA should contact Lt Twiselton 93510
friends, I may well have decided to pack it all in,” said Talan (pictured
year was to James Ross Island in the South support in organising AT or Challenging 4336 or Lt Cdr Wood SO2AT 9380 22590.
above on the slopes).
Atlantic with the invaluable assistance of Activities (CA) but it is recommended that
He didn’t. Instead, Talan (HMS Flying Fox) attended numerous
HMS Endurance. you contact your unit PTs initially.
training venues and races throughout Europe and North America,
● Lt Matt Twiselton, Lt Cdr Joe Wood
The next major expedition – in February Although CA (mountain biking and and Lt Paul Bastiaens power through the
including the Combined Services Alpine Championships in Meribel.
2009 – will be to the dramatic and walking) do not require qualifi cations all AT Solent
That event allowed other serving personnel to see disabled ski racing
Picture: LA(Phot) ‘Simmo’ Simpson, FRPU East
at the same time as promoting the ‘battle back’ initiative which provides
adventurous training for injured and disabled service personnel.
The races also provided valuable training for Talan’s next set of IPC
races in North America, where he won two bronze medals, one in the
downhill the other in the Super G.
“Winning my fi rst bronze in the downhill was amazing and I felt
incredibly proud.
“However, the second bronze in the Super G, was even more special
as I was part of a British one-two-three.
“It was a feat that had never been achieved before and really lifted
the confi dence and spirit of the entire GB Team.
“I’m glad I didn’t give up, as qualifi cation for the Winter Paralympics
in 2010 is now well within reach and I intend to come back with a
medal for all those who have supported me.”
After his diffi cult, yet successful season, Lt Skeels-Piggins has now
returned home to Bath, where he is concentrating on rehabilitating
from his injuries and improving his fi tness levels at the Bath Sports
Training Village.
He is also continuing to provide operational capability for the RN as
part of the MTO(A) branch, which sees him take on the AWNIS Duty
Offi cer role during exercises, such as Loyal Mariner 08, at Northwood.
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