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4 — Good News, etc. — May 2009 nc/sd
“A wise man will hear and increase in learning. And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.”
– Proverbs 1:5 (NAS)
Looking at Obama’s first 100 days
time trivializing our nation’s Christian
core but showing deference to Muslim
Much will be written about President
countries whose core beliefs despise us
Obama’s first 100 days, and depending
— and our Christian heritage. Are words
on which side of the political aisle you’re
going to restrain the threat from Iran, or
on, it’s either a breathtaking success or a
North Korea or from devoted Wahabbists?
prelude to the apocalypse. That’s the reality
Can Israel trust us to help them when faced
of politics, but not reality itself.
with a nuclear threat? In all honesty, do
I’m not here to bash President Obama,
we feel safer today than before the last
I respect the Office and the weight of the
responsibility it carries for the nation
On moral issues, the lives of untold
and beyond. However, I believe the
millions of babies are now forfeit in the
Christian community has a stewardship
years ahead with the reversal of the Mexico
responsibility to this President and our
City accord, the use of our money to fund
nation that we ignore at our own peril.
the destruction of embryos, and the push
for the “Freedom of Choice Act” to remove
any vestige of parental authority and also
Part of that stewardship is to use our force medical practitioners to go against
considerable influence to help leaders do their conscience and destroy (instead of
what’s right (Ezek. 62:6) and not ignore protect) innocent life (Prov. 24:11-12). Moral
God’s promises in uncertain times
warning signs of impending doom. Having bankruptcy of this depth is to be expected
said that, I’ll admit there’s precious little I from a man that passionately defends the
ou don’t have to look far to find cause
feel comfortable with during this first 100 barbaric partial birth abortion procedure
for worry today. As jobs disappear,
days of “change” leadership. But it’s not as some form of enlightened “right.” Is
as our retirement plans shrivel,
my standard that ultimately is the deciding this the man we want to help determine
anxiety is knitting brows everywhere.
factor — it’s the biblical values and truths policies on future medical rationing, right
Including, at times, my own.
POINT our nation and society were built upon to die issues, human cloning for profit and
Part of our worry comes from the fact
that are the judge. I sincerely believe the the like?
that most Americans aren’t used to it!
Lord rightly places governmental authority With the above as a prelude, what can
We’ve had relatively little to worry about
(Rom. 13:1) over us, with President Obama we expect next 1,360 days of this term?
in life. Sure, these are hard times, but this
no exception. The Lord will not only fulfill Will the socializing of the finest medical
is not the Great Depression. And while the Christ will come again, will redeem our
His purposes through him, but God will care in the world improve it or destroy it?
nightly news gives us cause to bemoan the bodies, will make us holy, will let us share
use us as His instruments to speak for what Will unjustified global warming hysteria
loss of moral absolutes in society, Christians in His glory, and will give us eternal life.
is right and just. With that, let’s recap the result in cap and trade policies that will
have always found themselves — and will This isn’t simple optimism. And it isn’t
last several months. permanently cripple our economy? Will
always find themselves — living in the hope pinned to a fallible human leader.
In the economy, President Obama the idolization of the environment prevent
midst of a depraved culture. This is a firm hope in the Creator.
inherited a massive meltdown of the responsible mining of our own oil and fuel
But no matter how dark a place or an age When we don’t have a secure hope, we
financial markets, much of it due to two resources? Will the “Fairness Doctrine” be
in time, God has never allowed the light worry excessively about the future. But
factors: government incompetence, and re-imposed to stifle the last major organ
of the Church to be extinguished. Plagues, when our hope is secure, we are free to
business greed. To believe government of reasoned dissent? Will citizens remain
persecutions, poverty — Christians have live in the fruits of hope.
can now competently spend us into free to arm and defend themselves? Will
lived victoriously in the midst of it all. John Piper has identified four fruits of
astronomical debt is not only irresponsible, the federal “Defense of Marriage Act” be
How? They had something we’ve lost: Christian hope. First, Christian hope bears
but is arrogant. For all intents and purposes repealed; same-sex marriage be promoted
A Christian ethic of hope. the fruit of true joy. Unlike happiness, joy
this is legalized theft of generations of labor as equivalent to true marriage (contrary
Sadly, people have either trivialized or is not dependent upon circumstances.
and presumption on the future (James to earlier commitments); and the military
politicized the word hope. The dictionary Second, Christian hope produces sacrificial
4:13-17). The recent eruption of T.E.A. “don’t ask – don’t tell” policy be rescinded?
defines hope as “the feeling that . . . events love. When we aren’t obsessing over self-
Parties indicates the extent of disgust Finally, will hostility to our Christian
will turn out for the best.” preservation, we are free to give ourselves
for this government’s highhandedness beliefs and values be overlooked, legally
But a Christian hope isn’t a feeling. And to others. Next, Christian hope yields
(1 Tim. 6:10, Eccl. 5:10). The inevitable defended, or — worse yet — encouraged as
it’s not wishful thinking. Hope comes from boldness. The hopeful Christian is realistic
unjust redistribution of wealth and lack our religious freedoms are taken away?
the certainty of God’s promises. These about the reality of the world’s problems,
of restraint shows a clear disregard for If the first 100 days are any indication,
are promises like Romans 8:28 — “God but it is also certain of God’s ultimate
Constitutional limits on government and there are precious few principles and
works in all things for the good of those victory. Finally, Christian hope bears the
a destructive love for socialism and a values being applied in decisions that are
who love him.” Promises like Acts 16:31 fruit of endurance.
new form of indentured slavery of those consistent with our biblical worldview. The
— “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will ❏
dependent upon government subsidy. cult-of-personality following that allowed
be saved.” Chuck Colson is president of Prison
President Obama’s personal integrity is Obama to ascend to the Presidency has
Promises abound for us about future Fellowship,
questionable when public commitments created an environment anathema to what
realities. God has promised believers that Reprinted with permission.
against earmarks ignore the thousands most of us hold dear. Is there hope? Of
imbedded in the Stimulus Package. His course there is — we serve an almighty,
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