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table surfaces. The PV IsoStation enclosed on all sides, except the rear, improve and control the film properties of
workstation is ideal for a wide range of with two doors opening toward the front PVD coatings and increase the
photovoltaic applications and provides a of the workstation. throughput of PVD systems. Analysis of
6x less reflective work surface than thin film coatings made using the MPP
standard workstations to minimise the method shows substantial improvement
effects of reflected and scattered light. over current technologies in every
measurement category, including film
The RG series 3’ x 5’ breadboard is a density, hardness, stress, adhesion,
lightweight honeycomb structure that smoothness, and uniformity.
superior to granite or steel plate platforms
Issue III 2009
and much easier to assemble and move. Zpulsers can be easily retrofitted into
The breadboard surface has a durable
Zond Inc / Zpulser LLC
existing PVD systems and tools to
black matte finish on the surface and has improve their performance. Several major
a ?-20 hole pattern on 1” centres. The The Zpulser Plasma PVD system suppliers have already
instrument rack is a standard 19” rack generator/Zond MPP Technology integrated Zpulsers into their tools.
mount integrated into the workstation Zpulsers can also be designed into totally
fame. The rack is constructed of welded The Zpulser plasma generator is the first new systems optimised for MPP to make heavy gauge steel for stability and commercially available power supply to next generation films and processes.
ruggedness. use Zond Inc.’s new MPP (modulated
pulse power) technology for advanced Because of the Zpulser’s ability to
Far more rigid than sheet stock rolled C- PVD thin film coating processes. generate and control the ionization of the
channel frames, the PV tubular target material in the PVD process,
construction is easier to clean and does The Zpulser is a special high pulse power difficult processes such as barrier and
not have crevices to collect contaminates. plasma generator that allows control of its seed layer formation in TSVs (through
The PV frame comes standard in powder output to a PVD system in a specific silicon vias) and large area substrates
coat black. The workstation frame is method. This method allows users to with high uniformity are now possible.
400W Welding Laser
Unique M
=4 beam profile
The R4 series of 25-400W single mode fiber lasers from SPI is now
complemented by a low moded welding laser improving weld process
capability by widening weld profiles, bridging fit up issues and
improving control and repeatability on spot welds. For superior butt,
seam or spot welding of fine electronic, battery or medical
components request a trial on
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