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Hans across
the ocean Argyll goes to the races
THE thunder of HMS Argyll’s saluting gun announced the start of the world-
famous Transat solo yacht race off Plymouth.
Every four years the world’s leading yachtsmen and women muster off
England’s shores and prepare to head out into the North Atlantic.
HALF a century of helping
Several days and 2,800 miles later, they should arrive safely in Boston,
Hans… and Johann and Willi has
been celebrated in Plymouth by
The race began 48 years ago when the great Sir Francis Chichester
Anglo-German naval leaders.
clinched the trophy in 40 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes. The next sailor over
For 50 years, the two navies
the line, Royal Marine Lt Col Blondie Hasler (of Cockleshell Heroes fame),
which were mortal enemies for
didn’t finish for another eight days.
more than four decades have been
Today racers can reach the New World in under 13 days,
fi rm friends, training side-by-side
something current record holder Mike Golding did.
in UK waters.
He was aboard the Devonport-based frigate for the
That bond of friendship
start of the race as was solo yachtswoman Dame
was remembered with a day of
Ellen MacArthur, an honorary lieutenant commander
ceremonies in Devonport and
in the Royal Naval Reserve.
Plymouth, where today’s Deutsche
You can read more about this year’s
Marine continues to learn the art
event and its two dozen competitors at
of war at sea courtesy of the Flag
Offi cer Sea Training organization.
Picture: LA(Phot) Steve Johncock, FRPU West
The training of German
warships by the Royal Navy began
in 1958 when FGS Gneisenau –
the former Hunt-class corvette
HMS Oakley – arrived in
Portland, the then home of
Four years later, the Germans
sent their home-grown frigate
Köln to FOST for her fi rst
operational sea training package
– the ‘MOT’ every Royal Navy
warship must attain before sailing
on a front-line deployment.
Since that day 46 years ago,
185 German warships and
38,000 Matrosen – the German
equivalent of matelot – have
passed through FOST.
The most recent recipient
of the advice and instruction
of the FOSTies, frigate FGS
Sachsen, held a reception for
Vizeadmiral Hans-Joachim
Stricker, Befehlshaber der Flotte –
Germany’s Commander-in-Chief
Fleet – and senior RN offi cials.
Music was provided by the
Marinemusikkorps Nordsee, whose Honour the fallen
Did you see
brutal attack?
DETECTIVES in Portsmouth
50 musicians also provided the
hope a commando can help
accompaniment for Plymouth’s
bring the attacker of a fellow
mayor making ceremony..
A NEW memorial to men of
for Victory and one which both sail, but not to other attractions – his uniform greatcoat had been
Royal to justice.
On a more solemn note, Victory will be dedicated
recognises advances in historical in the Historic Dockyard, and found among the ruins of the
On Friday February 1 this
Flotillenadmiral Karl-Wilhelm
this month – closer to the
research and maintains reverence is not applicable during major building and it was assumed he
year, musicians from the Royal
Bollow, head of Germany’s
of that area of the ship where events such as Meet Your Navy. was among those who died.
Marines Band Service were
II Flotille, laid a wreath at the
spot Nelson is believed to not only Nelson, but many other The initiative runs until the end of In fact his greatcoat had gone
enjoying a night out at the
imposing naval war memorial on
have died.
sailors and marines lost their September. missing and someone else had
Fuzzy Duck in Guildhall Walk in
Plymouth’s Hoe to the hundreds
Research by the fl agship’s
lives,” said Commanding Offi cer ■ A memorial has also been been wearing it that night. In the
the city centre.
of RN sailors killed in battle
curator Peter Goodwin suggests
Lt Cdr John Scivier. unveiled in Plymouth to honour chaotic aftermath of the bombing,
In a particularly brutal and
with the forerunners of today’s
that the legendary admiral
“The stone looks magnifi cent, sailors killed during four terrible no-one realised his name was
unprovoked attack, however,
German Navy.
expired not where he is currently
but the memorial is not just about nights of the Blitz. among the dead when all along
one female musician was
Thankfully, those days are long
remembered, but most likely 20
one man: it is about all the others In April 1941 the city was he was alive and well and carrying
struck by a man brandishing a
behind us and today’s Deutsche
or so feet away on the same orlop
who paid the ultimate price, subjected to continuous raids out his duties in the base.
bottle outside the pub around
Marine welcomes the chance to
both in combat and in the harsh by the Luftwaffe; the naval base The idea of the memorial stone 10.15pm.
conditions prevalent in those was an obvious target, and many and garden came to WO Tanzy
come to FOST.
And so when a new memorial
She almost lost her eye and
days.” residents and sailors were killed. Lees, when he became Mess
“They know that the training
area and monument is consecrated
needed 25 stitches to sew up
Royal Naval personnel who wish The memorial stone and garden President of the Warrant Offi cers
will be a tremendous challenge
by Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral
her severe facial injuries.
to see the memorial stone – and are near the spot where a single and Senior Rates Mess.
for all the crew,” explained
Sir Adrian Johns on June 21, it will
The suspect, a civilian, was
the rest of Victory, for that matter bomb penetrated the basement of “I saw a photograph of the
Korvettenkapitän Andreas Uhl, the
be near that location.
pointed out to door staff by a
– can now take their families with Boscawen accommodation block bombed ruined building in the
German liaison offi cer at FOST;
As for the monument, it is
Royal Marine, possibly in 42
them for free. on the night of 21-22 April and mess and after investigation found
200 fellow countrymen are in the
Spanish limestone – taken from
Commando and believed to be
Serving and reservist RN and exploded, killing 96 sailors in one there was no reference to the
Plymouth area all year round.
a quarry 20 miles inland from
a regular at the pub.
RM personnel already enjoy hit. bombing incident in the museum
“All German frigates – and in
Cape Trafalgar – mounted on oak
To help Portsmouth
complimentary access to Nelson’s The accommodation block was or anywhere else in the naval
future the new corvettes – have to timbers taken from Victory during
detectives prosecute the
fl agship. That is being extended to destroyed and the casualty count base,” he explained.
pass this training before they are her many refi ts.
attacker, the green beret’s
their immediate families: spouses/ was high, but only 78 bodies were “The stone is now in place
sent to any ‘real world’ operations. The Nelson Stone, as it will
eyewitness account of the
partners and children. ever recovered. outside the senior rates’
“The sea lanes around Devon be known, is being carved as we
attack is vital.
Personnel wishing to take Identifi cation of the casualties accommodation block on the He – or any other witnesses
and Cornwall provide fantastic speak by respected Southsea-born
advantage of this offer should was diffi cult, especially as many landscape areas.” to the assault – should contact
training opportunities.” scuptor Philip Chatfi eld.
produce Naval ID, families ID or of the men were not in uniform The memorial stone was DC Toby Wilson at Kingston
It’s not all one-way traffi c, It will commemorate all those
any photo ID such as a driving when they died. Many bodies were unveiled by the Naval Base Crescent police station on
however. RN ships benefi t from who died aboard Victory during
licence or passport. Free entry buried without being formally Commander, Cdre Ian Jess, with 023 9289 1746 or email toby.
the ships the Germans send to her 34-year operational life; 57
is granted to Victory, the Royal identifi ed and one sailor even an act of dedication led by the wilson@hampshire.pnn.police.
FOST – especially the U-boats men died at Trafalgar alone.
Naval Museum and the Trafalgar managed to attend his own funeral Reverend Gary Keith. uk
and fast patrol craft. “This is a very special project
NEED initial FREE
... and remember the Glamorgan
THEY have a window dedicated to them substantial losses in not possessing a be a memorial on the islands themselves,”
Then contact:
in Portsmouth Cathedral and a site of cenotaph in the Falklands. said Alan Watt, chairman of the HMS
remembrance at Pangbourne. That feeling was reinforced when seven Glamorgan Falklands Association.
But veterans of HMS Glamorgan have no ‘Glams’ returned to the Falklands last year “During their stay in the Falklands, the
memorial in the islands they helped liberate during 25th anniversary commemorations seven ‘Glams’ were genuinely touched
26 years ago – until now. of the battle for the islands. by the huge respect and admiration
Survivors of the guided missile destroyer Chatting with islanders, veterans found Glamorgan still engenders down there and
– the only warship to come through a hit by a monument to the destroyer would be the overwhelming support for a memorial
Exocet – intend to put up a monument in warmly welcomed – support echoed by the that the islanders feel would be signifi cant
the Falklands as a permanent reminder of islands’ government. not only to us but also to them.”
A Nationwide network of highly experienced Independent Solicitors the sacrifi ce made by 13 shipmates. A site at Hookers’ Point – near to where To date £4,500 has been raised – with
Despite taking evasive action, the the Exocet was fi red – has been identifi ed the emphasis very much on Glamorgan
Who advise and represent Service Personnel, Reservists, the County-class warship was unable to shake as a possible location while designs being veterans themselves donating the money to
Civil Service and their Families
off the Argentine missile and was severely considered include a Celtic cross – similar make the memorial a very personal tribute.
damaged just two days before the confl ict to the memorial to the Welsh Guards at More details about the appeal are
ended. Bluff Cove – or a simple Welsh slate stone available from
Glamorgan is unique featuring a plaque and roll of honour; both
among the Operation are equally apt given the ship’s heritage. ● Glamorgan leads sister County-class
Corporate task force “Perhaps the fi nal tribute we can make destroyers Antrim and Norfolk and three
0845 601 1260
ships which suffered to our fallen Glamorgan comrades would Leanders
for a Local Lawyer who
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