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Carol LeBeau . . .
the world of books
Continued from page 1 neighbor and they can hear a woman’s story
Reviews by Dannie Haemig
while remaining available for continued of her relationship with the Lord.”
The Beautiful God by Craig A. Nelson
broadcast work – especially in the areas About her own story, especially what she
Subtitle: How to Have an Intimate Relationship with the Creator of the Universe
of health and well-being, which have long has experienced over the past 18 months,
In his book The Beautiful God, author Craig Nelson takes you on a journey
been her passion. LeBeau is open and forthright in regard to
to truly know our heavenly Father, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit.
The life of a normal San Diegan will the professional and personal challenges
“What a person believes about God is the most important thing
have to wait a few more weeks, however, she has faced.
contained in their mind… that belief shapes them spiritually, emotionally
as KGTV showcases a Carol LeBeau’s “In the last year-and-a-half, prayer
and physically,” Nelson writes. Chapter by chapter, Scripture upon
Greatest Hits of sorts, with a special 10News changed my life,” she shared. “I was a very
Scripture, the author reveals what it means to hunger and thirst for God,
segment dedicated to her choices of the spotty prayer. I was a very busy Christian,
experience the “beauty” of his character, the peace of His presence, and
Top 20 news stories she has covered. It has just busy doing things Christian-like. But
the “beating of His heart next to theirs.”
been characterized by some in the local the quiet time and the deep prayer was not
Acknowledging our sin nature, recognizing the required payment to
media as perhaps the nicest send-off of a a discipline that I developed until the last
appease that debt and accepting the payment through the shed blood of God’s only Son,
news anchor in the history of San Diego year-and-a-half to two years.
puts us in the unique position to appropriate all He has to give for those He calls his
television. “I kind of came to the end of myself.
own. To better understand the depth of God’s affection for us and to comprehend what
“Sometime I’m driving down the road “I suffer from anxiety and depression,
it means for the requirement of the shed blood, Nelson, searches the deeper meaning
and I think, ‘is this really happening,’” she for which I have been successfully treated
behind the symbolism of Scripture. “The blood carries ‘life’ to every cell in the body:
shared. “Our God is so creative, I could for many years. I struggle with fear and
‘For the life of a creature is in the blood…it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s
never have come up with this. I have prayed anxiety and that doesn’t make sense, given
life’ (Lev. 17:11 NIV).”
so hard for so long on how this should all my circumstances, but I saw life beginning
Each chapter builds upon the express purpose of our very existence. “Let us make man
happen, and the corporate climate is not all to change.”
in our image, in our likeness” (Gen. 1:26 NIV). We, of all His creation, were designed
that nice these days, and yet somehow I’m Among that change was the cancellation
to be intimate with God, to commune with Him, to walk in the garden and enjoy His
being protected from all of that and they’re of LeBeau’s long-running feature segment
company. “Intimacy is what distinguishes mankind from the rest of God’s creatures… If
treating me beyond fairly and allowing me on health and wellness, the first of its kind
one is ready for more — and desires to journey deep into the Beauty Realm and loving
not to just disappear. in the nation. Other station changes were
arms of the Savior — then it is time to make Him their entire life — not just a ‘part’ of
“This is the cycle of life, and for anyone the harbinger of downsizing and budget-
their life. It is time to fall more madly in love with The Beautiful God… Coming to the
to think at age 55, things are going to driven decisions that have been felt across
end of self is when it is found.”
continue as they were forever is living in the industry.
The Beautiful God is a journey you will not want to miss, for it will take you deeper
denial. As it turns out, I think the Lord Two years ago, LeBeau suffered a serious
in your understanding of who God is and what He has for you as you live life in
has kind of prepared my heart for this foot injury, which has limited her physical
anticipation of His Glorious Appearing!
anyway by making me eager to try some training, and will require surgery once her
new things that I wouldn’t be able to do schedule permits.
Dannie Haemig owned and operated Loaves & Fishes Christian Store in Vista for 26 years.
by being a newscaster and needing to “I had a lot of my identity wrapped up
She reviews books by local authors for Good News, etc. She resides in Oceanside.
remain neutral.” in being an athlete. I’m a distance runner
LeBeau joked that she can finally put and cyclist, and a rough-water swimmer.
‘Building Divine Devotional Time’ book signing set
a bumper sticker on her car, if she wants Thank the Lord I’ve been able to swim. But
to, just like everyone else. It is very clear you reach a point when you say all I have
A new book, Building Divine Devotional Time, is helping many believers start their
in conversation that “retirement” holds left is God. Things weren’t really bad, but
day with the Lord. This 365-day devotional gives a Scripture from the Old Testament
no loss of energy for the tall and vibrant I just realized I needed to lean on Him, or
and New Testament and a thought for the day that parallels with the Scripture verses.
world-class athlete. In fact, she relishes the I might start suffering the anxiety attacks I
It is written in an easy conversational dialogue for the reader to think and take their
prospect of talking to Christian women. had as a much younger woman. If you’ve
reading a step further.
“I have a real passion for outreach, never had this, you’ll probably roll your
Building Divine Devotional Time is written to get through the Bible in one year. Authors
Christian outreach, because that’s how eyes and say ‘fear of what!’ Well, it’s the
Tonilee Adamson and Bobbye Brooks are founders of Daily Disciples Ministries.
I came to Christ,” she explained. “I fear of fear.
“This devotional is designed to encourage and inspire you in God’s hope and Love,”
was raised in the church, but it was “Now I look forward to my 30 to 40
they write. “A daily reading plan in God’s Word is a key component of walking in faith
through a para-church, Christian women’s minutes of quiet time each morning. I
and victory.”
organization in the Midwest where I was didn’t even know I could sit still for 30 to
Both writers of Building Divine Devotional Time will be at a book signing at The Rock
introduced to what we all know now as a 40 minutes, and it has been the best time of
Church’s bookstore, The Rock Pile, on May 3 at all five Sunday services — 8 and 10
personal relationship with Christ — and my life. It’s better than running. It’s better
a.m., noon, and 5 and 7 p.m. The Rock Church is located in Point Loma.
I learned to share my own testimony after than swimming. It’s better than being the
The book is also available on their website,, or call 1-888-727-7206.
that experience.” most recognized person in the room — and

LeBeau has shared her testimony with I don’t think I ever experienced it before.
Catholic Gift Shop women all across San Diego County in “He just gives you perspective. While
Bibles, Books,Gifts and Sacramentals
the past 28 years, and she looks forward all of this is important — day-to-day and
to expanding her availability to include hour-to-hour — you have to have a purpose
Baptism, Holy Communion, Confir

mation opportunities she has had to forgo because every day, but the ultimate purpose is
of her responsibilities as a news anchor. none of this.”
714 N. Coast Hwy. • Oceanside Hours:
“I’m hoping some opportunities might LeBeau is grateful for the time she has
(located at Harbor House Cafe)
Sunday & Monday
10 am to 3 pm
open up,” she said. “Outreach events are been given by KGTV to prepare for her
760-822-6732 Tuesday - Saturday typically non-threatening situations. They new opportunities, calling it a “little gift.”
10 am to 5 pm
often have a fashion show or some other event Although her final broadcast will be on May
Closed Wed. & Thurs.
associated with it, so you can bring a friend or 20
, the station is honoring her contract,
which runs through the end of the year. In
Goode Mortgage Services
her new role as speaker, she has aligned
herself with several groups including the
Mark Larson Speakers Group Network
Mortgage Rates are near historic lows. Now is the time!
( In addition to
her personal testimony and her passion
30 Year Fixed
for health and wellness, she looks forward
rates as low as 4.75%*
Since 1997, we’ve been
to talking about mental illness, the value
(4.956% APR)
specializing in:
of understanding it without stigmatizing
•Purchase & Refi nance
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those who suffer from it, and the successful
•Home Equity Loans
treatments available.
Why should you Refi nance or Buy today? Because . . .
•VA Loans
Above all, LeBeau is looking forward to
• Now is a great time to buy e take advantage of low rates & low prices •Lines of Credit new worthwhile projects.
• Your current rate is adjustable e lock into a low fi xed rate •Owner & Non-Owner “I’ve had a high-profile position in this
• You have a high interest rate e a lower rate + lower payment = CASH Occupied community for a long time, and I truly
• You have outstanding debt e consolidate into one lower monthly payment
look forward to a lower profile and doing
things that are just interesting. It’s time
for that.” Carol LeBeau can be contacted through
CA DRE Lic. #01521508 her website at
1-877-4-GMS LOANS
Stu Smith is an Emmy-award winning
television producer based in San Diego. He can
Call Toll Free 1- 877-446-7562 or be contacted at
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