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STARE east from here and you will
completed her work around the frozen zen to guide them safely artoto ound the Seven improving the safe conduct of navigation.”
not see land again until the waves of
continent and headed to the Falklands ds s Seas – and the waters of AntarSeae ctica are He added: “It also provides data in support of
the Pacifi c crash against the western
for maintenance before she sails for the thhee no Antarctic science. The key issue is getting this
warmer waters of South and West Africa.a. ArA ound 45,000 ‘eco tourists’ now visit data into charts as quickly as we can – a task
shores of Chile. Before bidding farewell to the ice, the e the icy wastes each year – but the th likely to take many years.”
WO Andy Pilbury, HMS Endurance’s Executive Red Plum hosted the team who value hazards of their journeys south were The admiral departed the Red Plum with a
Warrant Officer, pauses for a moment of reflection the data the ship collects above all underlined only last year when the clutch of material which he’ll use in a presentation
at Bertha’s Beach on East Falkland (which lies at others: the UK Hydrographic Office. cruise ship MV Explorer fell victim to at the Antarctic Treaty Convention later this year.
latitude 51° 55’S). The chief executive of the an iceberg. As for the Red Plum, her period alongside at
Normally the beach is awash with penguins organisation, Mike Robinson, and “Antarctica is poorly charted to Mare Harbour allowed the ship’s company to
– but by the beginning of the austral winter, they the UK National Hydographer, modern nautical standards, yet it is spread their wings around the Falklands.
have migrated, hence this rather desolate scene. Rear Admiral Ian Moncrieff – one becoming an increasingly popular Several headed to Pebble Island, in the north of
Not so Endurance. She, for once, of Endurance’s former commanding place with tourist ships,” said Admiral the archipelago, and the memorial to the men of
is remaining in southern offi cers – joined the ship to see the e MoncriefM f. HMS Coventry, sunk off the island in May 1982.
waters for the duration. problems and challenges of surveying in “The survey work being carried out by It is now adorned with a fresh wreath, laid by the
The Antarctic this inhospitable region. Endurance, amongst others from other nations, Endurance sailors.
patrol and survey ship Seven out of ten mariners use Admiralty charts is playing a crucial role in reducing risks and Picture: LA(Phot) Kaz Williams, HMS Endurance
TThe 10,000-mile starhe 10,000-mile stare
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