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Railsport GB plans a full
Railsport 2009
programme of fixtures in
These include Futsal
(indoor football) in Berlin,
Angling in Germany,
Badminton in the Czech
Date Category Event Venue
Republic, Football in
Finland and Ten Pin
Bowling in Belgium.
23rd - 25th Friendly Ten Pin Bowling Antwerp, Belgium
Railsport GB will host a
Euro Group Table Tennis
Tournament in
8th - 13th USIC Athletics Pune, India
The date for the National
Railsport Games has been
confirmed as Saturday
20th - 24th USIC Futsal Berlin, Germany
20th and Sunday 21st June
in Blackpool. The National
Angling Championships
21st - 24th Euro Group Angling Lubeck, Germany
will be held once more at Merseyrail Class 508 third rail EMU
29th - 31st Euro Group Table Tennis Scarborough, England
Wolvey on the 12th August. Longer trains 508141 calls at the underground
As well as international platform at Liverpool Lime Street
and national fixtures, with a Wirral Line service to
1st - 4th USIC Presidium Verdon, France
Railsport GB will be host- for Merseyside Chester.
20th - 21st National Railsport Games Blackpool
ing a friendly Chess
Tournament with the
Belgian Railways during Longer platforms, longer increase by 40% by 2020. The high levels of punctuality and
30th June - 4th July USIC Badminton Olomouc, Czech Rep
September. Details of all of trains, a bigger fleet and more plan also includes long term reliability attract more and
these events will be avail- services form the main part of proposals for a new station in more passengers. I want to
able shortly on the proposals to meet soaring Liverpool and a new route to make sure that we are able to
12th National Angling Wolvey
Railsport web site: capacity challenges on Skelmersdale. keep pace with this growth so I
18th - 21st USIC Football Pajulahti, Finland Liverpool and the Wirral. Bart Schmeink, Merseyrail’s look forward to contributing to
Or you can e-mail: Network Rail’s Merseyside managing director said, this route strategy to make sure
Cliff Robinson, Route Utilisation Strategy pre- ‘Merseyrail is already one of the that we continue to provide the
to be advised USIC Ten Pin Bowling Antwerp, Belgium
Railsport GB Secretary, at: dicts passengers using the most intensively used railway best possible train services for Merseyside network could networks in the UK and our the people of Merseyside.’
New start for New Infrastructure Support Group
New Infrastructure Support
Group has been taken over by
Nick Ansell, Michael Schruyers
and Russell Withey.
They will provide the compa-
ny with the stability to expand
Infrastructure Support Group
its existing client base and
branch into new areas.
Between them they have a
total of 55 years experience.
» Health & Safety With our head office based in Camberley, Surrey,
The purchase of the compa-
ny will provide a solid plat-
» Project Work
and further satellite offices located throughout the
form to build on the past suc-
» Professional
UK, new is one of the leaders in its industry,
cess. Says Nick, ‘We intend to
commanding over 55 years experience within the
build each of the four divi-
sions over the next few years
» Trackside Labour rail sector.
and to become every cus- veyors, commercial support, tremendous growth over the
» Safety Critical
tomer’s preferred supplier. buyers, site management last 12 months. We have The offices are fully staffed with trained and
We specialise in professional and planners. become a major supplier in
» Project
recruitment and supply pro- The Blue collar division run machine and crane controllers,
qualified Consultants and Project Managers who
ject managers, quantity sur- by Russell Withey has seen engineering supervisors and
» Training
have helped develop the company into a leading
other safety critical staff. We
supplier of Safety Critical Staff, Track Labour
currently have around 25
gangs out doing various works
Supply, Professional Recruitment, Rail Training and
including P-Way, troughing Signalling / Telecoms Projects to the rail sector.
and maintenance.
All our staff are trained in
An effective and focused organisation, new
house by fully accredited train-
ers and assessors. The training
provides a high quality, reliable service, combined
facility is used by our cus-
with excellent standards of safety. NEW's
tomers who are given dis-
counted rates and the flexibili-
infrastructure is designed to give its clients the
ty to be trained at times most flexible support and additional capacity necessary
convenient to them.’
to meet a varied work programme.
New Infrastructure Support
Group employs its own project
managers and has experi-
enced staff, equipment and
knowledge. The company is
committed to customer satis-
faction, first class service, safe-
ty and a responsible approach
01276 67 69 69
to the environment.
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