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18 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I September 2008
mother through a dream in which Hadhrat
Ibrahim (A.S) had appeared and said,
“Due to your bountiful and sacred prayers
Allah Ta’alaa has returned the eyesight of
The Life &
your son.”
The dream was proven to be true in the
Ismail the father of Imam Bukhari (R.A)
works of Imam
had died in Imam Bukhari’s childhood,
leaving him in the care of his mother
where he was nourished with love and
care. At the age of sixteen after having
memorized the compiled books of Imam
Bukhari (RA)
Waki and Abdullah Ibn Mubarak, he
performed Haj with his elder brother and
mother. After the completion of Haj Imam
Bukhari remained in Makkah for a further
two years and upon reaching the age of
eighteen headed for Medinah, and spent
his nights next to the grave of the Prophet
Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam compiling the
books of ‘Qadhaayas-Sahaabah Wat-
Taabi’een’ and ‘Taareekhul-Kabeer’ with
the moonlight as a means of lighting.
Imam Bukhari (R.A) traveled a great
deal in order to expand his knowledge.
He made two trips to Syria and Egypt
and stayed six years in Arabia. He also
happened to return to Kufa, Baghdad and
Basra four times and at times remained
there for a period of five years. Also at Haj
season he used to return to Makkah.
Imam Bukhari ( R.A) first started listening
and learning ahaadeeth in 205 A.H., and
after profiting from the Ulamaa of his town
he started his travels in 210 A.H. There are
a great number of teachers from whom
Imam Bukhari (R.A) actually gained his
much respected knowledge. It has been
known to be said by Imam Bukhari (R..
A) himself that, “I have written ahaadeeth
from 1080 different people all of whom
were scholars.” However, he profited
most from Ishaq Ibn Rahway and Ali Ibn
Madeeni (R.A). Imam Bukhari (R.A) has
narrated ahaadeeth from Ulamaa of five
different categories. He has also narrated
ahaadeeth from his students believing
Who is not aware of Hadhrat Imam Bukhari who has been the source of guidance for in the fact that no person shall be titled
(R.A) and his kitaab ‘Saheehul- Bukhari’? many through compiling such a kitaab. a scholar of ahaadeeth until he has
However in this present day, the And may He also accept our humble narrated from his elders, youngsters and
majority of Muslims use his kitaab to effort. Ameen. contemporaries.
refer to whenever in need of a supporting Background Students
reference for their actions or deeds The famous and respected Muhaddith, Imam Bukhari (R.A) also had a vast
without the knowledge of the life of the Imam Bukhari’s (R.A) genealogy is as amount of students. It has been stated
great author. follows: Mohammed Ibn Ismail Ibn Ibrahim that approximately 9 000 people were
Kitaabe-Bukhari has been given the Ibn Mugheera Ibn Bardizbah. privileged to sit in his lessons where he
status of being the most authenticated His father Ismail was a well-known and taught his Kitab ‘Sahih-Ul-Bukhari’. There
book after the Holy Qur’an. But why? famous Muhaddith in his time and had were travelers amongst these from all
Although all aspects of Imam Bukhari’s been blessed with the chance of being corners of the world in order to join these
life and great works cannot be covered in the company of Imam Malik, Hammad pious sittings and to be honoured with a
in any book; this concise booklet aims to Ibn Zaid and also Abdullah Ibn Mubarak glimpse of the knowledge that he held and
cover in general the life of Imam Bukhari (R.A.). which never failed to astonish anybody.
(R.A) and as to how he compiled his kitaab Imam Bukhari (R.A) was born on the Memory
so one may discover as to why it has been blessed day of Friday 13 Shawwaal 194 Imam Bukhari’s (R.A) memory was
said that (A.H). He had lost the use of his eyes in considered to be inhuman, for as soon as
The dua that is made after completing the early stages of his childhood. However, the praying of a hadith would finish Imam
Bukhari is accepted. due to the pious and lengthy prayers of Bukhari (R.A) would repeat it orally. It has
May the Almighty Allah shower His his mother his eyesight was returned been known that in his childhood he had
blessings upon such a great personality miraculously. The news had reached his memorized 2 000 ahaadeeth.
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