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Passion Islam I November 2008 CORRESPONDENCE I 31
Even as the
fingers of the
two hands are
equal, so are
Below Shown Photos are of the two rivers flowing in southern part near Cape
human beings
Town , South Africa. These rivers flow together and there nature came to know
equal to one
in the starting of 20th century where as ALLAH (SWT)mentioned the nature of
these two rivers in Holy Quran around 1400years Back. These two river flow
another. No
together and finally settle down in the Ocean,taste of one river is extreamly
one has any
sweet whereas the taste of another river is extreamly opposite (that is bitter) but
they never mix.There is nothing in between these rivers which stops them from
right, nor any
mixing togther but its is the will & order of ALLAH (SWT)
to claim over
The ink of
the scholar
is more
than the
blood of
the martyr.
Shall I not
inform you of
a better act
than fasting,
alms, and
Making peace
emailbox - comments
one another:
I would like to say what a fantastic magazine Passion Islam is I have used the articles in the
magazine for talks I have given on Friday Jummah where I lead a prayer in of one of the Masaajids
enmity and in London and the influence and change of life the magazine is having on people is something
malice tear
that no one but Allah SWT knows.
Well done and once again keep up the good work and may Allah SWT reward you for all your
up heavenly
efforts in serving the ummah.
rewards by Imam Muhammad bin Saed
the roots.
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