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“Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way
that you may obtain it.” — 1 Cor. 9:24 (NKJV)
Gerut happy to be in San Diego
Things started off well enough for San
Diego Padres centerfielder Jody Gerut. In
2003 he broke into the Major Leagues with
the Cleveland Indians and proceeded to
lead the team in both home runs (22) and
RBIs (75) in his rookie season. He managed
to avoid the sophomore jinx the following
year by adding 11 more home runs and 51
RBIs to his career totals, but then the roof
caved in. On Sept. 17,

2004 Gerut tore the
Photo: J.P. Wyllie
ACL on his right knee while fielding a ball.
Jody Gerut delivers a powerful message at last
He began the 2005 season on the disabled
year’s Christian Fellowship Night.
list, but eventually battled back onto the
field and played in a total of 59 Major wanted pizza not salvation,’ went his merry
Photo: Terry Schwartz
League games for three different teams. way and I have never looked back.”
On Saturday, March 28, Faith Chapel’s Warriors for GOD medaled in every event at
Recurring knee problems prematurely While Gerut doesn’t recall having a
a Karate Tournament to raise funds for Royal Family Kids Camps. There were three
ended that season in August. Then things single “Ah-ha” moment, his two and a half
categories, forms, team sparing and individual sparing. They won five trophies and 31
got even worse. years in injury limbo served to strengthen
medals. Members of the team included Janae Russo, Korinne Russo, Lynn Sauer, Eva
2006 was a total washout for Gerut as his already solid faith.
Moreno,David Moreno, Elijah Manosalva, Angeleah Manosalva, Lane Iverson, Burke
his knee once again required surgery. He “There was a two and half year span
Iverson, David Coffey, Sydney Hitt, Dylan Bertram, Peter Nelson, Benjamin Shinn, Rebekah
missed the entire season and did not return where it was Groundhog Day everyday
Shinn, Adam Stewart, Amelia Berglund, Camille Eaton, and Stephen Robles. The name
to the Major Leagues again until the Padres and I didn’t know if I would be able to
of the school at Faith Chapel is Shin Do Dojo , led by Sensei Charlie Moreno.
picked him up last season. play. The best thing that you can do is to
Gerut was a pleasant surprise in be completely honest. God allows you to
centerfield and hit a career high .297 with wrestle with him. That is what he wants.
14 home runs and 43 RBIs. He hopes to It is an epic battle for your heart and soul.
improve upon those numbers this season The worst thing you can do is lie about
as the Padres attempt to rebuild after a it and be somebody other than who you
disastrous 2008 campaign. During his are developmentally on the outside. I’ll
professional career Gerut has enjoyed be the first one to say that I am not done
the thrill of success and the heartbreak developing spiritually, but I can also
of misfortune, but the one thing that has say that whenever things creep into my
remained constant in his life is his faith. heart that shouldn’t be there, it rips me
“My grandfather is a missionary in the completely open. It is an ongoing battle
Virgin Islands, so the faith has been in our and it is a tough battle here in the baseball
family,” he said during a recent interview. world. There are lots of temptations here,
“I grew up going to church, but not really everywhere, and all of the time. There are
knowing what it means. Then one day no borders. You just have to deal with it,
during my senior year of college that go through it and be honest. There is no
changed. I was living with three guys that sense in lying to God.”
were Christians and two guys that were not While Gerut is involved with Christian
— with me being somewhat in the middle. organizations such as Score International
One Sunday we decided to get some pizza, and the International Justice Mission and
but ended up instead going to church. The has traveled to the Dominican Republic
one guy who is now famous for saying ‘I to spread the gospel through baseball
and shared his faith at last year’s Padres
Christian Fellowship Night, he would still
like to do more.
“I have yet to really challenge myself
and figuratively drop myself in a place like
North Africa and let God lead,” he said.
“When you talk to people that have rock
solid faith they are not afraid to do that in
real time. Some of them have gone to some
of the most dangerous places in the world
or at least the most dangerous places in the
world to be a Christian. I am not there yet,
but I want to get to that point.”
It has been a rocky road in getting there,
but Gerut is glad that his career path has
led him to San Diego.
“This is a great team if you want to
strengthen your faith.” He added. “It is also
a great team when you have a family. Last
year, the Bible study that my wife enjoyed
with the other wives was the best Bible
study that she has ever been involved with.
And she has been going to them throughout
her whole life.
“We are really in a sweet spot here. I
really enjoy myself every single day on
the field. I owe that to God. It is easy
to take something like this for granted.
Complacency can set in. This truly is living
the dream and I don’t think I would have
that joy without the perspective that God
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