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30 I CORRESPONDENCE Passion Islam I November 2008

Leaving with a mission in mind,
Self-endurance, tenacity and faith
are the needed characters.
The fears of misconduct,
The excitement of observing,

And the satisfaction of completion, occupy the
mind, A new status is then gained.
end them through to
Does the status live to shine, or does it gradually die?
Some return with the mission perused
Some return with their souls renewed,
Some... Just never return.
Teach the teacher - HISTORY LESSON
What is Taught
Isaac Newton’s 17th century study of lenses, light and prisms forms the foundation of the modern science of optics.
What Should be Taught
In the 1lth century al-Haytham determined virtually everything that Newton advanced regarding optics centuries
prior and is regarded by numerous authorities as the ‘founder of optics. ‘ There is little doubt that Newton was
influenced by him. Al-Haytham was the most quoted physicist of the Middle Ages. His works were utilized and
quoted by a greater number of European scholars during the 16th and 17th centuries than those of Newton and
Galileo combined.
What is Taught
The use of decimal fractions in mathematics was first developed by a Dutchman, Simon Stevin, in 1589. He helped
advance the mathematical sciences by replacing the cumbersome fractions, for instance, 1/2, with decimal fractions,
for example, 0.5.
What Should be Taught
Muslim mathematicians were the first to utilize decimals instead of fractions on a large scale. Al-Kashi’s book, Key
to Arithmetic, was written at the beginning of the 15th century and was the stimulus for the systematic application of
decimals to whole numbers and fractions thereof. It is highly probably that Stevin imported the idea to Europe from
al-Kashi’s work.
It looks like
those artist
have been at
it again
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