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Passion Islam I September 2008 CORRESPONDENCE I 31
Dear Editor,
Wishing u 1 month Mangi, roshan Sitara
I have been getting your magazine emailed through
of ramadan, 4 weeks Daikha, aap Ki Khairiat
to me for the past few months and to be honest
of barkat, 30 days of Ki Dua Mangi,
I am not interested in Islam and you may have
forgiveness, 720 hours May Almight Allah
received an email from me in stating, stop sending
of guidance, 43200 Bless You With His
minutes of purification, blessing In The Holy
your magazine through to me, just a few weeks
2592000 secs of Nuur! Month Of Ramadan
ago I was involved in a situation and had difficulty
Sent by Shaista Sent by Mehzabin in making my mind up, I directed myself to your
website in hope of a solution and started reading
The Prophet Sallallahu He Is The One God;
some of your featured articles which you have and
Alaihi Wasallam said the Creater, The
: “When Ramadhaan Initiate, The Designer.
started to deeply get connected to them, I have
comes the doors of to Him Belong The
found many answers in your magazine and equally
Jannah are opened, Most Beautiful
allot more questions, I request that you put me
the doors of hell Names…
back on your mailing list and I sincerely apologies
are locked and he Is The Almighty,
the Shayateen are Most Wise.
for judging the magazine before I read it, I see the
chained.” (Bukhari)
magazine has one purpose and one purpose only
Sent by Jane Wishing You A and that is Dawah.
Blessed Ramadan..!
Ramadan Ka Chand
I hope and pray that you forgive me for my childish
Daikha, rozay Ki Dua Sent by Mohsin
behaviour and I pray that the magazine goes from
strength to strength.
Hanif - Dewsbury
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