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News and information for serving personnel
Tough test for
way of
GREATER encouragement on the
potential POs
wider use of uniforms in public
and a national Armed Forces day
are two of the recommendations PASSENGERS in cars
from a study into the standing
travelling along Newgate
of the Armed Forces and ways to
improve it.
Lane in Fareham may
for Navy
The independent National
sometimes catch a glimpse
Recognition Study was initiated of sailors battling their way THE Royal Navy Acquaint Centre
by Prime Minister Gordon Brown
through the assault course
was officially opened in April at
last December, and was headed by HMS Collingwood by Second
Quentin Davies MP.
at HMS Collingwood.
Sea Lord Vice Admiral Sir Adrian
Its report has now been
It looks tough; it is tough.
published, and the Government
But for those seeking the rank of
This follows the opening of the
has both welcomed it and already
petty officer it is par for the course
first such centre at HMS Caledonia
accepted a number of its 40
– the Senior Rates Command
in Scotland in July 2005.
recommendations, chief among
Course (SRCC), to be exact.
The acquaint centres are a
them being:
The SRCC is an intensive
direct result of the Director of
Greater encouragement on the
four-week affair conducted at the
Operational Capability’s (DOC) marina
wider use of uniforms in public;
Royal Naval Leadership Academy
Appraisal of Armed Forces Initial
The creation of an Armed
(RNLA), using Collingwood, the
marina Training – the DOC Report.
Forces and Veterans’ Day;
Brecon Beacons and Salisbury
This recommended that
marina More systematic arrangements
potential recruits needed to be
for homecoming parades and
The first week is at the academy,
better nurtured and prepared for
ceremonies for the award of
where lectures on development
life in the Armed Forces before
Campaign Medals and Veterans’
of a leader are interspersed with
team sports and fitness designed
Lt Bert Alberts said: “The
An examination of the options
to build team spirit.
marina efforts of RNAC staff over the last
to strengthen the cadet forces.
Members of the course are
several months have finally come
The Government will now
invited to choose a famous leader
to fruition with the opening of
consult widely and produce a full
whose name is used to identify
RNAC (South).
response as soon as possible.
their group, and to identify some
“The Second Sea Lord was
of the attributes which made that
Any changes to rules
impressed with the facility and
leader great.
arising from the study
the keenness and attitude of the
Course names so far have
– such as the wearing
candidates he met during his
included Native American leader
of uniform or speaking
Geronimo, adventurer Sir Ranulph
in public – will be
“All the candidates were thrilled
Fiennes and Queen Elizabeth the
communicated through
to have the opportunity to meet
● Alpine conditions in the Brecon Beacons for the 26-mile yomp across the Welsh countryside which
normal channels such as
2SL and be involved with the
By the second week the course
forms Week 2 of the Senior Ranks Command Course
updates to the Queen’s
opening ceremony.
will have settled down and said: “We make no apologies for the Leadership Department and packages to supplement unit
“RNAC (South) provides a
members working well together, making the training difficult. the Divisional Training Unit at training programmes.
fantastic opportunity for potential
The study was conducted so they are set their first major “The enemy are not going top Dartmouth. For further information on the
RN ratings to prepare themselves
mainly through interviews with challenge – a 26-mile yomp across go easy because the troops are
It replaces the RN Centre of RNLA and courses provided see
for life in the RN and in particular
a wide range of more than 300 the Brecon Beacons in Wales, tired.
Leadership Excellence (RNXL), the intranet websites for BRNC
basic training.
military personnel of all ranks, camping out over several nights. “If they’re very busy, that
and is an early result of the and HMS Collingwood.
“Together with RNAC (North)
and consultations were held with The weather is often wet and hurricane-struck island still needs
Transformation activity in the If you are interested in a course
we now have the capacity to
civilians whose contact with the can be very cold, so team spirit, the professional help of the Navy.
Naval Core Training Stream. or applying to work at either site
accept all the RN’s yearly new
military is significant, including leadership skills and resolve are “We simulate very real scenarios
The Academy is responsible contact your career manager.
entry recruits.”
journalists, business, sports tested to the limit. because at the end of the day,
for Command Leadership and For career managers, requests
The centres provide successful
and local government leaders, With a stroll in the mountains we are sending our men and
Management (CLM) core training should be put forward through JPA
RN applicants with a three-day
politicians and representatives of safely under their belts, the women out to be leaders in often
for ratings and officers, including or contact Lt Cdr Colin Nicklas at
course prior to joining the Navy.
military charities. potential POs head back to dangerous places.”
pre-promotion Command Training, RNLA (West), tel 01803 677177
A maximum of 34 attend each
The team also visited the USA, Fareham, where they will tackle If the candidates are still in the
Initial Officer Training Leadership (mil: 93749 7177), email RNLA-
week, and get a taste of drill,
Canada and France. the Cliff and Chasm challenge. frame after the Salisbury Plain
modules and Divisional courses. W-OC, or Pete Dowbakin at RNLA
weapon handling, kit preparation
The report concluded that the This involves running an assault exercise they go on to the fourth
The RNLA delivers the East, tel 01329 333167 (mil 93825
and life aboard a warship, among
Armed Forces enjoy immense course at full speed – with a rather and final week – though there is
following courses, previously the 3167), email MWS-TS-P4
other things.
respect and gratitude on the part large gun and limber in tow. still no let-up in the pace.
provenance of BRNC and CTG:
of the nation. The heavy gun has to be By now they are practising
RNLA (West):
It also concluded, however, manoeuvred around the obstacles counselling skills, listening skill
Initial Officer Training marina
that the foundation of familiarity using a combination of physical and how to conduct a debate.
Leadership Modules – all Young
and understanding on which that strength, mental agility and strong Briefing sessions are conducted
Officers undergo intensive
support is based has not only leadership. for senior officers and large
leadership training at BRNC;
eroded, but is likely to continue Close on the tail of the Cliff audiences on subjects in which
Junior Officers’ Leadership marina
to erode unless countervailing and Chasm comes a disaster relief they are unfamiliar, testing both
Course (JOLC) – all junior officers
measures are taken. exercise on Salisbury Plain. their research and briefing skills.
who are about to commence
The report therefore identified Building on what they have Finally, on completion of a
their first appointments return to
a broad range of initiatives which already achieved, the candidates 20-minute presentation on Naval
BRNC for a one-week course;
taken together will move matters trek overnight and are pitched subjects in front of a commodore,
Warrant Officer’s Staff Course – marina
forward. straight into an intensive and the academy is in a position to
one week, helping newly-promoted
realistic exercise based on a send out a new batch of POs to
WOs address the challenges of
Please call 023 9273 4448 for details
RNPT dates
tsunami scenario. take their place in the Royal Navy.
their new appointment;
or email:
While fighting off fatigue, Since December leadership
Divisional Officers’ Course marina
members of the course have to
for summer
training has been bedding down in
(DOC) –– a mandatory, one-off
deal with a number of issues, such a new format, with two divisions
course for potential DOs;
as the aftermath of car crashes, based at BRNC (RNLA West) and
Divisional Refresher Course marina
THE next RN Presentation Team casualty evacuations, setting up Collingwood (RNLA East).
(DRC) – a two-day course for
events are: field kitchens and organising The new system was created
all personnel who have previously
marina Wednesday June 4 at the armed patrols.
from an amalgamation of the
completed a DOs Course.
Hampshire Court Hotel, Centre Course officer Lt Nobby Hall
Command Training Group (CTG),
RNLA (East):
Drive, Great Binfields Road,
Leading Rates Command marina
Chineham, Basingstoke;
Course (LRCC) – a three-
Thursday June 5 at the
week course designed to
Museum of Army Flying, Middle
develop an individual’s
Wallop, Stockbridge;
CLM skills, and mandatory
Tuesday June 10 at Wakefield
for promotion and
Town Hall, Wood Street,
Senior Rates Command marina
Course (SRCC) – as
marina Monday June 23 at the AR
yal Nav
Ro y Officers
Hastings Stormont Hotel, Upper
described above;
ARNO is the Membership Benefits of membership
Newtownards Road, Belfast;
DOC and DRC – marina
Association and Charitable Trust include;
Tuesday July 1 at Ye Olde Bell
identical to the ones run at
for serving and retired commissioned
RNLA (West).
an Annual Year Book which has manymarina
Hotel, High Street, Hurley, nr officers of the RN, RM, QARNNS, the
interesting articles and useful
Further courses are
former WRNS and their Reserves.
Tuesday July 8 at the Falmouth
offered for the RNR *
a secure on-line membership list
and Potential Officer
The ARNO Charitable Trust
Hotel, Castle Beach, Cliff Road,
a special rate for roadside
Candidates (POCs).
provides advice and access to breakdown cover
charitable funds for those members,
While individual career
temporary membership of the Naval
Tuesday July 15 at the Hotel Club, Mayfair, Londonmarina their wives, widows and dependents
Rembrandt, Dorchester Road,
CLM training will be
who are in need and/or experience *
provision for buying and selling
conducted at the two
financial difficulties.
uniform and/or swords
Wednesday July 16 at the
RNLA sites, the advent of * an identity card
the Academy will increase
Membership Association
Tiverton Hotel, Blundells Road,
entitlement to various trade discounts
the scope for remote,
subscription: £12 annually or a single
* regional social functions (subsidised)
collective training.
payment of £180 for Life Membership. and many more benefits and services
Anyone wanting to book a place
at this presentation should contact
Mobile teams from
Contact details; tel: 020 7402 5231 fax: 020 7402 5533
the RNPT on 020 8833 8020 or
both sites will be able to
deliver standard or bespoke
Please send me details and membership application form:
leadership and/or divisional ● Building team spirit (aka getting cold and wet) at HMS Collingwood
Name & address__________________________________________________
News and information for serving personnel
to: Membership Secretary,ARNO, 70 Porchester Terrace, LONDON W2 3TP
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