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Passion Islam I September 2008 SPECIAL REPORT / ORLD W NEWS I 19
There is one spectacular incident which threw it away aware of the fact that he had to 217 A.H, as the year in which he started
took place in Baghdad when Imam Bukhari just done something in order to help keep the compilation; Imam Bukhari (R.A) being
(R.A) took up temporary residence there. the mosque clean. merely 23 years of age.
The people having heard of his many Imam Bukhari (R.A) states himself that, Before Imam Bukhari (R.A) had started
accomplishments, and the attributes which “From the time of learning the prohibitions to collect ahaadeeth there had actually
were issued to him, decided to test him so of backbiting till now, I have refrained from been quite a few published books of
as to make him prove himself to them. In such an act.” ahaadeeth in which Imam Bukhari (R.A)
order to do that they chose one hundred There is also one incident when Imam found ahaadeeth of both weak and
different ahaadeeth and changing the Bukhari (R.A) was involved in Zohar strong testimonials, which gave him the
testimonials and the text of the ahaadeeth prayers. After completing his salaah he idea to compile such a kitaab containing
they were then recited by ten people to started to pray his Nafl. On finishing this ahaadeeth of only strong testimonials.
Imam Bukhari (R.A). he turned towards his companions and Ishaaq Ibn Rahway (R.A) agreed to this
There was a crowd of gathered people lifting the bottom of his shirt said, “Is there idea which strengthened Imam Bukhari’s
from within and outside the city to witness anything inside this?” Suddenly a wasp fell (R.A) decision.
the outcome of such a test. When the out leaving 17 places which were swelling Imam Bukhari (R.A) states, “There was
ahaadeeth were recited Imam Bukhari due to the violent stings of the wasp. One once a time during one of our sessions
(R.A) replied to all in one manner, “Not companion asked why the salaah was not when my teacher Ishaaq Ibn Rahway
to my knowledge.” However, after the discontinued. He replied, “I felt a certain remarked it would be appreciated if
completion of all the ahaadeeth Imam pleasure from my salaah which I was someone could collect ahaadeeth which
Bukhari (R.A) repeated each text and reluctant to let go of.” held strong and reliable testimonials and
testimonial which had been changed Steadfastness write them in the form of a kitaab.” This
followed by the correct text and testimonial, The Governor of Bukhara made a special inspired Imam Bukhari (R.A) which was
such was the memory of Imam Bukhari request for Imam Bukhari (R.A) to make later strengthened by a dream in which
(R.A). daily visits to his home in order to teach Imam Bukhari (R.A) was positioned in front
Abstinence his children. Imam Bukhari (R.A) declined of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
His abstinence was also an attribute which stating that, “I give greater respect to with a fan in one hand to aid him in ridding
was incomparable and undauntless. He knowledge rather than to people, for it is the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
had been left a considerable amount of they who are in need of the knowledge of all flies which would rest upon him.
wealth by his father however, due to his and it is they who should seek it.” Upon waking, Imam Bukhari (R.A) visited
generosity he spent it all in the path of Upon hearing this the Governor was several interpreters for an appropriate
Allah so that at the end he had been left further annoyed by Imam Bukhari’s (R.A) interpretation. They all answered that
with no money forcing him to spend his answer and made a second request it meant he would in future cleanse the
day on one or two almonds. that Imam Bukhari (R.A) make a special Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam of
He never took advantage from the arrangement to teach his children alone all lies spoken by the people through
generosity of any king or ruler, although without anyone else being present which narrating misunderstood ahaadeeth. This
many occasions arose. Once he fell ill was also refused by Imam Bukhari (R.A). gave Imam Bukhari (R.A) great comfort
and when his urine was tested, the results The Governor was infuriated by the second and strength once he started the writing of
showed that he had not consumed curry refusal and ordered Imam Bukhari (R.A) his kitab Al-Jame-ul-Sahih. The complete
for a long time. Upon questioning he said, out of Bukhara. The people of Samarqand name of the kitaab is ‘Al-Jame-ul-Sahih-
“I have not consumed curry for the last hearing of this quickly issued an invitation al-Musnad-min-ahaadeethe-Rasulillah
forty years. to Imam Bukhari (R.A) to come to their Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam-wa-sunanihi-
Special Attributes town. However, there was also a difference wa-Ayyaamihi,’ which means a collected
Imam Bukhari (RA) had one very special of opinion within the people of Samarqand version of ahaadeeth in the form of a kitaab
attribute which was to put everyone’s which forced Imam Bukhari (R.A) to turn which relates to us the sayings, actions
happiness before his own. One incident towards Khartang. and the life of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi
which proves this is when Imam Bukahri’s Death Wasallam.
(RA) slave-girl was entering the room in It was here that he spent the month of Imam Bukhari (R.A) had taken great care
which Imam Bukhari was seated however, Ramadaan and in the month of Shawwaal in writing the ahaadeeth and choosing
approaching the door she stumbled; headed towards Samarqand, where death those which met the standards and
causing Imam Bukhari to warn, “Be careful found him whilst he was traveling. Imam conditions which he set to find ahaadeeth
as to where you are walking.’’ The slave- Bukhari died in the month of Shawwaal with only strong testimonials which
girl replied haughtily “How shall I walk 256 A.H., at the age of 62. (To Allah we included only reliable and trustworthy
when there is no place?’’ Upon hearing belong and to Him we shall return.) testifiers. He spent 16 years in writing
this Imam Bukhari threw up his hands Writings the kitaab, altering it a total of three
and cheered,” I have now given you the There are a number of books compiled times. Allaamah Ayni (R.A.) reports of
freedom to walk where you wish as of now by Imam Bukhari (R.A) however, Bukhari Ibn Tahir’s remark that Imam Bukhari had
you are freed.” Someone later questioned Shareef has gained great esteem and a written Sahih-ul-Bukhari in his hometown
Imam Bukhari if he had reacted out of high status in the learning and praying of Bukhara. Ibn Bujair however, relates that
anger, however, he replied “No, I have just ahaadeeth. he had started his compiling in Makkah,
pleased myself with my conduct.’’ A specific date has not been known as to and some have reported of seeing him
Imam Bukhari always took notice of all when he had started the writing of Bukhari in Basra. There is still another differing
things little which could help him earn Shareef, however, we do know that after he remark made by others who comment on
the happiness of Allah Ta’ala. There is had finished he had shown the manuscript seeing him in Madinah to write his kitaab.
one such incident where there was a to his teachers Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal However, we find Imam Bukhari (R.A)
gathering. A man from within the crowd (R.A) for approval who died in 241 A.H, relating himself that he wrote Sahih-ul-
found a feather within his beard which he along with Ibnul-Madeeni who died in 234 Bukhari in Masjid-e-Haraam.
threw on the floor. Imam Bukhari followed A.H, and lastly Ibn Maeen who passed Before he actually placed a hadith in
the mans action and looking around to away in 233 A.H. It has also been recorded his compilation he used to perform ghusl
make sure no-one was looking and then that it took the noble writer a period of 16 and prayed to Allah through two rakah
bent in order to pick it up and placed it in years to gather the ahaadeeth and to write nafl prayers asking for guidance. Imam
his pocket. After leaving the mosque he Bukhari Shareef which sets the date back Bukhari ( R.A) worked such that only
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