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Passion Islam I September 2008 SPECIAL FEATURE I 25
not, since that is purely academic for most from the Straight Path, split up into Hence, O slave of Allah, leave aside
of us, as we do not get anywhere near sects, lose the blessings of Allah... “We secondary books and concentrate on
reciting the whole Qur’an in three days! took a covenant from those who said: studying the Blessed Book of Allah in the
However, the practice of the Prophet (may we are Christians, but they forgot part of Blessed Month (use a good translation/
Allah bless him and grant him peace), his the message with which they had been commentary if needed), for it is the source
Companions, and those who followed reminded, so we ingrained amongst of all Knowledge in other books, and keep
their path, should be clear enough. As a them enmity and hatred until the Day of away from wasting time, especially in
further example, Al-Bukhari (3/79) quotes Judgment...” (Surah al-Ma’idah 5:14) futile discussions and arguments which
from the noble Companion Zaid bin Thabit In Sahih Al-Bukhari (6/521), there lead nowhere, for that is a sure sign of
who answered the question, “How much is an amazing piece of advice from the being misguided, as the Prophet (may
time was there between the pre-dawn Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant Allah bless him and grant him peace) said,
meal and the Dawn Prayer?” by saying, him peace): “Recite the Qur’an as long “Whenever a people went astray after they
“Enough time to recite fifty ayat”; since the as your hearts agree on it; if you disagree had been on guidance, they were given to
practice of the Arabs was to measure time about it, stop reciting it (for the time being)” argumentation (jadl).” (Ahmad, Tirmidhi,
in terms of everyday actions, this shows – studying the Qur’an should bring people Ibn Majah – Sahih al-Jami’ al-Saghir, No.
that the Sahabah were pre-occupied with together! In Surah al-Mu’minoon (23:53), 5633)
the Qur’an, especially in Ramadan. there is mention of the people before us Finally, remember that the Messenger
Compare all this with our sad state, (in whose footsteps we would follow), who (may Allah bless him and grant him
when we talk so much about establishing broke up their Deen into sects (zuburan), peace) will complain to Allah on the Day
Islam, implementing the Qur’an, etc. and each party rejoicing in what it had. of Judgment that his people neglected the
yet have such little contact with it, maybe “One understanding of this, from the Qur’an (Surah al-Furqan 25:30).
not completing its recitation ever at all word zuburan meaning literally ‘books’, is Neglect of the Qur’an is of different
since childhood, or perhaps never! that each sect left the Book of Allah, and levels, as Ibn al-Qayyim writes: Not
Hence we become imbalanced in our concentrated solely on the books of its reciting or listening to it; Not studying
understanding of Islam, because there own sect, so “they split their Deen up into and understanding it; Not conveying its
are ayat which we rarely or never hear books”! message; Not judging by it in personal
or think about; we repeat only certain The most twisted, ridiculous, shallow and communal matters, at all levels of
selected ayat over and over again; we lost ideas, innovations and superstitions are society; Not believing in it.
the context of the verses, the overall flow, propagated amongst Muslims when they All Praise is due to Allah, Lord of the
argument and balance of the Qur’an, all are away from the Qur’an, because any Worlds.
of which is beautiful and miraculous. little knowledge of the Qur’an would be By Abu Dharr, based on Ibn Rajab’s
ecause of this ignorance we go astray enough to dispel them. Lata’if al-Ma’arif
Pleasures of
giving Zakaah
Allah has ordained many actions and and moral motives. No word can be found
acts of worship upon mankind in the Holy in the English language that could fulfil
Quraan. Some of these ordained actions the rights of the Arabic word, Zakaah.
are merely physical or verbal practises. Many benefits of giving Zakaah have
For example: Salaah, Zikr (remembrance been mentioned in the various verses of
of Allah) etc from which the practiser or the Holy Quran and our beloved Prophet
worshiper himself gains benefit, but Allah Muhammad has mentioned numerous
in his infinite mercy, blessed mankind with benefits in Ahadeeth. Some of these
a unique and remarkable institution and a benefits are mentioned in brief below:
major pillar of Islam, Zakaah. • Zakaah purifies the property of
Zakaah is not merely a divine tax, a people.
form of charity, or simply an expression of • Zakaah purifies the heart from
mercy to the poor, but Zakaah is rather a selfishness and greed for wealth.
If we were to take a glance at the world
combination of all these and much more. • Zakaah minimizes the suffering of the
today, we would find that poverty is on the
Zakaah is not worship, in which poor and needy members of society.
rise, especially in Muslim countries. One
one burdens himself, in deducting a • By giving Zakaah, one can gain the
of the major reasons for this increase
percentage of ones property, but Zakaah pleasure of Allah.
of poverty is that many Muslims are not
is a spiritual investment which will benefit • Zakaah increases wealth and protects
giving Zakaah. This is why it is important
man in this world and the hereafter. from loss.
that we stay punctual in giving Zakaah
Zakaah is not a voluntary contribution • Zakaah acts as a means of forgiveness
and voluntary charity. Zakaah is the key
or a mere act of charity, in which man of Allah.
to ending world poverty and each one of
gives up part of his property for someone • Zakaah saves one from calamities.
us will be asked on the Day of Judgement
or some cause, rather Zakaah is a duty • Zakaah acts as a shield form the fire
regarding their Zakaah.
ordained by Allah upon Muslims. of hell.
May Allah give us all the ability to
The word Zakaah not only includes • Zakaah causes an increase of barakah
understand the importance of Zakaah
charity, kindness, divine tax, voluntary in wealth.
and may Allah give us the ability to give
contribution etc, it also with these spiritual • Zakaah saves one from fear and grief.
Zakaah in the right way.
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