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India poised to announce Solar Plan
IT ALL STARTED in June when The As recently discovered in areas such as
Hindu, one of India’s national papers, Spain and Japan, government subsidies
published a story stating they had seen create a false but explosive growth to a
part of a draft for India’s National Solar region that quickly shrinks as demand
plan months before any official and capacity inequalities become the
announcements had been made. Then realities for the numerous companies that
the Reuters agency got a hold of part of rush to reap the benefit of government
the plan and more details leaked. subsidies. The sheer size of India’s plans
Whoever was providing this leak must not should counter this problem as providing
have felt the coverage was enough as that much capacity would ensure PV as a
then Greenpeace published an entire vital part of the country’s energy needs.
copy of the draft report on its website With the leaking of the draft to the media,
leading to wild speculation and all eyes will now be on India’s
assumption that an official announcement government come September and the
had been given by the Indian expectation will now be that the
government. government announce a plan that is in
line with the draft outlines. Despite the size of the plan, India is in a
Nothing could be further from the truth as perfect position to make use of its natural
the Greenpeace document is a draft The implementation of the plan is resources as well as developing new
dated from back in April 2009. Anyone expected to occur in three stages with industries while meeting its international
who had any involvement with India’s quantifiable progress in short, near and obligations for green house gas
Semiconductor Policy will know that there long term stages. The short term goal is emissions as well as providing reliable
can be a great difference between a draft, to develop around 1.5GW by 2012 energy to the whole country. The new
a policy and implementation of national followed by 7GW by 2017 and the plan is really an extension of the
strategies. Many observers are treating remainder by 2020. To ensure a ready Semiconductor Policy but with the
this document as fact and expect that it made infrastructure the government plans infrastructure already prepared from that
will be released in much the same format on making solar power mandatory for policy the local area and companies are
in September when the government is government buildings, hospitals and ripe to benefit from the new plan and will
expected to release the plan in an official hotels. The plan would also include not rely on international companies to
capacity. incentives for production, installation and develop their plan that could see them the
for research and development. number one PV country within a decade.
Despite the potential divergence in plans
the current draft document reveals a
national plan that could see India surpass
Robotic central intelligence
China in PV output by 2020 with the goal
of installing 20GW of solar power by that ADEPT TECHNOLOGY has announced "It was brought to our attention through
time. To achieve this target, the a new Robotics Centre will be our industrial partners that Adept
Issue III 2009
government plan to invest $19 Billion over inaugurated by PSG College of Technology has a reputation for
a thirty year period. The solar draft Technology in Coimbatore, India. The engineering innovative and practical
document is part of eight mission inauguration will take place at the robotics and automation products," said
documents related to India’s National National Seminar on Robotics and Dr. P. Radhakrishnan, director of PSG
Action Plan on Climate Change that aims Intelligent Automation in Manufacturing Institute of Advanced Studies. "
to lower carbon emission while and Services event hosted by PSG.
developing sustainable infrastructure for The Adept Robotics Centre at PSG will
the country. To give an idea of the amount "We're very excited to collaborate with be launched with an Adept Cobra s600
we are talking about, the world currently Dr. P. Radhakrishnan and the SCARA robot with integrated vision
produces about 14GW of solar energy. prestigious PSG College of Technology guidance for high speed handling or
and to participate in their robotics and precision assembly applications. Plans
Reuters state that an unnamed senior automation seminar," said Hai Chang, are underway to add the Adept Quattro
climate official claimed that there will be managing director of Asia operations at s650 parallel robot with Adept ACE, a
changes to the draft but the 20GW target Adept Technology. "The PSG College of new point and click software. The focus
is set in stone. This can only be good Technology has consistently been of the National Seminar is on the
news for the PV industry as a whole. ranked among the best engineering application of automation and robotic
Government subsidies and long term schools in India, and we believe their technologies in lean and flexible
sustainable plans have been the key close industry collaborations greatly manufacturing, inspection, repairs in
economic drivers for the industry as it benefit both students and faculty as well hazardous environments, warehousing,
moves towards parity and self sufficiency. as industry colleagues." food and consumer products.
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