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14 — Good News, etc. — May 2009 nc/sd
“Your duty is to come and preach the coming of the Kingdom of God to all the world.”
— Luke 9:60b (LB)
Does God exist?
Blackabys bringing ‘Fresh Encounter’
Debate draws enthusiastic crowd to Biola University By THOMAS BUSH
Sessions include: Leading in Revival
a “blockbuster” event with over 4,000
Our nation is searching for solutions to
from the Overflow, Recognizing the Winds of
viewers. Whether crammed into Chase
unprecedented challenges. At the same
God does not exist! “Extraordinary
Revival, Why Does Revival Tarry?, Shifting
Gymnasium at the Biola campus, or
time, our communities are experiencing
claims require extraordinary evidence,”
Hearts, Repentance: A Most Positive Word,
watching the international broadcast inside
unimaginable spiritual decline. In the
insisted notable political commentator
and Becoming a Catalyst for Revival.
a neighboring church, you couldn’t help
midst of these challenges, God wants to
Christopher Hitchens, author of the New
In addition, “Fresh Encounter 2009”
but remained glued to your seat as the
revive His people so that He can redeem
York Times bestseller God is Not Great: How
provides strategic opportunities for the
most important question today was put
a lost world through them.
Religion Poisons Everything.
church in San Diego County to hear from
on stage.
A spiritual awakening in our nation
Referred to as one of the Four Horseman
local pastoral leaders, and to be challenged
Dr. Craig heavily engaged the audience
waits upon the repentance and revival of
of the New Atheists Movement, Hitchens
toward revival:
with two contentions. He challenged
God’s people. What are God’s prerequisites
makes his point adamantly. He is against
• Pastor Mike MacIntosh of Horizon
Hitchens, stating there are no good
for revival and spiritual awakening? What
wishful thinking and refuses to believe in
Christian Fellowship, will lead a session
reasons for atheism, and he provided
kind of change does God want? Where
something because he wants it to be true.
entitled “Staying Strong in Ministry.”
five arguments supporting that there are
does a nation turn in the midst of crisis?
Religion supposes far too much about
• Pastor Miles McPherson of The Rock
good reasons for theism. Craig brought
humans, about the cosmos, and about the
the audience to recognize that there is
Church will address “The Revived Church
unknown, and these extraordinary claims
Reaching the City Together.”
an objective moral value present in all of
lack, in his mind, any definitive evidence.
On May 15-16, renowned authors San Diego local church pastors will lead
humanity, and this cannot be explained
The seek-and-you-will-find mentality so
Henry and Richard Blackaby will address a time of corporate prayer for revival.
simply through an evolutionary process.
common in theistic thinking substitutes
these questions and more during “Fresh Friday afternoon sessions, focused
He also added that the complexity and
weak evidence in places where no good
Encounter 2009” — a two-day revival and specifically toward pastors and leaders,
fine-tuning of the universe shines much
evidence can be found. How can Christians
spiritual awakening conference at Horizon begin at 1 p.m. (All are welcome.) General
light on a designer.
be so bold?
Christian Fellowship. sessions begin on Friday at 7 p.m. and on
The real collision occurred, however,
Henry Blackaby, founder and president Saturday at 9 a.m.
when Craig turned the question and
emeritus of Blackaby Ministries In light of the current economy, and
demanded that God’s nonexistence be
International, provides consultative because of the important nature of the
On Saturday night, April 4, the strong proven.
leadership worldwide in the life of the message, conference attendance is free,
views of Hitchens were rebutted by the Both debaters consent that God’s
Christian community. He has published but registration is requested. To sign
powerful debater William Lane Craig, existence or nonexistence cannot be
many spiritually influential works, up, go to
who holds a Ph.D. in both theology proved. It is the evidence for God that
including the classic Experiencing God. freshencounter or call (858) 444-4400.
and philosophy and currently works compels Craig to theism, and it is lack of
Today, Dr. Blackaby sends an urgent call for To assist you in promoting “Fresh
as a research professor at Talbot School evidence for God that reasons Hitchens
revival in America and Christian leadership Encounter 2009” in your church or
of Theology. The two went head to to atheism.
focused on God-centered integrity. His ministry, bulletin inserts are available to be
head at Biola University, resulting in
Please turn to page 20
son Richard serves as the president of downloaded from www.visionsandiego.
Blackaby Ministries International and com/freshencounter.
speaks internationally on Christian life At this critical time in our nation, God
and spiritual leadership. is calling His people to have a “fresh
Many have been deeply impacted by the encounter” with Him. Whenever God
ministry of the Blackaby family. This is a revives His church, He uses His leaders
rare and timely opportunity to be inspired to call the church to revival. God can use
again, and to inspire the next generation all of us as agents of revival and spiritual
of God’s leaders. Plan to attend and bring awakening.
The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations invites you to...
your church staff, leaders, family and
“Adonai Tzurenu—The Lord is Our Rock”
Cultivating Shalom in Challenging Times
West Coast Regional Conference on Messianic Judaism
June 5-7, 2009 Care
Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego
Come and be blessed by:
of Vista
*Inspiring Shabbat Services A PREMIER SKILLED
*Teaching Workshops by a variety of
We strongly believe that
Messianic rabbis & leaders on how our residents are our
to follow Yeshua in a Jewish way.
• 24-hour care by skilled licensed
*Instructional Dance Workshops
nursing staff and R.N. Supervisor
A Resident’s Testimony:
*Joyful Messianic Music including a concert by Ted Pearce
• Three nutritious and delicious meals
“I toured many facilities before
*Children,Youth & College Programs including a Netzer concert
daily with variety of meal choices placing my wife Linda at Life
• Specialized rehabilitation program
Care Center in Vista. I have
Early Discounted Registration Online Only! by exceptional team of physical,
been very pleased with Linda’s
Go to to register until May 26.
occupational and speech therapists.
personal and custodial care”
After that date, additional $10 cost for at door registration
• Most resident rooms w/private balcony
Sincerely, Wayne Van Leuven

• Private and semi-private rooms with
Cost for full conference
One Day attendance
access to resort-style solarium
$75 Adults; $45 Youth 13-17
$20 Friday night ome
$50 Full Saturday w/lunch
• JCAHO Accreditation and CAHF
Take a
$25 Children 5-12; $15 Nursery 0-4
& AHCA member
$20 Sunday morning
Meet Sharron Clark
• Wii Rehab Program - Ready, Set, Go
Our Ne
w Ex
For more information go to
• Specialized wound-care management
or call (858)490-4355
We Accept:
Join hundreds of believers in Yeshua for this great event!
• Medicare
• Medical
(760) 724-8222
For hotel accomodations, Contact the hotel directly at 1-800-77-ATLAS.
• Private Insurances
Mention the UMJC when booking. Town and Country Resort & Conference Center
• Private Pay
Tours Available
Discounted Rate $105 per night (up to 4 people).
“We Do Whatever It Takes To Please Our Customers”
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