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nc/sd May 2009 — Good News, etc. — 17
“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”
– Philippians 4:19 (NIV)
Charitable giving can pay!
Carpenter rebuilds fellow carpenter
ndrew Carnegie proclaimed
current business comes from
philanthropy “to provide ladders
helping people whose homes were
upon which the aspiring can rise.”
Builder Bill Freeman’s decision destroyed in recent fires.
Giving abundantly from the excesses of
OF to unabashedly follow Jesus in With all the people that lost their
extreme wealth like a Carnegie, Rockefeller
his early 30s carries the blueprint homes,” Bill explained, “it is very
or J.P. Morgan might seem exciting and
of Christ in both the natural and fulfilling to be able to go in and help
noble. The other side of the spectrum brings
spiritual realms. A carpenter by those families rebuild their houses
to mind the widow that Jesus praised for
trade, this owner of the Ramona- and their lives.” When reminded of
based Freeman’s Construction
Bill Freeman
giving her only two coins to the temple immediate tax deduction, all in addition to
similarities to the Master Builder’s
treasury. Most of us are somewhere in investing in the social good, is desirable,
Company has devoted his life and career directive, Freeman softly replied, saying,
between and therefore, just as equipped especially in this environment,” Marken
to building and rebuilding homes. He also “Yes, the Lord sure is in the rebuilding
to give. added.
business, too.”
Christians in business
lends his hand to the building up of men,
Difficult economic times can put Those considering the strategy should
as he helps administer the “Iron Men” A husband and father of three grown
pressure on giving and living within one’s ensure that they have adequate reserves
ministries through The Rock Church in children, this contractor has had personal
means. But, certain strategies that are cast beyond the gift amount. Also, donors
San Diego. experience with a family on the verge
aside in boom times rise to the surface in concerned about leaving estate assets to
Nearly every facet of construction and of brokenness. “When the kids were in
economic retrenchment. Those of us in family members may obtain a life insurance
reconstruction has been part of Freeman’s their teens, I was so focused on my work
between Carnegie and the poor widow policy, often paid for from surplus income,
DNA for as long as he can recall. “I’ve that I neglected my family in a big way,”
can address our desire to give and need to to “replace” the asset given to charity.
always loved working with my hands,” Freeman admitted. Thinking that being a
live in new, creative and meaningful ways. Estate planning techniques can place the
Freeman admitted. From high school successful provider would then allow him
Take the following as an example: life insurance outside one’s estate for tax
onward, “I just loved taking a pile of lumber the resources to later establish his family,
Robert and Alice went to the bank to purposes.
and making something out of it.” he realized he had the plan backwards.
renew their $25,000 Certificate of Deposit The combination of tight charitable and
The man who is now Bill’s father-in-law It was at this time, and through godly
(CD). The currently low interest rates personal budgets has left many worthy
saw his potential and introduced him to counsel, that the Lord began to show him
stunned them. The CD’s interest had organizations hurting for operating
the construction industry. “I began working the divine paradox of losing one’s life in
been small but important to them. Now, it funds. In the case of Robert and Alice,
for him during high school in the framing order to regain it.
would be severely reduced. They decided their disappointment with the CD rate
business.” “I realized that I had to be willing to
to explore other options. turned to joy as they worked out a win-
It was then that Freeman’s specialty sacrifice my career to make things right at
Alice remembered reading a brochure win situation.
took shape. In 1980, he started his own home first, he said.” In fact, the instructions
from a ministry that they support. The If this strategy seems like a fit for you,
business in carpentry and concrete. Then were unquestionably clear. “The Lord told
brochure referred to receiving an income talk first with your financial planner and tax
it expanded as he branched out as a me, ‘you take care of your household and
from a gift to the organization. advisor to coordinate your plans. Approach
framing contractor and land developer. have the faith that I’ll take care of your
The couple met with their advisers and the charity of choice with your objective.
Finally, he became fully immersed into business.’” It’s not easy for a man to let
the organization’s development director in Most small charities and churches do not
home building. go of his own strengths to allow godly
designing a plan that would address their issue Charitable Gift Annuities on their
“Now, I primarily work on residential intervention. But patriarchs throughout
income needs while giving a meaningful own but can utilize a larger foundation
construction, remodeling and renovations,” Scripture, as Joseph, David and Christ
donation to the ministry. Robert and Alice such as the Foundation for Christian
he explained. Himself gave example of laying callings
settled on a Charitable Gift Annuity, which Stewardship.
There’s a special place in Bill’s heart down, entrusting the Father’s greater
is a combination of a gift to charity and a Now may be a great time to build your
to help those who have faced the home reward.
guaranteed lifetime income (annuity). It cash flow around giving! …And that is just
devastation caused through disasters. “At the point when I made the decision
works like this: one more Principle of Prosperity!
In fact, his unique niche is found in his to hand my construction career fully over
• They gift $25,000 to the charity. o
work with fire restorations. He became to the Lord and devote myself to caring
• They receive a current income tax The Foundation for Christian Stewardship,
knowledgeable and comfortable working for my family, God really blessed my
deduction on a portion of the gift. located in Irvine, CA, is an affiliate of the
in tandem with the insurance process, company,” he said.
• The charity contractually agrees to National Christian Foundation (NCF), which
particularly in light of rebuilding fire It’s not surprising, then, to realize
provide Robert and Alice with an income has granted nearly $2 billion to Churches and
damaged homes. “And, because of my why one verse in Scripture has become a
stream over their lifetimes. Ministries since its inception in 1982. Anthony
son’s occupation as a broker, I became hallmark to this builder. “Proverbs 3:5 and
• A portion of income is tax-free for a Saffer, CFP of Coleman & Johnson Financial
very familiar with the lending process 6 is what I live by,” said Freeman.
certain time period as it is categorized as a Advisors, Inc. coordinates principled financial
in these situations,” he said, “My heart Find out more about Freeman’s
return of their principal. The remainder is solutions for families. He can be reached at
really goes out to low and medium income Construction by calling 760-788-6846, or
taxed as ordinary income. (If appreciated 619-282-3288. Securities and investment
families.” visiting their website at www.tfgonline.
assets were given, a portion would be taxed advisory services offered through Financial
Between 50 and 70 percent of Freeman’s com.
at a capital gains rate.) Network Investment Corporation, Member
Steve Marken, Esq., vice president of SIPC. Coleman & Johnson, Financial Network,
the Foundation for Christian Stewardship, and NCF are not affiliated companies.
said that the low interest rate environment
has presented a great case for Charitable
Gift Annuities. “The current interest rate Calvary Ranch 4 NEW
on most CDs and money markets are
A Recovery Facility NEW
below 2.5%, not even keeping up with last
year’s rate of inflation which was 3.85%
for Drug and Alcohol
• Advanced Medical Coder
• Computerized Offi ce Specialist
• Certifi ed Phlebotomy Technician
• Computerized Offi ce &
( The American Council
Where God Does the Healing
• Medical Administrative Secretary
Accounting Specialist
on Gift Annuities (ACGA) establishes • Medical Offi ce Administrator
the gift annuity rates, currently ranging • Medical Transcriptionist
between 5.0% for those age 60 to 9.5% for
• Medical Biller
age 90 and above.”
• Sports Medicine Technologist
• Private Investigator
The ACGA determines these rates
• Clinical Medical Assistant
based on long-term investment returns
• Administrative & Clinical Medical
Call Today
and mortality rates such that if their
(760) 918-8198
assumptions prove true, 50% of the initial Breaking the Bondage of
gift will remain for charity.”
Addictions since 1972
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