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Energy Usage Award
Advanced Energy
point tracking (MMPT) window results in extremely low stray inductance and gate
Industries, Inc.
maximum processing power of the drive interfacing with differential
inverters throughout the day. The signalling. Depending on the load and
Solaron grid-tie inverters inventive products offer both local and environmental temperature, the cooling
remote data access, which help operators fans are monitored and controlled in an
Advanced Energy’s Solaron inverters monitor the solar inverter system’s intelligent way.
were the first high-power, bipolar, performance from any location at any
transformerless inverters available in time. The Solaron portfolio has the The XP100-HV central inverters feature
North America. Solaron inverters optimally exceptional attribute of delivering full fully digital control technology compared
convert solar direct current (DC) power to power output even in deserts and in a to traditional analogue electronic designs
advanced alternate current (AC) grid wide range of environmental conditions of with the benefit of a reduced number of
electricity. Their unique approach has set up to 50 degrees centigrade, unlike other components. MPP range 450V– 800V;
a new industry standard for product inverters available in the market. maximum voltage 950V; maximum current
efficiency—enabling demonstrably more 235A, Ripple voltage <3%.
electricity to be delivered to the grid than AE uses closed-loop liquid cooling with
was possible with previous technologies. cold plate thermal transfer technology
instead of traditional high velocity fans
and convective heat transfer methods,
thereby ensuring higher operating
efficiency, compact size, and easy
With lower balance-of-system costs,
higher energy harvests over the long
term, and lower operating and Solar Cooling System
maintenance costs, Solaron inverters
deliver unsurpassed LCOE and return on SOLITEM energy supply systems,
investment. concentrating solar thermal energy with
The Solaron portfolio includes the Remote new roof applicable parabolic trough
PV Tie accessory. This design enables collectors for cooling, steam generation
one PV array operating at 0 to +600 volts
KACO Solar, Inc
and heating applications, are suitable for
Issue III 2009
and another at 0 to -600 volts instead of the integration into existing energy supply
the traditional 0 to 600 volt PV array,
Powador XP 100-HV inverter
systems. Conventional energy sources,
enabling higher efficiency in energy such as electrical energy for compression
conversion, as well as superior detection The Powador XP100-HV central inverter cooling or fuel for heat generation, are
and reporting of occasional but costly uses DSP-based technology that is substituted directly while the systems are
ground faults in the PV arrays. The intended to offer the highest performance, operated at high temperatures and
inventive design of the solar PV arrays reliability and efficiency. efficiencies.
allows elimination of the middle pair of The patented pulse width modulation
conductor wire in the inverter system. algorithm (PWM) and load adaptive clock Concentrating the solar energy, the
Hence, the structure of Remote PV Tie frequency reduce IGBT switching losses operation at higher temperatures is
leads to conductor savings of up to 40 by more than 30%. possible. The whole process has an
percent when compared with traditional improved efficiency in comparison to
inverters. Depending on the load cycle, the other technologies. The possibility to
switching frequency is optimised in order yield more cooling energy due to
High-performance Solaron inverters are to achieve higher degrees of efficiency operation at a higher COP is enabled
the only truly transformerless products in and better energy yields for the PV plant. directly. Normal flat collectors reach a
this market that are NTRL certified to Reliability and maintainability are maximum temperature of 120 °C and
UL1741-2005 by Canadian Standards significantly enhanced by redundant can feed a one-stage absorption chiller.
Association (CSA) International, ensuring power supplies for crucial They have a coefficient of performance
proven reliability of energy conversion. systems/components, a refined IGBT (COP) of 0.5. By contrast, SOLITEM’s
Furthermore, a wide maximum power stack design with laminated DC bus bar, special parabolic trough collectors reach
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