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6 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I November 2008
British journalist slams US for illegally
detaining people in Afghanistan
Yvonne Ridley, British journalist, slammed Afghanistan, adding these children wonder Afghanistan and said her detention with
the United States for illegally detaining what happened to their parents. the Taliban was not inhuman like the
people in Afghanistan and dumping 150 “It is a matter of humanity. We need to Americans.
Pakistani children in orphanages. find the missing persons in Afghanistan as She recalled that her detention with
Afghanistan’s Taliban had picked up they would never come to light if we ignore Taliban was terrified and frightening but
Ridley along with her two guides close to them,” she said. they more civilized than the Americans.
the eastern city of Jalalabad in October She also lashed out at the Pakistani “They respected my privacy”, she
2001. She had been working for Britain’s security agencies for what she calling said and added that US soldiers had
Sunday Express newspaper when arrested selling Muslims to the Americans as been forcing Pakistani Afia Siddiqui to
by the Taliban and she later converted to former President Musharraf has written use common toilet with male prisoners at
Islamabad. Bagram.
Yvonne Ridley compared her She rejected the ‘concocted’ story by
detention by Taliban with the American the American of Afia Siddiqui and said the
detention centers in Afghanistan and said US had kept her for five years in Bagram
Taliban had respected her privacy but the and two US soldiers had shot and injured
American troops had forced Pakistani Afia her.
Siddiqi to use male toilet at Bagram air “One US soldier shot her at front and
base, north of Kabul. another soldier shot her twice at the back,”
Speaking at a press conference in Yvonne Ridley said.
Islamabad the British human rights activist She said that Afia Siddiqui has been
said that the American forces are holding subjected to strip search in the presence
two Pakistani women in Bagram and they of male investigators.
have now been moved to undisclosed “This shows the so-called civilized
location after she raised the issue two in his book that every al-Qaeda man was system in the US. She is the victim in the
months ago. sold out at 5000 dollars. hands of the Americans,” she said.
Yvonne Ridley said that four or five “We have to get women and children Yvonne Ridley said that the US
women, including Arab and Asians, are bring home, to get them out of darkness,” forces have kept a female Pakistani
also detained at Bagram in dark prison. Yvonne Ridley said. prison number 650 in Bagram, asking the
She said that 150 Pakistani children The British rights activist condemned people and journalists to campaign for her
are also dumped in orphanages across the US treatment of prisoners in release.
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