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Passion Islam I November 2008 ORLD NEWSW I 15
Bahrain parliament
unite to ban alcohol
Mohamed Khaled, Islamist Islamic country.
MP recentley authorities
Islamists differed on how closed five alcohol stores in
to implement the new policy, the Bahraini capital Manama.
however, with some urging Several alcohol companies in
immediate action and others Bahrain as well as scores of
calling for a gradual change. hotels and stores sell alcohol.
Mohamed Khaled from al- Observes questioned the
Menbar al-Islami bloc called feasibility of implementing the
for the ban to be imposed decision for touristic reasons,
within one month. especially since the complaint
“The situation is grave. MPs submitted was not binding
Teenagers are drinking alcohol for the government.
and partying in nightclubs,” Former MP Abdul-Nabi
he said in an interview with Suleiman thought it was
Liberals and Islamists in the
banning the sale of alcohol in unlikely that the government
Bahraini parliament joined
all hotels except those with
Salafi MP Adel al-Moawda would consider the proposal,
forces to issue a resolution that
stars, but no action was taken.
argued that the ban should but downplayed the negative
bans the sale of alcohol and
Liberals declared solidarity
be gradual, while Salafi economic a ban could have
closes night clubs throughout
with Islamists, not only
independent MP Jassem al- since “the economy is basically
the country.
regarding the implementation
Saedi said a complete ban dependent on oil.”
The unprecedented
of the former minister’s
would be difficult to implement There are no official
alliance came in the aftermath
decision but also calling for a
and suggested imposing statistics of the effect of alcohol
of a complaint by the Islamist
general ban on alcohol and the
restrictions on selling and business on the national
bloc , which called upon the
closure of nightclubs.
buying alcohol. economy, but specialists have
government to implement a
“ The situation is grave.
Adel al-Maasoumi, from the it that its annual revenue
decision taken by the former
Teenagers are drinking alcohol
liberal bloc, said he supported exceeds 20 million dinars ($52
information minister last year
and partying in nightclubs “
the ban because Bahrain is an million).
Hajj plan drawn up
A comprehensive plan has been
5,200 Makkah buildings
drawn up to provide all facilities to
a mammoth number of pilgrims,
who will perform Hajj this year.
The new plan envisages fool-
proof security, easy transportation,
to house 1.2m pilgrims
24-hour water and hygiene to
the pilgrims in the Holy Mosque
Owners of 5,200 buildings in this pilgrims to enable them to Central Haj Committee, the
here, said Al-Sheikh Salih Bin
Holy City have been granted offer five obligatory prayers, he Ministry of Haj have appointed
Abdurrahman Al-Hussein, Chief permits to accommodate the said. 38,000 persons for security for
of the Presidency for the Affairs
expected 1.2 million pilgrims The first phase of the the pilgrims in Makkah and the
of the Two Holy Mosques.
The Presidency has
this year. project of Fourth Ring Road holy sites.
distributed thousands of booklets
The permits were awarded to connect Muzdalifa, and This year no one – Saudis
in various languages to enlighten
by a higher committee passing from Al-Batah and expatriates – will be
the pilgrims about the rituals of consisting of senior officials Qureysh, will have a bridge allowed to perform Haj without
from the governorate, for intersection over Leith prior permission from the
Several renowned scholars
have been engaged to lecture
municipal corporation, police, Expressway then connecting Passports Department. All
after Fajr (Dawn) and Asr
Civil Defense, Ministries of Makkah Expressway before routes connecting Makkah will
(afternoon) prayers till Isha
Haj, Health Affairs and Water Shumaysi, he said. be fully monitored, Al-Bar said.
(night) prayers. These lectures and Electricity, Osama Fadhl The estimated cost of this Regarding burial of residents
are being delivered in Arabic,
Al-Bar, Mayor of Makkah and project is SR3 billion. It will in Jannatul Maala (Maala
Urdu, Malay, Indonesian and
English languages to educate
member of the Central Haj have other flyovers having Graveyard), he said there was
the pilgrims about various Hajj
Committee. four track road. This Ring no restriction on it, provided
New districts of Makkah Road will considerably reduce permission is granted by the
A telecom system with have been included for the traffic on Third Ring Road municipal authorities.
over hundred telephones has
accommodating the pilgrims. and Makkah Expressway The Municipal Corporation
also been set up to answer
the pilgrims’ queries about any
These are Khalidiyah, Al- thus easing down the traffic had opened another graveyard
‘Umrah’ or Hajj or any other
Rusaifah, Shoqiya and Al- connecting the holy sites. within the limits of Haram
matter of jurisprudence, said Al-
Naseem. Arrangements have The Mayor said on the having a capacity of 20,000
Hussein. been made to transport the recommendations of the graves, he said.
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