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THE battle done, a Royal Marine Commando pauses to
refl ect in the bowels of his fortress.
This haunting image from an Allied outpost in Helmand – Forward
Operating Base Sperwenghar, 23 miles west of Kandahar – earned
the man behind the lens the most coveted prize in Royal Navy
Indeed, in the annals of the Senior Service’s photographic branch,
no-one has been awarded the distinction ‘Photographer of the Year’
on two successive years.
Until now.
Twelve months ago, the portfolio of images by 3 Commando
Brigade’s offi cial chronicler, PO(Phot) Sean Clee, merited the
ultimate prize.
The Royals’ tour of duty in Helmand straddled the turn of the year
And so too Sean’s portfolio, which meant that images from his
time in Afghanistan were eligible for the 2007 Peregrine Trophy
Awards as well as the 2006 contest.
He wasn’t the only photographer to win an award for the second
consecutive year, however.
LLogs Stu Hill was named the amateur photographer of the year
again, while his colleague at the Fleet Regional Photographic unit in
Clyde, PO Tam McDonald, collected the Maritime Prize again.
There is obviously a wealth of talent north of the border, for
the team at Faslane earned the trophy which gives the overall
competition its name.
In the view of the judges, the Clyde unit submitted the six best
images of RN life in 2007 to earn them the Peregrine Trophy.
The awards trace their heritage back to HMS Peregrine, one-time
home of the RN School of Photography at Ford, near Arundel, and
a statuette donated by the Institute of Professional Photography –
which became the Peregrine Trophy.
The awards have mushroomed to embrace both changes in
technology and changes in the role of photographers over the past
The number of entries has also mushroomed: this year there
were more than 500 stills photographs alone on which to pass
That diffi cult task fell to former photographic offi cer Terry Hogan,
photojournalism lecturer Paul Delmare from Sheffi eld University and
David Viggers, picture editor of the world-renowned Reuters news
agency, who pored over the still images.
And Anthony Massey from the Beeb and independent TV producer
Brenda Griffi ths watched video footage produced by the RN’s video
and combat camera teams.
Before giving their fi nal verdict, they praised all this year’s
“The overall standard of entries this year was very high –
portraying a great deal of variety.
“These were wonderful images, taken by highly-accomplished
“Most of all, the competition shows that Navy photographers
have embraced digital imaging – and have successfully
managed to retain the foundation aspects of photography.”
Peregrine Trophy for the best portfolio of six images of Service-related
subjects: Fleet Regional Photographic Unit Clyde
RN Photographer of the Year for the four best photographs of Service-
related subjects submitted by an individual: PO(Phot) Sean Clee (FRPU
Drake); highly commended: LA(Phot) Kelly Whybrow (FRPU East)
The Commandant General Royal Marines Prize for the best section
portfolio of three images depicting the Royal Marines: PO(Phot) Dave
Husbands (3 Cdo Bde); highly commended: LA(Phot) Lee Durant (now out of
the Service), PO(Phot) Sean Clee
The Digital Imaging Award for the best image or montage produced
digitally: PO(Phot) Jon Hamlet (HMS Ark Royal); highly-commended
PO(Phot) Dave Gallagher (FRPU East)
The Maritime Air Prize for the best image of rotary wing operations:
LA(Phot) Gregg Macready (HMS Ark Royal); highly commended: LA(Phot)
Kelly Whybrow, PO(Phot) Brad Bradbury (NATO Northwood)
The Maritime Award for the best single image of a ship or submarine:
PO(Phot) Tam McDonald (FRPU Clyde); highly commended: LA(Phot)
Jannine Hartmann (FRPU East), PO(Phot) Mez Merrill (FRPU Clyde)
The News Award for a single image which creates the most impact as a
news photograph: LA(Phot) Al MacLeod (40 Cdo)
The Navy News-St Ives Award for the image in Navy News which creates
the greatest impact: LA(Phot) Paul A’Barrow (RNAS Yeovilton)
Public Relations Prize for a single image which embraces all aspects of Naval
business: LA(Phot) Dave Jenkins (FRPU East); highly commended: LA(Phots)
Del Trotter (FRPU Clyde) and Alex Cave (FRPU East)
Sports Photography Award for a single RN sporting image which shows
the greatest creativity: PO(Phot) Nicola Harper (CTCRM); highly commended:
LA(Phots) Gaz Faulkner (42 Cdo) and Steve Johncock (FRPU West)
Best Equipment Award for the image which best depicts the use of a piece
of equipment in the RN or RM: LA(Phot) Pete Smith (FRPU East); highly
commended: LA(Phot) Jay Allen (FRPU East)
Open Award for a single photograph of the RN or RM which combines
technical and creative ability to create the greatest impact: LA(Phot) Al
MacLeod; highly commended: PO(Phot) Sean Clee and LA(Phot) Chris
Winter (FRPU West)
‘Life Without Limits’ Award for the best recruiting image: LA(Phot)
Al MacLeod; highly commended: PO(Phots) Dave Husbands and Tam
RN Student of the Year for the most able and creative naval photographer
at the Defence School of Photography: LA(Phot) Del Trotter (FRPU Clyde);
highly commended: LA(Phots) Dave Sterratt (FRPU West) and LA(Phot) Pete
RN Rushes Award for the best video ‘rushes’ – film footage – of RN or RM
activity: PO(Phot) Angie Pearce (FRPU East)
Video Production Award: PO(Phot) Terry Seward (DPR(N) Whitehall); highly
commended: PO(Phot) Angie Pearce
Amateur Photographer of the Year: LLogs Stu Hill (FRPU Clyde); highly
commended: PO Bob Sharples (829 NAS)
Amateur Open Award: Cdr Mark Sheehan (MOD London); highly
commended: LLogs Stu Hill
Amateur Maritime Award: LLogs Stu Hill
● A sample of some of the winning images (clockwise from the top)... Three
Royal Marines of 42 Commando on patrol near Porsangamon in northern
Norway – one of PO(Phot) Dave Husbands’ winning portfolio for the CGRM
Prize; Mne Will Charters cradles an Afghani girl wounded by Taleban
mortar fi re – LA(Phot) Al MacLeod’s image won him The News Award; HMS
Westminster’s sea boat team conduct RIB manoeuvres – LA(Phot) Pete
Smith took the Best Equipment Prize; the winning sports image of the past
12 months from PO(Phot) Nicola Harper – two Marines come to blows at
the novice boxing championships at Lympstone; an Offshore Raiding Craft
of Fleet Protection Group Royal Marines races around Gareloch – PO(Phot)
Tam McDonald picked up the Maritime Prize for his magic behind the camera;
four become one... PO(Phot) Jon Hamlet merged four photographs to create
this image of a Harrier GR7 taking off on HMS Ark Royal; and a bevy of Naval
helicopters performs at last summer’s Yeovilton Air Day, as photographed by
the Student of the Year LA(Phot) Del Trotter
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