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Stepping up from
Highflyers need apply
the mess bar?
FB HELISERVICES Ltd (FBH) started in 1995, they have
provides support to helicopter grown into a multi customer
RUNNING a popular and in Bath for a long time before
operations and training for and worldwide operation
profi table pub presents many moving to London and had
military and governmental employing 700 personnel
tasks worldwide. operating and supporting 60
the threat
challenges and requires hard work, actually worked behind the bar at
energy and enthusiasm. the Pulteney Arms.
FBH is the main company company-owned helicopters
within a group of joint ventures flying over 40,000 hours per
CHEMRING Countermeasures Payloads are provided for car-
These days, it’s not just about a “That had whet my appetite,
between Bristow Helicopters year.
Ltd is a world leader in compre- tridges in varying calibres up to
happy smile behind the bar. so when I decided on the lifestyle
(part of the Bristow Group) FBH also maintain over
hensive threat weapon systems 130mm.
It’s about immersing yourself change, I wanted to look for a
and FR Aviation Group (part 75 helicopters on behalf of
and missile countermeasure solu- The company is increasingly
in the community, about your pub just like The Pulteney and,
of Cobham PLC a FTSE 100 the UK military and other
tions. contributing to the field of anti-
ideas and innovations, it’s about amazingly, it was available!
listed company). governments.
A large and extensive manufac- submarine soft-kill ammunition,
food and gaming, and it’s about “I’m bucking the gastro theme
FBH has a wide range of The head office at
turing site and technology centre working on the delivery systems
your commercial and pub retailing pub trend and have turned my
capabilities that combine Basingstoke supports
allows them to specialise in the for advance anti-torpedo and, in
skills. business back into a traditional
to provide service provision operations at various locations
design, manufacture and world the future, anti-submarine sensor
But at the end of the day, it’s all city centre boozer, simply good
for military or government in the UK, Europe, Central
wide distribution of a compre- payloads.
about you and your passion and beer, great traditional food and
requirements that include: America, the Middle East and
hensive range of RF (radio fre- Chemring Countermeasures is
love for your pub. a fun atmosphere and it’s going quency) and IR (infra-red) decoy a major supplier of passive decoys
■ Provision of Helicopters South East Asia.
But don’t just take Enterprise fantastically well. cartridges for naval, air and land for the UK Royal Navy and other
■ Training FBH has long-term
Inns’ word for it: “It’s obviously hard work and applications. navies, including those from
■ Maintenance under Civil contracts of up to 20 years for
“Mine was a massive lifestyle I can’t say I’ve reduced my hours
or Military Procedures the provision of its services.
The company is one of the larg- NATO.
change, a high powered London from when I was in London, but est pyrotechnic manufacturers in All the products are designed
■ Provision of aircrew It takes pride in the services
job as a business consultant one it’s all part of my plans for the
Europe and world leading in the using the latest technology and
■ Modifications it provides to its customers
day, to running my own pub future and I have never once
field of naval anti-missile counter- employ detailed threat analysis,
■ Provision of Simulators and has a reputation for
business in Bath the next,” said regretted it.”
measures or ‘soft-kill’ expendables specialised computer modelling,
■ Logistics Support consistently meeting and
Ashley McMorris of the Pulteney Visit their website or call their
for the protection of ships. measurement trials and, where
■ Support Services exceeding the customer’s
Arms in Bath. Recruitment Team on 0800 953 Since the joint ventures requirements.
The company’s expertise, built appropriate, cooperation with
“Funnily enough, I had lived 0072.
up over 40 years, provides both decoy system manufacturers.
radar-reflective and infra-red car- This ensures optimum decoy
tridges as well as payloads for performance against the latest
many current decoy systems. threat missiles for all types of
The products are designed ships.
using the latest technology and Chemring Countermeasures
address new threat weapon sys- Ltd, based at High Post, Salisbury
tems as they emerge. in the UK, employs over 300 peo-
Naval products include ple and is a part of the Chemring
Distraction, Seduction and Dual Group PLC.
Mode 130mm cartridges and For further information about
will incorporate the new technol- Chemring Countermeasures
ogy of Corner Reflector counter- please visit www.chemringcm.
measures. com.
It’s all new
with New
NEW lifestyle. New adventures. home port for all of the ships of
New Zealand. the RNZN and is a vibrant and
The Royal New Zealand Navy exciting city.
is an innovative, responsive and The whole country is clean and
versatile organisation that is green with golden beaches and is
currently expanding their fleet totally suited to those who have a
with brand new state-of-the-art passion for the great outdoors.
ships. CPOMT(P) Tim Clubb joined
The RNZN are looking for the RNZN last year and is now
outstanding new team members serving as a Marine Engineer:
with current or previous service in “I love every minute of it and
the Royal Navy to help contribute have absolutely no regrets about
to the growth of their dynamic the move.
Navy. “If you want more opportunities,
The RNZN is responsible for brand new ships, shorter
the maritime defence of New deployments to more interesting
Zealand and operates mainly places, a relaxed family-friendly
throughout the Pacific and South atmosphere and to be based
Asia. in one home port – this is for
The Navy believes the ‘right’ you!”
people are the most important There are vacancies across a
element of their maritime variety of branches, especially the
capability. Marine Engineering specialisation,
Everyone has the opportunity to at the Leading Hand, Petty Officer,
contribute to making the RNZN Chief Petty Officer, Lieutenant
a world class organisation and and Lieutenant Commander
the culture encourages people to levels.
use their skills to ‘make a real Visit their website: www.
difference’., or see
New Zealand offers a fantastic the ad on page 44 for more
lifestyle. Auckland is the single information.
Portsmouth, Guildford, Chelmsford, ROYAL NAVY?
Chatham, Inverness, Aberdeen.
The Royal Navy Reserves can offer a whole range
of opportunities from travel to gaining new
qualifications - all while getting paid!
To find out more contact:
T: 08456 07 55 55
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