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(AFT) that meet specific industry
standards and requirements.
Remote Solar Sales Model
As manufacturers continuously search for
new ways to reduce costs by Sungevity is unique in two major ways.
improvements in processing speed, First, Sungevity is offering solar in a more
material costs, and reduction in process affordable manner using software that
waste while maintaining product remotely calculates not only the area of
performance are critical. There is a need the roof including pitch and direction, but
to identify suitable alternative materials the amount of shading and sun the roof
that meet the current manufacturing receives. Second, Sungevity proves a
requirements and have the capability to remote solar sales model, a concept that
This laser soldering system offers decisive meet the demands of state-of-the-art is changing the way the traditional solar
advantages compared to other automated production equipment. industry works.
ring6 robot system optimized for soldering Scapa’s range of double-sided bonding Instead of calling to schedule an installer
of cross contacts and sealing products for PV module to physically come to your home and
ring6 soldering of the cross contacts with framing include acrylic adhesive systems climb up on your roof, you can log onto
the cell contacts directly on the layup that offer resistance to moisture and Sungevity’s website, enter your address
consisting of glass and EVA-foil extreme environmental conditions and and monthly electricity usage, and within
ring6 low mechanical strain of the soldering exhibit excellent Ultra Violet (UV) Light 24 hours, get a firm quote for installation
joint resistance. The adhesives often improve if and an estimate of your roof’s solar
ring6 exact control of the soldering further UV exposure occurs. The potential. Sungevity’s web-based model
temperature and capacity anticipated life expectancy of the Scapa reduces costs, improves accuracy and
foam products is in excess of 25 years. increases efficiency because it reduces
ring6 optimization of quality
ring6 high traction forces > 10 N, The use of tape solutions allows only the the amount of site visits a solar installer
determined acc. to DIN EN required quantity of material to be used will have to make, and it can offer many
50461:2006 during the fabrication of framed modules. more solar estimates in much less time.
ring6 high speed soldering system
ring6 integrated process monitoring with Utilising pressure-sensitive adhesives with In 2008, Sungevity provided 3,322 solar
evaluation of the soldering quality their initial tack enables the modules to quotes which would, in the conventional
ring6 determination of the soldering points be fabricated and immediately way of visiting a home to complete an
by means of an integrated image transported without waiting for the estimate, take 4.3 years.
processing system, process safety adhesive/sealant to cure or dry, thereby With Sungevity’s model, more people are
with regard to position tolerances of improving production flow. Precise being educated and informed and more
Issue III 2009
the components and soldering points customising of tape dimensions allows for people are buying solar and doing their
ring6 with FDA-permission for use in the easy manual application or rapid part to make an environmental difference.
USA automated processing - using only the
width and thickness required leads to Sungevity is doing more than providing
minimal waste and a clean-to-use frame solar education and solar panels to
mounting assembly with no reworking people across California. Sungevity has
and a clean edge finish. The adhesive created a new, more efficient, industry-
Double-sided bonding and sealing mounting tapes may be supplied in roll, changing means to provide solar power.
products for PV module framing spool wound and die cut formats, to In bringing quotes and sales to an online
suit both manual and automated environment, Sungevity has found a way
Scapa, is a manufacturer of technical, applications. to reduce inefficient, labor-intensive site
self-adhesive tapes. Their high- Scapa offers a selection of double-sided visits, and has proved that people are as
performance technical products are used closed cell foam tapes that are coated willing to buy solar online as they are
in a number of applications including with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives other major commodities.
bonding/sealing aluminium framed as well as solid core Acrylic Foam Tapes
modules, permanent bonding of the (AFT) that have been assessed and meet Often compared to Dell for reducing a
junction box, laminate fabrication, cell the demands of IEC61215. All of the rather complex process into a simple
positioning and cable management. products will form effective bonding online exchange; Sungevity has helped
Scapa offers a wide range of double- between PV panels and the framing bring the previously abstract idea of solar
sided adhesive coated polyethylene (PE), material and will form an effective seal to to fingertips of thousands of homeowners
polyurethane (PUR) and acrylic foams both water and moisture ingress. in less than a year’s time.
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