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24 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I November 2008
Lustful gazes & their cure
and stronger in this way, until it eventually
drags the Saalik and Mu’min (believer)
into major sins.
Aided by the poisonous doses of
satanic ideas and whispers, the nafs
grows bold and rebellious and overpowers
the person, leaving him helpless to resist
the temptation of sin and transgression.
It is for this reason that one saintly poet
warns: “Place no trust upon the deadly
carnal-self (nafs) even though it become
as obedient as an angel; Always remain
suspicious of its motives.”
The first step is committed. The nafs
has won the battle of wills. The eyes are
the next to follow in its wake. The second
step towards zina (adultery or fornication)
is in progress. Do we succumb or do we
abstain? This step is the one which sends
us down in to the bowels of evil. Do we fall
or do we persevere?
It is reported in a Hadith Qudsi (a
Hadith in which the Holy Prophet sallallahu
alaihe wasallam narrates from Allah), “The
(evil) gaze is a poisonous arrow from the
arrows of Iblis. He that abstains from it out
of my fear, I will grant him in return such
Imaan (faith), the sweetness of which
he will experience within his heart.” (Ibn
Hazrat Jareer radiyallahu anhu
enquired from Rasoolullah sallallahu
“Allah knows the deceit of the eyes and all spiritual aliments is determination
alaihe wasallam regarding the accidental
all that which the hearts conceal.” (50:19) and willpower. Mere zikr and meditation
gaze. He replied: “Turn away your gaze
are not sufficient to eradicate spiritual
(Immediately thereafter).”
Allah is aware of the surreptitious diseases.
Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihe wasallam
movement of the eye as it casts a lustful Those treading the path of Allah’s
said: “To gaze at a strange (ghair mahram)
glance. He is also aware of the evil pleasure, the Salikeen (devotees) and
women is zina of the eyes, To listen to
thoughts, ideas and images that are Muslims at large, should understand well,
passion-stirring words is zina of the ears,
conjured up in the heart. that the closer a person draws towards
To converse with a strange women (and
The realisation that Allah is aware of satisfying the unlawful desires of his nafs
derive pleasure thereof) is zina of the
these nefarious activities creates a sense (the carnal-self), the further he draws away
tongue, To touch a strange women is zina
of shame, regret and guilt within the heart from Allah. Hence, this mortal enemy is to
of the hands, To walk towards her is zina
resulting in taubah (repentance). This be kept under surveillance and control at
of the feet, The heart desires and craves;
verse is therefore a wonderful prescription all times.
The sexual organ then either testifies to
for people suffering from the malady of In short, any object whereby the nafs
these or denies them.” (Muslim)
lustful gazes and thoughts. However, derives pleasure should be discarded at
Note: It is only through protection of these
this remedy is only effective when once. Even a little unlawful pleasure for
organs that the heart and private parts will
applied practically over a period of time. the nafs is not free from imminent danger
be protected; just as the country whose
Constant meditation upon the contents and calamity. A little opportunity for an
borders are unguarded is prone to attacks
of this aayah, coupled with zikrullah (the enemy is surely destructive - the nafs
on its headquarters and vital installations.
remembrance of Allah) and wazaif (daily is the greatest enemy - greater than the
It is apparent from the Hadith that an
incantation), will develop the desired level Satan himself.
accidental gaze is forgiven, but to continue
of determination to abstain from this sin. The nafs gains strength and courage
staring thereafter is forbidden. The gaze
The original and the only cure from from little pleasures and grows stronger
should immediately be turned in another
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