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PV Material Award
central distribution system eliminates the
Air Products and
downtime associated with bubbler
Chemicals Inc
replacement. In addition, the addition of
small amounts of chemical to the bubbler ChemGuard CG1000 POCl3
will not cause a deviation from the Delivery System
temperature set point, so processing time
Air Liquide Electronics is not lost during the filling operation. The Air Products CG1000 POCl
Solar Business Group
supplied in an approximately 20L System was developed exclusively for the
stainless steel canister rather than in 500 photovoltaic market to help customers
The CaniStar CDS for POCl
to 1500 ml quartz bubblers. This method towards their goal of achieving grid parity.
of POCl
supply has numerous
The historical method of replacing empty advantages, including; increased wafer The CG1000 was developed to help
quartz POCl
bubblers is inherently throughput as a result of reduced customers minimise cost of operations by
dangerous and time consuming. The downtime, reduced chemical cost due to helping to eliminate tool downtime due to
CaniStar chemical distribution system change in supply vessel, reduced host container replacements. Each
presents an alternative means of POCl
shipping costs because fewer supply system can save up to 460 hours per year
supply that reduces operator exposure to vessels are consumed, reduced chemical of production critical downtime. The
dangerous materials, reduces the process waste in a single 20L canister rather than CG1000 helps to eliminate chemical
Cost of Ownership (CoO), and reduces multiple 500-1500 ml bubblers, reduced waste (typically 15% or up to 77.6k per
diffusion furnace downtime. frequency of supply vessel changes (from year), and allows customers to reduce
every 500-1500 ml to every 20L), their production labour, logistics and
is supplied in quartz bubblers elimination of quartz bubbler handling shipping costs by more than 20 times.
which have to be replaced when the and reduced operator exposure and
liquid level nears empty. Safety is a maintenance costs. The opening of the wetted-surface
concern when handling POCl
due to the connections where proper personal
various environmental hazards, including protection equipment (PPE) is required
corrosiveness, an exothermic reaction will also be reduced by up to 20 times.
with water, and a potentially fatal reaction This system ensures clean connections
if inhaled. Any procedures and protocols by implementing proven purge
for operator interaction with POCl
are sequences and hardware designs. In
necessarily risky. Reduction of potential addition, it will reduce atmospheric
Issue III 2009
exposure is a key factor when handling exposure events to wetted surfaces by
this chemical. The CaniStar CDS claims unparalleled 184 to 230 times per year.
safety features such as an all PFA wetted
In addition to increasing safety by path, an internal waste collection vessel, The CG1000 virtually eliminates the risk of
minimising operator exposure, bubbler an exhausted cabinet with gas detection exposure to highly-toxic chemicals. It
replacement leads to at least 30 minutes (HCl), glove port access, quick decreases the cost of managing safety by
of lost production time in addition to the connections, safety interlocks on the up to 20 times (reduced training needs,
time required to stabilize the temperature doors, audible and visual alarms and fail- PPE and ERT costs). All production
of the new bubbler. As the production in a safe shutdown modes. The CaniStar CDS functions are fully automatic, including
facility approaches its capacity limits, the addresses canister changes in a manner refill of host containers, and replacement
30-90 minutes of downtime required one consistent with increased productivity; of bulk and host containers. Leak
to two times per week for every bubbler in there is no downtime to change supply checking on the unit is also automatic
the facility will significantly impact wafer canisters. and interlocked to protect operators and
throughput. equipment. A full menu of alarms, events
The system has segregated supply and and diagnostic functions were integrated
The proposed alternative to manually dispense compartments, so chemical into the unit to prevent exposure and
refilling empty POCl
bubblers is an distribution to the production area is not equipment damage.
automated system that refills the bubblers disrupted.The CaniStar system has been
in-situ. Therefore, individual bubblers do in operation in production facilities for The CG1000 is a robust system and has
not need to be handled, and over 1 year and has been implemented in been proven to work in the mass-
automatically refilling the bubblers from a Europe and the United States. production of crystalline photovoltaic
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