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Biola debate . . .
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This, in part, could be due to the main existence of God do not convert non- necessary. For without this basis of belief,
Hitchens called to mind that the mission of Christianity, which should believers, they do not invoke radical changes our very salvation is futile.
nonexistence of Santa Claus needs no proof. focus on saving lives rather than complex, in one’s life, nor do they even carry the scent o
Sufficient evidence lies within the inability intellectual conversations about God. of salvation. Nevertheless, these fruitful Charles Mendes is a junior at Westmont
to prove him being real. On the other Rarely does either side convert the other, aspects of Christianity are dependent upon College in Santa Barbara. He is double majoring
hand, Craig hardly claims proof of God’s and few people, if any, will be saved Him existing. This would suggest that in theology and pre-law, and plans on seeking
existence, but enormous evidence leaves simply by hearing a rational defense for apologetics are not only important — but more education in either of those areas.
him with a logical conclusion pointing in a Divine Creator. If sharing the gospel is
that direction. Christianity’s purpose, then such debates
The debate over the existence of God is certainly seem fruitless. However, this
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one of recent popularity. Most atheists and discouragement is a hasty one.
Meets at Miramar College in Mira Mesa
theists alike agree that this question is the Remember that Christianity begins
most important one today. What makes it with the assumption that God exists. An
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so significant? assumption that cannot be defended is an
A satisfactory answer may be that empty one. A world searching for answers
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cheap conclusions are no longer accepted has every right to criticize undefended, ENGAGE for Youth 9 am
like they used to be. The world desires extraordinary claims. In order to follow,
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understanding, and better understanding worship, serve, or obey a God, one must
“A Place to Call Home”
than in years past. Christians have received first believe in a God and have good reason
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a great deal of criticism because too often for doing so.
they fail to provide proper understanding. Granted, intellectual debates over the
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& family
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