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The Venetian is constituted Macau and one of the reasons
of essentially four (huge)
The entrance
to the exclusive
why the city has overtaken Las
casinos in one, each with a dif-
Paiza Club
Vegas as the world’s biggest
ferent décor theme and colour. gaming market.
“In this part of the world, “Some players, particularly
players will change casino if from abroad, find it difficult to
they feel their luck is bad,” said export the money they want
Harvey. “We would rather they to play,” said Harvey, “so going
didn’t go to another venue with a junket company allows
entirely, so we have provided them to settle up at home.
areas with very different styles.” Junket companies account for
Between 50 to 55 per cent about 80 to 85 per cent of the
of all visitors come from main- high roller business here and
land China; 30 to 35 per cent have to meet a minimum
come from Hong Kong and monthly turnover as agreed or
the remainder from else- they don’t continue with us.
where, largely Japan, Thai- All the games, even on trips
land and Korea. organised by a third party, are
While still accounting for the controlled by us, with our staff:
smaller part of gaming revenues, we do all the anti-money laun-
slot machines are increasing dering checks and employ the
rapidly in popularity and to help staff. We use a system of non-
players in Macau get more used negotiable chips for cus-
to them, the casino runs daily slot tomers playing with credit. All
tournaments. Nearly all machines their winnings are paid in cash
are video slots and the vast major- chips and at the end of their
ity are connected in banks to stay, the value of any remain-
multi-level jackpots. And while ing non-negotiable chips is
Aristocrat’s machines still con- deducted from the cash chips,
tinue to dominate the market, and in this way, we know how
other manufacturers’ products to rate them and what comps
are beginning to gain a foothold. to offer. There is absolutely no
“It is essential that slot argument because everyone
machines are offered in can see what has been played.”
Chinese and with Chinese mission- and non-commission- market (although the low end can’t have them arrested Joining the Paiza requires a With the Four Seasons hotel
themes,” said Harvey. “When based), sic bo is the most here is not particularly low). because they’re not doing any- commitment from guests to opening up next door at the
we were first setting up, it was popular game, providing about But there are also high limit thing strictly illegal. So we make play a minimum of end of July, the casino will soon
difficult to get some manufac- 20 per cent of revenues. The areas available, some of which sure our best customers can get HK$300,000 (almost €25,000) be offering even greater luxury
turers to supply what we Venetian also offers fan tan, a are in discrete areas to allow away from it in separate areas.” for which they have access to to players.
needed because of the traditional Asian game based customers to play unmolested. The top level of customer the most exclusive rooms in “Exclusivity is word,” said
expense. But now we pretty on buttons grouped in fours, “There is a horrible practice service at the Venetian Macau the Venetian. The succession Harvey. “There will be just 100
much get anything we want.” and the quintessentially Amer- here called ‘tip hustling’,” said goes to members of the Paiza of luxurious gaming rooms in tables with very high mini-
There are about 100 video ican craps - with two tables it Harvey. “It’s an organised activ- Club, named for the gold pass- the club are operated by the mums and there will be a very
poker machines on the gaming accounts from 50 per cent of ity that involves women just port given by the Mongol Venetian both on behalf of personal service for guests in
floor, which, says Harvey, cater the craps market in Macau. hanging around tables and emperors ensuring the highest itself and of junket companies. the casino, unlike anything yet
to a niche of players. All these games are on the players and asking for a tip. You levels of hospitality through- The junket business is, of seen in Macau. It will just top
Next to baccarat (both com- main floor, aimed at the mass can throw them out but you out the land. course, huge as in the rest of off what we offer here.”
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