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Safety spray One year
Japan Rail Tokai has issued pepper sprays to attacks on staff are rare. Female train conduc- On for
all of its 200 female staff who work on the rail tors have carried personal alarms since 1999,
company’s Shinkansen services. when the rail company started to employ
While on duty staff will be required to carry them in front line positions. Overground
the spray, which can be used as a last resort The pepper spray is designed for use when
against aggressive passengers. Japanese rail- there is no one else around to assist the
ways are among the safest in the world and member of staff. London Overground has marked its first bringing further improvements. By 2010, all
birthday by celebrating both increased London Overground managed stations will be
passenger satisfaction and better performance further upgraded including the refurbishment of
across its network. floors, canopies and platform surfaces, the
All TfL managed stations were deep-cleaned renewal of all station systems including CCTV,
and repainted last summer with the existing PA, passenger Help points and lighting, and the
public address systems, CCTV and information installation of permanent London Overground
displays thoroughly checked and repaired where signage.
necessary. Brand new, customised and air-conditioned
TfL London Rail’s managing director, Ian trains will also come into service from early
Brown, said, ‘We have brought these stations up next year.’ TfL took over the network in
to our basic standards and can now look at November 2007.
Green Park poetry
A 0 series Shinkansen train Green Park tube station is the name itself has a fresh sound The judges included Poet
arrives at Hakata station. setting for an award winning and romantic connotation. Laureate Andrew Motion, Ben
poem by Genevieve Gaunt. When looking at a Tube map, Okri OBE Booker-winning nov-
The 17-year-old from the Central line and District elist and poet who lives in
Japan’s first Shinkansen, the Shinkansens in 1975, after join- many calling out, ‘You did a Hammersmith took second line run parallel - like the London and poet and novelist
series 0, has retired after 44 ing the rail industry in 1969, said, good job.’ The first Shinkansen prize in the Sunday Telegraph lovers do,’ says Genevieve. Jackie Kay MBE.
years service. ‘I’ve grown up with Series 0 and trains began operating in 1964 and Rose Theatre’s ‘Poetry for ‘It’s a delightful poem, a plea- London Underground has
The driver of the final train, I’m honoured to drive the last and helped support Japan’s Performance’ Competition. sure to read, an exhilarating applied for planning permis-
which ran between Okayama series 0 train.’ economic growth throughout The theme for the poems cen- tribute to the Underground sion to bring major improve-
and Hakata on 30th November, Over 2,000 people went to the 1970s. A Series 0 vehicle is tred on personal relationships. and to the joys of young love,’ ments to Green Park Tube sta-
was Mitsushi Nagata. Mr. Okayama station to bid preserved in the National ‘I chose Green Park because it says Judith Chernaik, who runs tion in time for the London
Nagata, who began driving farewell to the iconic train, with Railway Museum at York. lies in the heart of London. The Poems on the Underground. Olympics.
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