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The Venetian Macau is by far the largest casino in the world
Reaching for superlatives:
The Venetian Macau
Dangerously damp
canalplus average of 70,000 to 75,000 here. So we have our own fleet has a shuffle room that employs unusable afterwards. But more
cities all over Asia
FEATURE people coming through its of buses to try and move more than 200 people. It has importantly there is the ques-
doors every day. people as quickly and effi- just signed a supply contract tion of security.
are competing for
hen it opened Beneath the gaming floor ciently as possible. And we also worth $105m (€68m) with “Gaming theft is a big risk
the title ‘Venice of
last summer, the are four enormous staff areas have our own boat services.” Japanese company Angel, here, so every pack is bar-
Venetian Macau with biometric access housing From July there will be a which has just built a new coded,” said Harvey. “It’s
the East’. But the
leapt into the restaurants, leisure areas, chang- regular attraction at the Vene- factory to help cope with the scanned when it leaves the
record books. It ing rooms, wardrobes, lockers tian as Cirque du Soleil sets up demand. The reason for high factory, scanned when it
is by far the largest casino in and a full range of services. shop in a specially built $150m card turnover is that each pack arrives, scanned when it is
Venetian Macau
the world and, with a floor The resort is home to a (€97m) theatre. is used only once; on the bac- shuffled, scanned when it gets
must surely be the
area of 980,000sq m, was until 100,000sqm exhibition The astounding statistics carat tables, the players urge to the table and scanned when
January this year, the second centre, where this year’s G2E continue to build up. The Vene- luck to fall on them, peeling the it is finished with. It is a com-
undoubted winner,
largest building in the world Asia expo took place and the tian is the world’s single largest cards back to reveal the plete record of who has
largely because it
behind the Aalsmeer Flower 15,000-seat Cotai Arena, one of consumer of playing cards and numbers slowly - the cards are touched the pack.”
Auction in the Netherlands. the largest in Asia, is built to
looks so much like It has since been overtaken NBA standards and has so far
Venice. But there’s
by the new third terminal at sold out every event.
Beijing International Airport, John Harvey, project direc-
a lot more to this but as the Venetian Macau tor for Las Vegas Sands in
truly impressive
could house 90 Boeing 747s, Macau, a busy man who also
even airports don’t impress runs the gaming floors of the
venue than its it much. Venetian, told Casino Review:
strong theme, as
The Las Vegas Sands venue “Since we opened we’ve run
employs 15,000 people, of 15 to 20 events, everything
Hugh Sorrill whom 9,000 - all Macanese - from a Federer v Sampras
are in gaming operations. tennis match, to Celine Dion
There are 800 tables, with bac- in concert, to the best of Asia’s
carat, Macau’s game of choice, music stars.”
predominating, overseen by But this can also create
800 pit managers. There are some logistical problems.
3,300 slot machines, relatively “Most of those coming are
few by comparison to some from Hong Kong; Macau can
Las Vegas resort venues but get overwhelmed with visi-
then this is still a table gaming tors and there isn’t much of a
market. The casino sees an public or mass transit system
20 July 2008 • feature
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