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20 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I November 2008
To read or not to read
That is the Question
Time bears witness to the advent of Prophets the best of words for the best and literature dumbstruck!
thousands of Prophets (upon them be of nations. This ultimate of miracles is the The eloquence was unsurpassable
peace and blessings), each being sent Holy Qur’an. and its composition was of a standard
with the message of Allah’s oneness and Such a miracle that it has remained unreachable. Its verses had deep
divinity. These guides were sent to rear even after the passing away of the meanings and underlying messages
the lost sheep of mankind aided by Allah Prophet whom it was revealed to, time when it was recited, its raw power would
in their task with miracles as a sign of their will also witness this great book maintain entrance the people. Many a time, the
authority. its presence in the world till Qiyahmah! hearing of a single verse would be the
These miracles would be in line with Revealed in such an era when eloquence cause for someone to enter the fold of
the expertise of that specific nation. The of speech and literature and poetry was Islam. We are also informed of many cases
Prophet Musa Alayhis Salaam was in widespread. It followed the above pattern even in our own time when people who do
a period when magic and sorcery was that a literary miracle be revealed in not understand the meaning of the Qur’an
prevalent. Thus one of his miracles was a accordance with the people’s interests. are overcome by a mesmerising sensation
staff that turned into a serpent. Likewise, Such a time when satirical lyrics were upon listening to the words of Allah being
Esa Alayhis Salaam was able to cure used to cause wounds that were deeper recited so much so that it causes them to
the blind and heal the sick with Allah’s and more painful than the external injuries submit themselves and accept Islam!
permission at a time when medicine was inflicted during battle. At a time when the People knew that Prophet Muhammed
common. However these miracles only Arabs would pride themselves over their was illiterate and that he could have not
lasted during the lifetime of that Prophet command of such a language and they have produced such a masterpiece, and
and would be lifted when that Prophet would hold competitions. The best piece so it had to be from a divine entity, as all
passed away. of work would have the honour of being other possibilities were exhausted. As
Time once again bears witness that hung on the wall of the Holy Kaa’ba for for those who out of stubbornness and
during the finest of eras, the highest of that year for all to see. This miracle came arrogance still denied it to be Allah’s word
angels brought down onto the greatest of down and left these show pieces of speech and insisted that it must be man-made, the
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