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News and information for serving personnel
Pulling out the stops
out on crime
Site is
in the hour of need
A CRIME prevention initiative
at Clyde Naval Base will see
Government property spray
painted to prevent pilfering.
Not spray painted as in Banksy-
style splashes of colour, but with
a hi-tech piece of magic called
MILITARY planners are
although he could not guarantee requested that the runway be Newcastle at 1240 and parked up
Smart Water.
generally good at coping
that the C130 Hercules would be cleared 45 minutes earlier, to wait for the HS125, which got
The spray can be put on to
MOD bases and accommodation
airborne before 0600. requiring his aircraft to hold in at 1315.
with a crisis – that’s their
anything, cannot be washed off,
are not exempt from TV licensing
At 0005 it was found that overhead for just 15 minutes. The marine hopped aboard the
field of expertise, after all.
and is totally invisible to the naked
laws, so Service personnel need
all four crew members were The airfield was duly closed HS125, while the Hercules crew
a valid TV licence whether living Whether it be an ever-
easily contactible, and lived at for an hour, and with minimal prepared to fly the inbound C130
But it holds a unique DNA
on or off base. shifting engagement with the
Lyneham. delays the Hercules was given the on to Lyneham.
print which can be detected by
That covers the watching or
enemy, or the after-effects of
They were woken, and despite all-clear at 0700 and landed five Both aircraft were aloft by
police scanners, and which can be
recording of any TV programmes
a natural disaster, the reaction
being given two hours to report minutes later. 1345, and the HS125 landed at
traced back to a precise location.
as they are being broadcast,
The mission hit a snag at Bristol at 1430, where the marine
of the Armed Forces can rarely
for work, all were in within 35
That means if anything is stolen
irrespective of the device being minutes, despite the fact they had
0720 when the fuel bowser went was met by a team of RMPs who
be bettered.
and passed on – even more than
used or how the programmes are had less than an hour’s sleep, and
unserviceable with its valves escorted him directly to hospital.
And this expertise, flexibility
once – police investigating a
received. had been on standby duty since
frozen shut. Meanwhile the C130 landed
and can-do spirit may be called
crime will be able to identify and
Watching TV without a licence 0800 the previous morning.
A new bowser was found, and at Lyneham at 1445, and was
on at any time, as a Royal Marine
trace back any item to its original
means the risk of prosecution and At 0040 the aircraft captain had
five minutes after the marine airborne again at 1600 for a
on exercise in Norway earlier this
a fine of up to £1,000. a full briefing and was given two
boarded at 0740 the refuelling routine live drop on Salisbury
year found out.
It also means random checks
To help Service personnel hours to move, but planning was
was complete, and the aircraft was Plain.
At 2200 one February night,
at both North and South Gates
understand the law, TV Licensing completed in 90 minutes, allowing
on the move again by 0755.
deep in the Arctic Circle, the
can pinpoint base-owned material
has launched a special web the aircraft to take off by 0210.
By 1000 on the homeward
The marine reached
marine advised his chain of
which could be in the process of
page aimed at the Forces, found
flight – more than 24 hours after
hospital at 1450 to see his
being removed illegally.
command that he had been told
Given six hours to launch
the crew’s duty period started
mother, less than 17 hours
MOD Police Chief Inspector
that his mother was very ill and
the mission, Lyneham had
– fatigue started to kick in, and the
after fi rst informing his
Jim Gillen said: “This is a very pro-
The page includes a definitive
in hospital.
managed it in little over two.
captain decided the aircraft could
chain of command.
active approach to discouraging
collection of answers to the most
The matter was immediately The aircraft captain requested not be safely flown to Bristol. The final loose end was tied
frequently-asked questions.
referred to the compassionate Brize Norton to contact Banak At 1020 the Hercules contacted up when the HS125 arrived back
“Smart Water can be applied
Content includes jargon-free
cell at RAF Innsworth, which airfield to ensure the runway was Brize Norton to say they would at Northolt at 1700, ready for
to anything and our scanners will
explanations of the law on shared
investigated and categorised the cleared just before arrival – its land at Newcastle. further tasking.
pick it up right away and every
accommodation, temporary
marine as a compassionate case, condition had been reported as Brize Norton contacted RAF The cost of operating a Hercules
residences, watching TV on
category A. icy, with poor runway braking, Northolt, resulting in an HS125 is around £12,000 per flying hour,
“And the fact that it is invisible
laptops and non-UK satellite
At 2330 that night RAF Brize which would prevent a landing. of the Royal Flight being diverted and this operation involved ten
means that it is a much more
Norton contacted RAF Lyneham At 0500 the crew contacted into Newcastle to meet the C130. hours of Hercules flight and three
advanced approach than the
And for those who wish to claim to see if it would be feasible to call
Norwegian air traffic controllers The HS125 landed at Lyneham hours of HS125 flight.
old ‘This is the property of the
a refund for any three consecutive out the six-hour standby crew to
to reiterate their concerns about at 1150 to pick up a fresh Hercules Some 50 people were involved
Ministry of Defence’ stamp.”
month period in which they have fly to Banak, in Norway, pick up
the Banak runway – the airfield is crew, who would fly the stranded in getting the marine back from
Clyde is trialling Smart Water
not needed a licence, a form is the marine and fly him back to
the most northerly to be used by aircraft back to Lyneham, getting the Arctic, pushing the boundaries
on behalf of the MOD, MOD
available for download. Bristol, where a car would take British C130s.
airborne again at 1220. to ensure the operation was a
Police and Babcock Marine.
The site also offers information him to the hospital. The Norwegian plan had been
The first Hercules landed at success.
on how to pay for the licence, Just before midnight, after to wait until the Hercules was
including cash or debit card at a rapid planning session, the overhead then clear the way, but
any Pay Point outlet, bt Direct operations controller at RAF that would delay the landing by
Debit, via the website by post or Lyneham advised Brize Norton an hour.
over the phone. that the mission is possible, Instead the RAF captain
Capricorn cycling
A TRAINEE submariner from London was due to trainee physically as well as allowing them the
be sweating it out in the saddle on an 850-mile chance to learn the value of sound planning,
ride across southern Brazil as Navy News went defence diplomacy and cultural awareness.
to press. Dan joined the Royal Navy in February this
Logs Dan Darwin (21), from Mottingham, was year, and since completing his basic training he
the only sailor selected to take part in tri-Service has been undergoing specialist training at the
adventurous training exercise Capricorn Blade RN Submarine School and the Defence Maritime
08. Logistics School, both at HMS Raleigh.
He joined Army and RAF trainees in a 12- Fortunately, Dan is a keen cyclist, and has an
strong team which was due to spend nearly a eye on a career as a physical training instructor
fortnight cycling over roads which follow the later in the coming years.
Tropic of Capricorn. The Brazilian trip should prove useful in
That meant a daily target of between 60 and achieving an ambitious target he has set himself
90 miles, with the riders being self-sufficient to this summer – to set a new world record for a
the extent that they either camped out overnight return trip from Lands End to John o’Groats.
or slept in hostels. The current record stands at six days and 20
The exercise was designed to develop each hours.
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sinking of the Scharnhorst at the
Battle of North Cape on Boxing
Day 1943.
And in June 1944 she was
Name I enclose
one of more than 400 Allied
warships involved in the maritime
Cheque Postal Order IMO
element of the D-Day landings in
in £ Sterling made payable to ‘Navy News’ Normandy, when her primary role
I wish to pay by
was to bombard enemy positions
near the beaches.
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Winston Churchill had planned
to embark in Belfast to witness
Payment Amount £ the landings, and it is said that
Credit Card orders cannot be accepted under £5.00
King George VI announced that
Card Number
he wished to be present as well.
Churchill told the King it would
be far too dangerous for him to
Start Date Expiry Date Issue No. CSC No.
be there, upon which the king is
rumoured to have replied that, if
Signature Date
this were the case, it was also too
Postcode Country
dangerous for the Prime Minister.
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