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Last of the Corporate warriors
F THE impressive task
Suitably imbued with the art of war, Norway, into the Atlantic to Iceland and Before that you must go back two
force which sailed
Exeter has now embarked on a tour of finally to Severomorsk near Murmansk centuries to find the previous three
south 26 years ago to
the UK with a number of high-profile for Russian Navy Days. Exeters.
visits. Two of the ship’s nine battle honours The illustrious line began in the late
liberate the Falklands, First up is the capital, where the were earned by the present Exeter – 17th Century with a 70-gun third rate
only one continues to fl y the
destroyer is hosting the launch of a new Falklands and Kuwait. which saw action against the French
White Ensign.
007 novel. But it is probably her predecessor before being ravaged by an explosion in
And despite enjoying the autumn of her
Best-selling author Sebastian Faulks which is the most famous of the five 1691 which eventually led to her being
life, there’s no let-up in the programme
was picked by Ian Fleming’s family to ships to bear the name of Devon’s broken up.
for HMS Exeter which remains as active
pick up where the Bond creator left county town (it also bears Exeter’s The second Exeter was a 60-gun
today as she was during Operation
off. The result is Devil May Care, being motto, semper fidelis – always faithful). fourth rate, built in 1697, which served
unveiled aboard Exeter. Bond, fittingly, The 1929 heavy cruiser saw action a the Royal Navy in the Mediterannean and
After a lightning deployment to the
‘served’ in Exeter in his seagoing days. decade later, leading the charge against in North America, including Quiberon
Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the
The ship’s company will be paying the Graf Spee at the River Plate, for Bay. She was finally laid up in 1763...
Type 42 destroyer returned home to
dues to the Constable of the Tower of which she was severely damaged – but ... which is the same year that Exeter
Sadras ........................1782dras ........................1782
Portsmouth briefly before scurrying off
London in an historic ceremony, handing not before inflicting sufficient injury upon III, a 64-gun third rate, arrived on the
Providien ....................1782idi 1782
once more.
over a barrel of rum. the ‘pocket battleship’ that she scuttled scene.
Negapatam ................1782
This time she was in UK waters,
From London, Exeter heads for herself off Montevideo. She saw frequent action in and around
Trincomalee ...............1782
however, training Royal Navy Reservists
Barrow for the town’s Festival of the Sea, Her good fortune ran out two the Indian Sub-Continent, earning the
in the art of force protection using
Leith and Newcastle, and on passage years later in the Java Sea when ship’s first four battle honours in a
River Plate .................1939
Exeter’s Minigun and GPMGs, before
between the ports, the destroyer will be she succumbed to Japanese single year, 1782. The fighting took its Malaya ........................1942
the destroyer was thrust into challenging
flexing her muscles conducting gunnery cruisers. toll, however; two years later she was Sunda Strait ...............1942
scenarios courtesy of the team at
training. burned as unserviceable. Falkland Islands.........1982
Then it’s across the North Sea to Picture: LA(Phot) Billy Bunting Kuwait ........................1991
Battle Honours
Class: Type 42 (batch 2)
Pennant number: D89
Builder: Swan Hunter, Wallsend
Laid down: July 22, 1976
Launched: April 25, 1978
Commissioned: September 19,
Displacement: 4,500 tons
Length: 125 metres (412ft)
Beam: 14.3 metres (47ft)
Draught: 5.8 metres (19ft)
Speed: 29 knots
Complement: 287
Propulsion: COGOG: two RR
Olympus TM3B gas turbines;
two RR Tyne RM1C gas turbines;
two shafts
Armament: Twin Sea Dart
missile launcher; 4.5 inch Mk
8 gun; two 20mm close range
guns; two Phalanx; Seagnat and
decoy launchers
Helicopter: Lynx
Facts and figur
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Eighteen stunning cutaway drawings of Royal Navy ships, submarines and aircraft,
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