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2 — Good News, etc. — May 2009 nc/sd
“World events are under His control. He removes kings and sets others on their thrones.
He gives wise men their wisdom, and scholars their intelligence.” – Daniel 2:21 (TLB)
Crouse decries Homeland Security
Looking at the state propositions
report on rightwing extremism
The Department of Homeland Security president, to economic hardship and to
nce more we’re facing a budget
“crisis” brought about by two
major factors: fiscally irresponsible
has released a 10-page report warning fears that immigrants are “taking away
legislators (with a complicit governor), and
against the potential of what it calls American jobs.”
voters that either have a vested interest
“Rightwing Extremism.” The report The report conveys anxiety over “end
in government funding or are misled into
begins with a disclaimer: “The DHS/ times” prophecies because they “have
thinking government can be trusted to
Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) been linked with radicalization of domestic
solve society’s problems. I may be harsh,
has no specific information that domestic extremist individuals.”
but the majority of our elected public
rightwing terrorists are currently planning Further, the report stirs up concerns
servants have failed us all by being fiscally national heritage and principles, parental
acts of violence, but rightwing extremists about the “heightened level of extremist
negligent with our money. rights, religious expression, and alternative
may be gaining new recruits by playing paranoia” associated with those who
The fact that the current “crisis” arrived school choices — yet promotes all manner
on their fears about several emerging believe in the right to bear arms.
after many years and an economic of social engineering and a massive, self
issues.” Crouse is appalled at the alarmist tactics
downturn doesn’t give a pass to the current serving organized labor lobbying group?
Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, director and and the horrible insinuations about those
leadership. If dramatic action isn’t forced, A radical return to focusing on academic
senior fellow of Concerned Women for who hold conservative views on social
the same problem will occur again and basics is needed before more should be
America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, issues.
again into the future, creating a cycle of spent.
said, “The report goes on to demonize “It would be impossible to overstate the
“unavoidable” pressure to raise taxes on Proposition 1C: Lottery Modernization
specifically those who supposedly ‘exploit’ way this report links conservative views
all producers of prosperity. The fact that a Act (No). Gambling is not a valid
social issues such as ‘abortion, inter-racial with terrorist potential,” she said.
“rainy day” account hasn’t helped during government function (Rom. 13:1-7), much
crimes and same-sex marriage.’ It is the “It even threatens the utilization of law
the current economic distress shows how less trying to entrap even more of those least
worst sort of extremism for a government enforcement actions to curb such activities
poorly the legislature can plan beyond an able to afford it. Gambling is demonstrably
agency to stir up fear against those groups ‘in today’s climate.’ It is scary to read that
election cycle. Money is addictive, and like destructive to health, family and society
who hold biblical views on social issues. the United States government is launching
drug addiction, intervention is sometimes by ruining lives through personal debt,
It is even worse to link those views with major efforts to ‘limit’ domestic social
needed. This election is one of them. related crimes, and exploiting the poor.
‘inter-racial crimes.’ What unconscionable conservatives — that they call ‘rightwing
With that preface, my bottom lines on This measure also borrows against future
guilt by association!” extremists’ — at the same time that it is
each proposition on the May 19 state revenues, which is presumptuous at best
The report also expresses “concern” about downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorists
ballot are listed below. Because we’re (James 4:13-15)
the reaction of “rightwing extremists” to who have plainly stated their intent to harm
all personally accountable to God for Proposition 1D: Children’s Services
the election of the first African-American our nation,” the CWA director explained.
everything we do (Matt. 12:36), I suggest (No). This measure raids currently fenced
you consider the following guidelines Prop. 10 (’98) First 5 Program funds to help
Always Forgiven Bail Bonds
while doing your own analysis. First, read offset the state budget deficit. Independent
each proposition’s summary, then read the of whether government should be co-
analysis, then the actual legal text. After opting the parent’s role, this temporary aid
A Faith-based Ministry, Christian-Owned & Operated that, read and judge whether the arguments only helps put off true fiscal accountability
for and against pass the common-sense and restraint.
(619) 441-PRAY(7729)
test (Prov. 18:17). Next, using a biblical Proposition 1E: Mental Health Services
worldview, critically consider whether the (No). This measure raids Prop. 63 (’04)
(760) 630-PRAY(7729)
measure is the proper role of government funds for mental health programs to offset
(Rom. 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:13-14), and who the state budget deficit. Again, independent
“Friend, you are Forgiven” - Luke 5:20 actually benefits. Don’t depend solely on of whether government is the proper
an endorsing organization unless you’re vehicle to provide mental health services
CA Insurance Lic. # 1C86092 “FREE RIDE HOME”
very familiar with it, since titles can be (which may not address any moral causes)
deceptive. Don’t wait until the night before this measure delays fiscal restraint and
Celebrating 10 years of ministr y!
voting to do your analysis; you know undermines some governmental functions
that being responsible will take time. In relating to law enforcement, county jail and
addition, many of these propositions state prison operations.
are more complex and convoluted than
Proposition 1F: Official’s Salaries (No).
of God
normal, which is typically a warning that This is a weak measure that will equally
they obscure their true purpose. This punish those trying to hold the line on
is clearly seen in the slanted summary deficit spending and higher taxes along
provided in the Registrar of Voters sample with those that are careless with our money.
Church &
ballot and information pamphlet. Finally, It’s of limited impact, will have no influence
never support government going into on decisions, and punishes the minority
future debt; it’s not good for us, and it trying to do the right thing. Remember, the
God is meant to lead
allows government to avoid making hard faithful worker is due his wages (Rom 4:4),
for Jesus!
us to true life change.”
decisions. and the unfaithful one needs to be recalled
Proposition 1A: Extends Sales, Vehicle, or voted out of office.
Romans 2:4
Income Taxes (No). Rainy day funds (Prov. Bottom lines: I’m voting against all six
Touching God. Changing Lives.
6:6-8) work when used, but our past boom propositions. These are attempts to band-
years haven’t been capitalized on to help aid a broken budgeting process that has
in these lean years. Why expect new found come to the point of requiring a massive
Special Events @ Heart of God Church:
fiscal responsibility and planning through re-baselining of what the state should
“Dreams, Visions & Victory”
increased sales tax, vehicle tax and personal and should not be doing. Prolonging the
with Hennie van Niekerk
income taxes? inevitable will only encourage yearly
Fri., May 1, 7pm
Proposition 1B: Education Funding special elections to continue to raise more
Sat., May 2, 10am-3pm
SOZO Training
Payment Plan (No). Education consumes taxes, raid protected funds, create new
Sun., May 3, 10am
over 40% of the state budget. How much bond indebtedness, while making only
from Bethel Church
Hennie is pastor of a thriving church in So. Africa.
is enough to support a school system superficial spending cuts. As Californians
He has written four books on dreams and visions.
May 15 & 16
that’s antagonistic to Christian values, our are suffering severe economic hardship,
The easiest form if inner healing and
Worship services:
deliverance you could imagine! Once
government should be creating tax breaks
you learn it, you’ll never forget it. It SUPPORT…
to stimulate businesses and jobs and not
Sundays at 10am
will change your life! Please, if you want to do something trying to destroy them through legislative
slight of hand.
(858) 451-9915
Special SOZO Guest
to help keep Good News, Etc.
Teresa Liebscher effective, you can do two things:
Sun., May 17, 10 am
1. Pray for the newspaper. Frank Kacer is executive director of the
2. Support our advertisers. Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego. He
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