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December 2008 Issue 133
are not recruiting enough new railway on the railway. Part of this was sold recently to‘Let's start paying young people High Speed Two and new tram to pay for it all.’
talent to make good the short This is a small island with a Arriva. to learn on the job, not more systems. ‘We need to rethink Pete’s strident comments
fall. In the sixties we moved unique rail system – rolling Pete helped pioneer theteachers to teach,’ says Pete the way we fund training. If we come as railway companies and
away from training new people stock has to be specially built for RailStaff Awards and is aWaterman, entrepreneur and as a nation can spend so much Network Rail ramp up initia-
to simply employing cheap Britain because of the narrow forthright defender of railwaysRailStaff Awards host. on university education why is tives designed to attract young-
Speaking at the Railway Civil training so difficult? sters onto the metals. labour and making little invest- loading gauge. Yet we import in the media. Hundreds of new
Engineers' Association, Pete A university graduate leaves Apprenticeship schemes at ment in staff. That all has to almost all our new trains. Let's jobs for the young and still-
Waterman voiced industry wide college with a certificate and Network Rail have proved very change if we are to survive. make ‘em here using young quite-young are advertised on
fears that railways do not have sets about looking for a job. Yet popular. A recent scheme at Young people are our future, we enthusiastic people to do so. every day
enough home grown railway school leavers may join an Birse Rail attracted over 200 must get the economics right Pete Waterman runs a railway and year round in RailStaff.
engineering talent to deliver organisation as apprentices and applicants – for eight vacancies. and get more of them funded engineering business at Crewe For more ‘Reasons to be cheer-
planned upgrades, Crossrail, we effectively ask the employer However, rail chiefs admit we directly for learning about the with several apprenticeships. ful,’ turn to page two.
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