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When travelling in Z60 basket
days were used by local gangs tractors, especially since the seen nor read that report but
for Rule Book reading. The local detailed notifications of the the newspapers refer to Ofsted
ganger would read out loud changed requirements were “awarding Haringey three
> Fig 1
relevant Rule Book sections to sent out in late November or stars, its highest rating last
his gang. even later. If April 1st is a suit- autumn” and concluded “thor-
Z60 Basket
Of course the practice had its able date for infrastructure ough quality assurance sys-
origins in times when substan- investment could not the same tems were in place”.
tial numbers of gang members date have been adopted by the Now they are rightly criti-
were illiterate. I am not sug- rest of Network Rail? cised for their reliance on tick
gesting that applies today, but box standard audits and a lack
might some limited re-intro- Supplier Safety Forum of unannounced visits to
duction of the principle, fol- 4th December check on what is really being
lowed by discussion as it was This safety forum takes place done.
years ago benefit track workers at the National Motorcycle Last month in my report on
today? Museum in Birmingham on Grayrigg I emphasised the
Z60 M.E.W.P
December 4th. As the Safety finding that “computer records
“Full orange” Central website says it is “a free did not reflect what was hap-
Another piece of jargon has event for senior management”. pening”. I described my old
Track entered our industry but it is It will cover “the journey so far” fashioned practice of personal-
clear what is intended. and is advertised as focussing ly duplicating track inspec-
Network Rail has decided that on the key areas of slips, trips tions unannounced to check
> Fig 2
in 2009 we should all wear and falls and near miss report- that maintenance was up to
orange high visibility trousers ing. Both topics are worthy of scratch.
as well as jackets, so being clad our attention. I described my way of check-
in “full orange” PPE! Senior management will be ing as a “vertical slice audit”
This new ruling is to apply on involved in large numbers but and would again commend the
their infrastructure and invest- are we content that each and principal to Network Rail. And
ment sites from April 1st, but every employer will communi- yes, if freed up from unneces-
Z60 M.E.W.P
their maintenance organisa- cate the messages effectively? sary and potentially mislead-
tion, property people etc. are to If real progress is to be made, ing paperwork and computer
apply the new rule from 1st we need to unite more as an systems, managers can get out,
January apparently! I checked industry, and that can best be track walk and talk directly to
out their safety website achieved by better communi- staff.
( cation. I hope to bring you I did it whilst managing 2,500
on 2nd December for more more information in my staff and running three facto-
detail, but the section on PPE RailStaff January 2009 track ries as well as a civil engineer-
Z60 Basket
requirements still stated that safety article. ing division of British Rail. The
only “upper body high visibility Baby P case was a tragedy and
clothing with reflective tape” a young child died as a result. AUnannounced audits
was required. maintenance failure on ourand visits
In view of the volume of work I am writing this the day after railway has the potential for
Trent Valley Four Tracking repair. says, “BR shall ensure that planned for the Christmas the publication of the Ofsted multiple fatalities of all ages!
Project no fewer than three The following day brought a overtime is monitored so that period I question the wisdom report criticising Haringey’s Have a safe and joyful
separate derailments of Z60 Sentinel note updating every- no individual is working exces- of mandating New Year’s Day Childrens’ Services over the Christmas and a Happy New
RRV MEWPs resulted in a 14th one on the latest concerning sive hours of overtime”. When for maintenance and its con- baby P tragedy. I have neither Year to you all!
November instruction put Hand Trolley Controllers. that was written BR’s condi-
together by Babcock Rail, Whilst the new competence is tions of service still required
which instructs users that the being introduced, experienced employees to live within two
basket must be over the track COSSs (Controllers of Site miles of their home station,
the machine is to travel on Safety) can be briefed on the although this was rarely if ever
before the machine is moved. new requirements, complete enforced. Travelling time was
I am aware that the use of an experience report, get not an issue!
machine controllers is current- issued with a key point card Now I understand that we your rail safety starts
ly under review, but how have and consequently obtain com- may soon see a better interpre-
we got ourselves into the situ- petence certification. tation of Hidden for the indus-
ation where expensive and For others training becomes try of today. Fourteen hours in
allegedly purpose designed available in January covering total with no more than twelve
machine use is being restricted what a Controller must do hours of work is being consid-
concerns? A number of investi- unloading/ loading, off and on important and being awake
gations are underway and I tracking and securing when after 17 to 19 hours is said to be 2XUFRPSOHWHUDQJHRI2UDQJH+L9LVLVFHUWL¿HGWR*257DQG(1VWDQGDUGV
shall be interested to read the work is completed. Yet again equivalent to having 50 mg of
subsequent reports. we seem to have launched into alcohol in the blood (the driv-
It would surely be far better if this extra piece of regulation ing limit is of course 80 mg).
potential problems were iden- and then had to modify and When the new rules are draft-
tified and designed out before qualify it causing confusion. ed please keep it simple. It will
the machines came near the Put it this way, when is a trol- be more effectively followed if
track? Why did Her Majesty’s ley not a trolley so far as a it is.
Railway Inspectorate allow this Hand Trolley Controller is con-
situation to develop? cerned? The answer – when it Making things simple
is not carrying any load, e.g. It will be interesting to see
measuring equipment, railOf pins and trolleys! how successful Network Rail
We should probably refer to grinder etc. because in those have been in drafting the new
engineers’ wagons as another circumstances a competent T3 rules when they are briefed
item of rail mounted plant. An Controller is not needed appar- in February. There is now a HV1112 HV1113 HV2111
HV1116 HV1112 HV1113 HV2111
18th November Safety Bulletin ently! commitment to simplify the
Hi Vis Breathable Wet Hi Vis Breathable Wet
from Network Rail referred rules, and about time too!
Weather Bomber Jacket Weather Coat
Weather Over Hi Vis Clothing
specifically to the securing Trousers “Hidden” Rules Already I am told a simplified HV1112 8QOLQHG Contact Spartan..

pins on the side doors of EWS These are of course not draft of section G1 has been

Spartan Safety Ltd
OCA wagons. This followed a meant to be hidden from view prepared which reduces the ‡=LSIURQWIDVWHQLQJZLWKVWXG ‡)XOO\HODVWLFDWHGZDLVW
non-injury incident when an but are the current instruc- number of pages from 62 to 15!
unsecured door hit a passing tions on maximum working There is even a rumour that
passenger train at Twyford. hours in our industry. The RIMINI is being examined with
The instruction contained in “Hidden” reference is to Sir a view to updating it. ‡,QVLGHSRFNHW
the Bulletin was simple; if Anthony Hidden QC’s report Of course simplification is
there are no correct pins the following the Clapham Railway one thing, but ensuring that all
wagon must not go into traffic Junction accident, which was track staff know and under-
and if the pins are no longer submitted to the Secretary of stand the rules is quite anoth-
fixed to their securing chains State on 27th September 1989. er. I am just old enough to ZHEVLWHRQDGDLO\EDVLV

the vehicle must be carded for Recommendation 18 (of 93!) remember when bad weather
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