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10 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I November 2008
Falling oil output greater risk to
UK than terrorism, says report
Falling oil production in coming years is mean a global energy crisis if the analysis
greater risk to the UK than from the threat is correct,” Leggett said.
posed by terrorism, according to a new The report comes as Britain is becoming
report from an industry taskforce. more reliant on important energy sources
The report from the Peak Oil group as oil and gas supplies from the UK sector
warned that the problem of declining of the North Sea have been dwindling for
availability of oil will hit the UK earlier than the past six years.
generally expected - possibly within the Some analysts have also suggested
next five years - as producer countries start that global oil production has already
to scale down the pumping of dwindling peaked.
supplies. The chairman of Peak Oil argued that
But Peak Oil chairman Jeremy the oil industry and oil institutions have
Leggett, who is also the executive been “irrationally exuberant about their
chairman of alternative energy company ability to meet demand going forward,
Solarcentury, said Thursday it was not too in much the same way that the financial
late for politicians to make the decisions to institutions.”
protect the UK from the impact of reduced “When they fail to meet demand, many
oil availability. countries will experience this as an right. This crisis is being anticipated.
“Society has become oil-dependent energy crisis. Some will experience it as Let’s do something about it, because we
to its rivets. What we are warning of is a an energy famine, as producers start to can,” Leggett said in an interview with
peak in production beyond which will be withhold exports,” he warned. BBC Radio Four’s flagship current affairs
a fall, potentially a rapid fall, and that will “What we are saying is let’s get this programme.
UK considering new media
plan to combat Taleban
The British government was reported voice, by sharing video clips that was said Its security correspondent Frank
to be considering a radical new plan to to be popular in the country where there Gardner was quoted saying that there
counter growing Taleban propaganda in are an estimated 6 million mobiles and was a growing realization in London and
Afghanistan. some 500,000 internet users. Washington that the US-led coalition
The program involves using new The plan is said to have been devised had been losing the propaganda war in
media like mobile phones and the internet by an outside consultant, which the Afghanistan to the Taleban.
to empower ordinary Afghans to contradict Foreign Office believes has some “merit” The initiative comes after the
the prevailing Taleban message, according although no decision has been made. coalition’s reputation in Afghanistan is
to the BBC. The BBC quoted government said to have been particularly damaged
The Daily Telegraph said that Afghans sources saying that the aim is to deprive by a film of around 90 civilians - many of
would be given handsets and access to the Taleban of its virtual monopoly on them children - being killed in a US- led
the internet to help them gain their own propaganda using new media. bombing raid in August.
Opinion - For years many of the ‘agents’ who take us for Hajj and Umrah have been taking advantage of our uncertainty and
apprehension. But now it’s time to stop them from profiteering from us. Many people have to save for years if not a lifetime to go
on this once in a lifetime journey, and yet the agents just seem to want to squeeze us for more and more.
This year in particular, even though the dates for Hajj fall outside the peak Christmas travel period, most operators are charging
over £800 per flight. Yes, that’s over £800 of our hard earned money for flights which they have most certainly blocked off months
in advance when the prices were quoted at £450 or similar for the same airline earlier in the summer. The Hajj operators know
how many people they will be taking, they know when they will be taking them, and it just seems very strange that they all quote
the same fares.
We are not against people making a profit but what we do stand against is profiteering at the expense of poor Muslims who
are in a vulnerable position. We are looking for people to support our campaign by providing details of the extortionate airfares
they have been quoted together with dates of travel and airline. The information will be collated and examined and then referred
for investigation by the appropriate authorities. If we do not take a stand now the prices will keep going up higher and higher until
many are unable to make the Hajj. Please contact us direct to
Please note this letter is the view of individual or group of individuals and not Necessarily the views of Passion Islam, we as a
publication serve the wider community and try to develop healthy discussions so an amicable solution can be made.
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