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The Canadian Gaming Association has come out fighting The Venetian Macau has donated 2.5m
over allegations that money laundering is under reported.
CBC News claimed that casino workers routinely observe
patacas raised by its staff members to the
dozens of suspicious financial transactions each year, but
Chinese Liaison Office in Macau to aid the
Sichuan quake relief. The fundraising
only a fraction are reported to the federal agency that staff follow initiative of staff members came after
tracks money laundering. It said that all attempted
Canada media claims
chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands
suspicious transactions were reported, the identity of
laundering is under reported individuals on all remittances over $1,000 was recorded
Corp, Sheldon Adelson, donated five
million patacas to support the quake
as were any foreign currency exchanges. victims on May 14.
Mexico morphs towards
casinos with Caliente bingo
hall and racing track
Mexico remains one of the few countries in Latin America where
full-scale casino gambling isn’t legal, but with the classification of
bingo as a sport and bingo based slots as bingo games the lines
are blurring with many bingo halls looking for all their worth like
the large slot floors of Las Vegas.
minime gaming rooms for traditional racing were illegal in the
MEXICO bingo games and sports neighbouring US state of Cal-
betting, an international- ifornia, attracting so many
For a country with no casinos, cuisine restaurant and a piano wealthy Americans to travel
Mexico is getting quite close bar, and of course the grey- to Agua Caliente. One of the
to the real thing. A revamp of hound track. main draws of the venue was
the Caliente casino has seen The 1,333 new slots ren- the Gold Room, where cus-
it reopen with a Las Vegas- dered it Mexico’s biggest such tomers could only bet using
style entryway and 1,333 slots venue and perhaps the gold chips, with a rumoured
pushing the greyhound closest thing the South Amer- $500 minimum wager. Bingo Hall come slot floor
track/bingo hall as close as ican country has in terms of Following the ban on
legislatively possible under casino gaming. The original casinos by President Lázaro
current laws. track opened in 1916, and its Cárdenas in 1935, the facility venue, which will soon be tor of public relations for many such as those at the
The casino’s owner, former casino Agua Caliente Casino continued to operate its capable of hosting a first Grupo Caliente, the opera- Pueblo Amigo hotel on Rev-
Tijuana Mayor Jorge Hank and Resort operated from greyhound track but with division ‘soccer’ team whilst tional force behind the olución Avenue, have bingo-
Rhon, has invested more than 1928 until 1935. amendments in 2004 allow- a private firm plans to open casino, said: “With this we're based slots.
$25m in the facility hoping to The lavish resort, which ing bingo-based slots, the a 425,000-square-foot shop- creating an attraction not just With prospects for fully
restore it to its former glory. included a casino, spa, cham- growth of mini-casinos has ping centre with a movie for local shoppers, but also fledged casinos slight at best,
The historic building in pionship golf and tennis facil- been strong. theatre, high-end retailers, a foreign tourists.” according to many experts,
the Mexican city of Tijuana, ities, its own airstrip, and lots Construction of a 33,000- Wal-Mart and a Starbucks by Grupo Caliente operates the establishment of these
Baja California, has a new of entertainment, boomed as seat football stadium is also March. more than 130 bingo estab- mini casinos appears to be
facade with renovated drinking, gambling and horse nearing completion at the Francisco Ramírez, direc- lishments in Mexico, and the next step.
CASA argues its case to
Sun names
be legally recognised
Chile casino
Monticello Grand
legaleagle granddesigns
The Casino Association of South Africa Sun International has unveiled the branding for its
(CASA), which represents 37 of South brand of San Francisco de Mostazal casino, which
Africa’s 38 licensed casinos, should be will be known as Monticello Grand Casino and
legally recognised as South Africa’s repre- Mundo de Entretención.
sentative industry association. Both the name and the logo allude to the zone in
This was the call made by CASA chairper- which the complex is being built. Just 45 minutes
son Jabu Mabuza to the National Gambling and 50 kilometers from Santiago, the venue is sur-
Board conference in Johannesburg. rounded by mountains and green hills, making the
“Despite the fact that we are a purely volun-
The Western Cape’s biggest Casino
development – GrandWest Casino and
visit to Monticello Grand Casino and Mundo de
tary association with no formal status recog-
Entertainment World
Entretención a unique experience.
nised in the country’s gambling legislation, the Before regional and national authorities and busi-
scope of our work since our founding five nessmen, Sun International, the South African opera-
years ago has demonstrated quite clearly the has a constructive partnership with govern- tributes significantly to the material well- tor of Monticello Grand Casino and Mundo de
need and value of such a body,” Mabuza said. ment in a mutually beneficial policy frame- being of our society,” said Mabuza. Entretención, thanked the community and everyone
He pointed out that since its inception, work; that national and provincial gambling “The sustainability of the casino business who supported the creation of the project.
CASA had developed a code of conduct com- policy must always be based on empirical depends on what government allows it to do, “This investment in the Chilean market will set a
mitting all its members to responsible gam- and sound research; that there must be con- requires it to do and forbids it to do. There- new standard in entertainment for Chilean citizens,
bling conduct at all their casinos, championed sistency and certainty in the trading environ- fore, casino management must know govern- turning the sixth region a place for international
the transformation of the casino sector’s man- ment; and that there must be more ment’s thinking which often involves working tourism,” said David Coutts-Trotter, CEO of Sun
agement and ownership structures, and pro- consultation between government and the with government to ensure the primacy of International.
vided comprehensive and reliable information industry to promote better understanding of what is in the public interest. The casino will feature 1,500 slots, 80 table games
about the casino industry’s contribution to stakeholders’ positions. “Our task now is to develop the strengths and 300 bingo positions. A private hall completes the
the national and provincial economies, its “To summarise these lessons, only of that partnership, to consolidate and 15,000 sqm allocated to the construction of the
impact on the country, and its benefits to the through consultation, research and regular cement its benefits and to add institutional casino, that will open its doors next October.
communities in which it operates. interaction between all stakeholders will the weight to the structures and organisations The complete project, which includes casino,
Mabuza argued that CASA had learned industry be able to continue to present through which we seek to obtain consensus hotel, spa, a convention centre, a retail area and a
several key lessons for the optimum opera- casino gambling for what it ought to be: a about what is needed to ensure the sustain- special zone for kids, is designed for the entertain-
tion of an “efficient, profitable and reputable stable, internationally respected casino able health of the industry, which is in the ment of the family. This will be the only project of its
casino industry”, including that the industry industry offering a form of entertainment that interest of all its stakeholders, not least gov- kind in Chile and South America, and will transform
can only flourish in an environment where it can safely be enjoyed by all and which con- ernment,” Mabuza concluded. the entertainment and tourism in the area.
14 July 2008 • worldnews
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