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22 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I November 2008
It’s not worth
the gamble
Part 2
CROSSWORD PUZZLES public is being urged and exhorted to horse is in fact gambling. It is exactly that
Nowadays, just like the epidemic of plague, go against the commandments of Allah form where loss and gain is based on
the art of gambling too has now become Ta’ala and His disobedience and the Holy something indistinct, where one person
so common that it has become virtually Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam’. loses his initial amount and the other wins
a means of trade and commerce. Under Each and every person that takes a substantial amount.
such headlines as “Solve this Puzzle”, part in this vice is disobeying the
or “Win this Lottery” of innumerable commandments which are stated by Allah LOTTERY
newspapers and monthly journals that are Ta’ala very clearly in the Holy Qur’aan. The In this present day each and every kind
on an ever-increase. They offer prizes for participator becomes a doer of major sins, of lottery is included within gambling and
solving puzzles subject to the submitting most of which falls upon the organisers. is prohibited. It is found in bazaars and
of a fee. The participants are lured into The people who help them in any form factories and out of which, a few well-
false belief that they can win substantial also become guilty of this particular major known forms are mentioned.
sums of money. Some organisers fix vice. The lottery business of this category
huge prizes for the winners due to which Likewise, thousands and millions of has now reached an international level.
the poor public think that the fees is only Muslim brethren openly go against the The purchaser of this ticket does not buy
a small amount and will not bring no clear order of Allah Ta’ala and his Holy the ticket solely with the intention of just
harm and therefore enter trying to win a Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam. buying it but he buys it on the basis of it
substantial amount. In addition, thousands and millions of being a possible winning dice by which
Because people have fallen prey to Muslims become involved in this act of he can win the amount of money he has
this disease, thousands of individuals are gambling with the result that it becomes an aimed for. That is the reason why this
entering the lottery. unending and everlasting vice. May Allah is not merely trade or business venture
It is crystal clear that when a person Ta’ala bestow the entire mankind with but rather it is an act of sin to buy these
enters into playing this game he submits salvation and freedom from this disease, or even to sell them. Because he is not
his fee on the understanding that he either Aameen. merely committing a sin and transgressing
loses a small amount or wins a fortune; but is also promoting it.
according to the divine law of Islam this THE PRIZE WINNING TICKETS OF Islam gives peace to the mind, body
act is classified as ‘gambling’. (CAR) SHOWS AND EXHIBITIONS and soul, keeping the human in perfect
In some monthly magazines this form It has been observed throughout harmony. Every iota balanced and scaled
of gambling has expanded very widely and the years in Karachi, Lahore and many to perfection. A serene picture of bliss and
the income runs into millions from which other places that various types of tickets joy but when a shattering and destructive
the businesspersons gain overall benefit. are being sold to enter exhibitions. The vice strikes through the heart it leaves it
Even if the company tries not to indulge in organisers issue tickets with lucky numbers in a weak and downtrodden state. The
any form of cheating, and distributes the and then prizes are allocated to the lucky National Lottery, a new religion, has hit
prize money justly, a substantial amount persons whose numbers appear. Britain. A moneymaking, exciting, nail-
of money is left over which is the blood This form is not regarded as open biting game of chance, preying on the
and sweat of the poor people. gambling because the ticket owner human soul and wealth.
The outcome of all this, is that it is the receives the returns by entering the This modern lottery system of
public who ends up in poverty whilst the exhibition but now it is all depending on gambling came from the crusades. The
organisers benefit from the expenses of the the intention. The person who purchases crusaders during a siege of the Islamic
poor. In confirmation of the prohibition of this ticket on the basis of winning a prize citadel of Azhar were forced to pass their
gambling, the above mentioned evidence will be indulging in gambling. On the other time by developing new pass-times. One
is sufficient; the democratic rules and hand if his intention is solely to enter the of those was called hazard and today this
curriculum of lslam and its fundamental exhibition with no desire of winning a is the usual French word used for games
principles forebears the public money to prize, and wins the prize then it will not of chance.
go in the possession of few individuals. be classified as gambling according to the Hazard developed into a state
Gambling in the form of crosswords which rules pertaining to gambling. enterprise and since then it has been
are prevalent today, are to be reprimanded upgraded and reformed constantly, without
furthermore severely since they are an HORSE RACING any feeling of guilt. Now it has, ultimately,
aggregation of vices and sins. The present day horse racing where hit Britain with a vengeance. It seems it is
The sole reason for this is that the one stakes a certain amount on a particular here to stay for a long time to come.
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