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Passion Islam I September 2008 SPECIAL FEATURE I 23
to be said about its beauty. Tarahweeh people of Madinah would pray 36 rak’ats money for leading Tarahweeh. In the
is not prayed in four four rak’ats but in because the people of Makkah would do Qur’an, Allah Taa’la states:
two rak’ats. This is why this Hadith is not a Tawaaf after every four rak’ats and to “Do not sell the verses of Allah for a
about Tarahweeh but Tahajjud. compensate for this Imam Malik and the small value.” (Surah Baqarah, Verse 41)
The portion of the Hadith narrated by people of Madinah would pray 36 rak’ats. Regarding this matter, the Prophet of
Aisha is: Hazrat Sheikh Mohammed Zakaria has Allah has said:
“The Prophet of Allah used to pray four said that there is the consensus of the “Whoever prays the Qur’an so he can
rak’ats, and don’t ask about the grace and Ulama on the fact that Tarahweeh is 20 take money from the people, on the Day
length of his Salaah, then again he would rak’ats. of Judgement, he will be resurrected in
pray four rak’ats, and do not ask about Allamah Ayni says that the agreement such a state that his face will not have any
the grace and length of his Salaah, then of 20 rak’ats between the three Khalifah’s flesh and only bones.” (Baihaqi)
he would read three (witr) rak’ats.” and companions of the Prophet is proof Hazrat Moulana Rashid Ahmed
In this Hadith, it is mentioned that the of it being authentic. Gangohi Rahmatullahi Alayhi says:
Holy Prophet prayed four rak’ats then Abu Nuaim says that the Prophet said: “You cannot take money for the
again four rak’ats and the Prophet would “After me, there will be new things and Qur’an prayed in Tarahweeh or listened
not pray Tarahweeh four Rak’ats at a the best new thing will be what Hazrat in Tarahweeh, this act is HARAM and
time. Umar creates.” because this act is haram, then he should
So this is why the Hadith is referring to This was a prophecy by the Prophet pray from the last ten Surah’s (himself
Tahajjud and not Tarahweeh. regarding Umar’s decision about instead of paying someone else).” ( Fatwa
Saying of the Imams regarding Tarahweeh. Rasheediya, pg 392)
Tarahweeh Muhammed ibn Ismail Al-Ansari says Moulana Mufti Shafi Saheb says: “The
Imam Nawawi says that the four that sometimes a Hadith is weak but fixing if money for Tarahweeh whether it
Imams, Imam Malik, Imam Shafee, because of the number of people agreeing is fixed from before or whether it is out of
Imam Abu Hanifah and Imam Ahmed ibn to it and common practice, it is no longer common practice in both circumstances is
Hambal have all agreed that ‘standing in weak. For example, the repayment of prohibited.” (Imdaday Muftiyeen)
Ramadhan’ refers to Tarahweeh. debt before making a will. If we were to Hazrat Moulana Masiullah Khan
Allamah Abu Waleed Basi says that accept that these Hadith are not authentic Saheb says that if a hafiz takes money
this Salaah is specific with Ramadhan then because of the consensus of the and makes someone listen to the Qur’an,
otherwise why has it been associated with Ulama and common practice, we cannot then a person should not listen but pray
Ramadhan. go against the Hadith. the last ten Surah’s himself. This listening
Imam Saraksaree says that besides the Questions and Answers regarding of the Qur’an is like selling the Qur’an and
Shiah, nobody has denied that Tarahweeh Tarahweeh this is Haram.
is an emphasised Sunnah. Question : Are you allowed to take money A similar Fatwa has also been given
No imam has said that there is less for leading the Tarahweeh prayer? by Mufti Mahmood (Fatwa Mahmoodia,
than 20 rak’ats, but Imam Malik and the Answer : It is not permissible to take pg 32, Vol 1 and Vol 2, pg 163)
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