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2 I LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS Passion Islam I September 2008
the Passion
So finally it seems that everyone has started in Damasacus, the Makkans did not follow. It has been set up in Yorkshire to the extent I believe
Ramadhan at the same time, the Moon has seem simply was not possible, and the knowledgeable and what people have said to me this is the way
to have got us all together and Shaitaan has lost companions may Allah be pleased with them, did not forward and from the outline of the criteria it
once again in his fight to divide us all, well….. until have a issue with the fact that they would celebrate looks good, the whole principle is to look at moon
Eid, hoping and praying that Eid goes the same Eid based on an observation of the Moon in their from the UK if for any reason it can not be seen
way as how Ramadhan has come would be a own locality. Not in a locality a hundred thousand depending on the seasons then go with the nearest
success in the diversity in our religion a form of miles away. However times have changed, now we country which can. Please don’t get me wrong I
blessing, the nature of the differences we observe have one “global community” and communication have nothing to do with the Batley moon sighting
during Ramadhan, which will be a communal problems do not remain as they did then. So whose committee or who is on the board of the committee
festive period. moon should we follow now? just reading the criteria documents makes sense,
The differences on the celebration of Eid, will In Islam we pray Fajr before sunrise. Maghrib but will others follow this criteria that’s a different
it happen that we all do Eid together, lets look at prayer is offered at sunset. Every school of faith, story but for all our sakes everyone should.
the very simple solution to the problem because every sect in Islam agrees on these approximate At a time when Muslims need to remain
of which country’s sighting of the moon, we should timings, give or take a small margin of error. What united during one of the most troubling periods
follow. The choices are many: the first Muslim they all also agree on is that when it says sunrise it in our history we are being ripped apart by these
country to see the moon, the closest Muslim means the sunrise in your location. A Muslim living elements. As our brothers and sisters die, we
country to see the moon, the UK’s observation in Japan will not follow the sunrise of Saudi Arabia, celebrate our Eids in extravagance, and not only
of the moon. Let us start by ruling out any voices a Muslim in the outskirts of Outer Mongolia will not that we celebrate them as we fight between each
of deviance who may suggest visualisation of the follow the sunrise of Morocco. other.
moon from other planetary bodies. We live on The whole year round, Muslims follow the Jealousy, resentment, anger,
Earth; it is from Earth that we shall observe the Lunar calendar. It is not just during Ramadhan. miscommunication is all part of the failure in
moon. There are other months, Rajab, Shaban, Shawwal. ourselves, we must work together as one to bring
Then it remains to be answered, should we Once the new moon is seen the new month will harmony between each other and over come the
follow the moon of another Muslim country or the begin. Shaitaan. This holy month of Ramadhan is the
moon of the UK? The answer is simple and so Yet only when it comes to Eid, this whole thing perfect opportunity to do that.
elegant, yet it is denied by many people. becomes an issue. Why do they follow the British Lets be part of the solution, not the problem.
During the time of the Prophet Peace Be moon the whole year round except for two Eid’s
Mohammed Imran
Upon Him, the Muslim empire had expanded over and the start of Ramadhan?
Lecturer in Muslim studies in London
three continents. When the moon was observed Batley Moon Sighting committee is something
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