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Light Rail. Corporate, convincing
and congestion busting.
North of Rothley,Leicestershire
represents a rare survivor of the
independent family grocer.
would, if open, serve well pop- One, the railway has been
ulated areas. All remain losing freight business to pri-
closed. vate hauliers.
User friendly and The intention was to
enjoyable integrate
Reliable interconnecting ser- Under the Transport Act of
vices from local stations make 1947, the then Labour govern-
long journeys user friendly and ment nationalised both the
enjoyable. If the Chinese, railway and the road haulage
Japanese and Swiss can run industry to create British Channel Tunnel freight.
their trains with virtually 100% Railways and British Road
punctuality so can we. On Services. Lorries were grouped
fully, can still gain much how sad. Few people driving a some Japanese services, a full into specific areas of the coun- enough to carry the vision families going back generations.
ground. car look happy and road ticket refund is made if a train try with liveries and sector through. Vision is born of opti- The railway was their lives.
Investment in roads has aggression is an ever increas- is more than one minute late. codes. The intention was to mism founded on tradition The parameters for extending
soared in the last six years ing blight. Such precision here would integrate, to maximum benefit, and a legendary past. the railway need to be set out
whilst resources for the rail- One small example of the allow journeys to be planned the movement of freight by rail by the industry. Our aim should
ways has not, contrary to the potential for railway develop- with relative certainty as and road; such was the job of Deeply inspiring be to bring the railway back to
government’s stated aim to ment occurs on a local stretch opposed to the vagaries of road good and creative government. Years ago I worked at British its original all-encompassing
help people to switch from car of the Midland Main Line travel. Sadly it was short lived. Railways, Leicester Midland comprehensiveness. In an age
to train. We want to see a between Leicester and Market The winning of hearts and Let us see the railway indus- Motive Power Depot, a busy 24- wracked by energy poverty,
reduction of traffic on our Harborough. Formally, this minds to transfer freight try fight its cause with passion hour freight and passenger financial mayhem and war,
roads and certainly a reduction sixteen mile section had four from road to rail is a battle and a clear vision of its role shed with an allocation of 75 railways offer hope, stability
in lorries. intermediate stations; East long since won. The nation and destiny based on an locomotives. The spirit, pride and purpose. An expanded rail-
Motorists cling to cars. Many Langton, Kibworth, Great Glen would dearly love to see a understanding of its historic and camaraderie of the industry way can help us achieve a hap-
men regard their car as an and Wigston Magna. Today reduction in juggernaut lor- strengths. The future for rail was deeply inspiring. Many of pier, healthier and more pros-
extension of their psyche - the last three mentioned ries. Ever since World War demands men and women big the men came from railway perous society for all.
Traffic free areas have become an increasingly attractive aspect of our environment.
December 2008 | RailStaff | 17
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